BLINDMEN 4'2m0f The parable of the blind leading the blind

ED --   And now, sit down, put your feet up, relax and listen to 
another edition of... Parables on Parade. Our parable for tonight is 
from Luke chapter 6 beginning at verse 39.

"He also told them this parable: Can a blind man lead a blind man? 
Will they not both fall into a pit?"

(door open, close)

FRED --   Hi, sorry I late. I had to turn off the water and put away 
the hose.

ED --   So, you're responsible for this!?

FRED --   Oh, you mean this inflatable kiddy pool full of water?

ED --   In the middle of the studio?! There's barely enough room to 
walk around in here.

FRED --   Sheer genious, don't you think?

ED --   What is so ingenious about a pool full of water?

FRED --   This is the pit spoken of the parable.

ED --   I think you've finally gone around the bend. You've lost it. 
Our listeners can't see this...this... inflatable pit.

FRED --   I know that, silly. I set this all up to answer the 

ED --   The question? What question?

FRED --   The question Jesus asked in the parable. "Will they not 
both fall into the pit?"

ED --   That's a rhetorical question. Of course, they'll fall in!

FRED --   Wrong! He asked the question. And, as good investigators 
of Biblical truth, you and I will now answer it.

ED --   What are you doing?

FRED --   I am tying a blindfold over your eyes. There... nice... 
and snug. Can you see?

ED --   Why do I put up with this?

FRED --   Here, now tie my blindfold over my eyes.

ED --   Where are you?

FRED --   I'm right here... ooo! You poked me in the mouth.

ED --   Sorry.

FRED --   That's okay, I'm not bleeding much. A searcher of light 
and truth must expect a few setbacks now and then. Now, here is my 
head. Tie on my blindfold.

ED --   How am I doing?

FRED --   Very good. Nice and snug. Now, our listeners should know 
that neither of us can see a thing. And one blind man will now 
attempt to lead another blind man around the studio, trying to avoid 
falling into the perilous pit.

ED --   First, however, I will remove my wallet and put it on this 

FRED --   What for?

ED --   Just in case the two blind men fall into the perilous 
inflatable pit with eleven inches of perilously tepid water in it.

FRED --   Your pessimism never ceases to amaze me. But, have no 
fear. Before I dawned the blindfold, I memorized every minute detail 
of this studio. Near as I can tell, there is nary a chance that the 
two blind will fall into the pit.

ED --   Right.

FRED --   Now, take hold of my arm. I will take you on a guided tour 
of the studio.

ED --   Go slowly.

FRED --   First, we move along the table to my right. As I remember, 
about a foot beyond the table should be a cartridge rack. Ahha! What 
did I tell you?! Am I good, or what?!

ED --   By the way, there's a fire extinguisher on the floor next to 

FRED --   (thud) Agh!

ED --   .... You found it.

FRED --   Merely a slight miscalculation. Now, we take a right turn 
at the rack and there should be two chairs. Ahha! There they are! 
Next is a waste basket. Ahha! Excellent! You know I'm really good at 

ED --   Well, then you probably remember the microphone boom hanging 
over the...

FRED --   (thud) Agh!

ED --   You found it.

FRED --   It's just a flesh wound. Hardly bleeding at all.

ED --   Maybe we should quit now.

FRED --   Are you kidding?! We're almost done. Let's move on. We now 
take a right turn and find... a rack of audio equipment, right about 
here. Ahha! Now another right turn. There should be... a bookshelf 
in the corner over here. Yes! Now we take a right turn and walk 
across this... open... space... back... to the...table, where we... 
started. Ahha! Well, my pessemistic friend, let's now answer the 
question, "Will they not both fall into the pit?" I think not.

ED --   Tune in next time for another edition of.... Parables on 

FRED --   Wait a minute. Aren't you going to apologize to me for 
being so pessemistic. After all, you were absolutely sure that the 
blind men would fall into the pit. Wo!


ED --   Well, one of them did.

FRED --   (afar) You pushed me!

ED --   (afar) Who me?  I'm just a little old blind man.

FRED --   (afar) Very Funny.

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