DREAMS   4'1m1f John's Revelation is invaded by his mother

JOHN - ...and I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten 
horns and seven heads and on each head was a blasphemous name.

MOM -- (afar) Hi, John.

JOHN - Mother, what are you doing in my revelation?

MOM -- Is that any way to greet the woman who gave you birth?

JOHN - Sorry, Mother.

MOM -- How about a big kiss and a hug? Mmmmm.


JOHN - It's nice to see you, Mom. Now, tell me, what are you 
doing in my revelation?

MOM -- It's my duty. I'm your mother. So what are you dreaming 

JOHN - It's not just a dream, Mother, its a revelation from the 

MOM -- A revelation?! Wow! Can I look?

JOHN - Yes, but please don't talk. I have to take notes. The 
Lord wants me to publish this dream in detail as the last book 
of the Bible.

The beast resembled a... leopard, had feet like a...bear, and a 
mouth like a... 

MOM -- That is one ugly beast!

JOHN - ...lion. Mother, please! I have to remember every detail.

MOM -- John, you've already written four books of the Bible and 
your brother James hasn't written any. Why don't you let him 
write about a beast?

JOHN - The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and 
great authority.

Mother, this book is not about a beast. It's about the end of 
the world.

One of the heads of the beast seemed to have a fatal wound.

MOM -- If you write the book, will Jesus let you sit at the right 
hand of his throne?

JOHN - Mother! The last time you talked about sitting at the 
right hand of the throne, you embarrassed James and me in front 
of Jesus and all the apostles.

But the fatal wound had been heeled. The whole world was 
astonished and followed the beast.

MOM -- That is really a bad gash. Was he in an accident?

JOHN - Mother, can't you go visit James' dream?

MOM -- I would think you'd want to thank me for being here.

JOHN - Why would I want to thank you for interrupting my 

MOM -- It's my duty.

JOHN - Your duty?

MOM -- Yes, you're snoring. You should roll over.

JOHN - I'm not snoring. 

MOM -- You're snoring. Take it from me, you're snoring. And if 
you don't roll over, you're going to wake up your wife.

JOHN - That's it? You're interrupting the revelation of the end 
of the world to have me roll over?

MOM -- If you wake up your wife she'll wake you up and your dream 
will go capute! Now roll over.

JOHN - Alright. I'm rolling over. (groans) There. Now are you 

MOM -- That's better. See? You stopped snoring.

JOHN - Okay. See you later.

Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the 

MOM -- What does the beast have to do with the end of the world?

JOHN - You're still here. I rolled over. Why are you still in my 

MOM -- The end of the world is going to have a dragon and a 
leopard with seven heads?

JOHN - It's symbolic, Mother. The dragon is the devil and the 
leopard is world government. Each head is a world empire from 
the past. Why are you still in my revelation?

MOM -- So, now you're getting snooty? Write a few books in the 
Bible and you can get snooty with your own mother?

JOHN - I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound snooty, Mother, but I'm 
trying to take notes here. This revelation from the Lord has to 
be transcribed verbatim. Why are you still in my revelation?

MOM -- It's our anniversary tomorrow. Zebidee and I have been 
married for 43 years. Did you buy us an anniversary gift?

JOHN - Of course, I never forget your anniversary. Now, if 
you'll excuse me...

The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and 

MOM -- Just one more thing.

JOHN - What is it now, Mother?

MOM -- Your brother James always forgets our anniversary. Can you 
remind him to buy us a gift? 

JOHN - Yes, Mother, I'll remind him as soon as I wake up. Good 
night, mother.

He opened his mouth to blaspheme God and slander his name.

MOM -- The beast would never be allowed to talk like that in my 
house. I'd wash out his mouths with soap.

JOHN - I wonder if there was a mother in Elijah's dreams. 

Mother, would you mind if I finish this revelation ... alone?

MOM -- Far be it from me to keep you from your dreams, Johnnie 
boy. Good night.

JOHN - And he was given power to make war....

MOM -- Just one more thing, Johnnie?

JOHN - Yes, Mother, dear?

MOM -- What would be so wrong if you had a tiny little revelation 
about sitting the right hand of the throne?

JOHN - Out! Out!

MOM -- I'm leaving, I'm leaving. (fading) Sweet dreams, Johnnie.

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