FORTUNE  3'2m0f A slave girl/fortune teller stalks Paul

PAUL -- Come on, Timothy, we're going to be late for the 

TIM --- I'm coming, Paul. I'm coming. Just a second.

PAUL -- (pause) Your hair looks fine. Now put the comb down and 
let's go!

TIM --- Chill out, Paul, maybe you're over the hill. But, if I 
meet a girl on the way, I want to look good.

PAUL -- We're going to synagogue, Timothy, not to a dance.

TIM --- Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm done. I'm done. And I am looking 
good. Let's go.

(door open, door close)

Are are you going to preach to the people at the synagogue 
today, Paul?

PAUL -- Of course. You know I always...

TIM --- (whispers) Oh! There she is again!

PAUL -- Who?

TIM --- (whispers) Don't turn around! 

PAUL -- What do you mean, don't turn around? First you say there 
she is again and then you won't let me see who your...

TIM --- She's the girl who's been following us for the last 
few days.

PAUL -- Oh, her.

TIM --- Yeah. I think she likes me.

PAUL -- I'm sure.

TIM --- No, really. Every time I look back she's looking at me. 
It's a good thing I spent a little extra time on my hair, huh?

PAUL -- She's definitely your type.

TIM --- What do you mean by that?

PAUL -- She's a fortune teller.

TIM --- You mean, she's a prophet, don't you? Wo, baby! My kind 
of woman! Good looking and she can foretell the future.

PAUL -- Timothy, she's not a prophet. She's a common fortune 

TIM --- She doesn't look so common to me. Look at the way she 
she wiggles when she walks.

PAUL -- She's a slave girl. Her owners make a fortune off of 
her fortune telling.

TIM --- All that and rich too? You go on ahead. I'm going to tie 
my shoe until she catches up to me.

PAUL -- Oh, no you're not. 

TIM --- You're always such a party pooper.

PAUL -- Timothy, I said that her owners are rich. She just a 
slave girl. She penniless.

TIM --- Oh. (pause) But she IS good looking and she is a 

PAUL -- Fortune teller.

TIM --- Fortune teller. Big difference.

PAUL -- Well, there is a rather large difference.

TIM --- Yeah, I know. A fortune teller makes a fortune while a 
prophet makes no prophet. (laughs)

PAUL -- That wasn't quite what I had in mind.

TIM --- Okay, what's the difference between a fortune teller and 
a prophet?

PAUL -- She gets her prophecies from SATAN.

TIM --- Oh. 

PAUL -- Yeah, she's demon possessed.

TIM --- Oh. And she doesn't have any money?

PAUL -- Poor as a church mouse.

TIM --- Oh. 

PAUL -- Yeah, oh. So, why are you looking back at her?

TIM --- I guess she's not all that good looking after all.

PAUL -- No?

TIM --- Nope. So, she must have been looking at you. (afar) Oh, 
look at those two gorgeous women up ahead. I'll meet you at the 
synagogue, Paul.

PAUL -- (fading) Yes, going to synagogue is such a spiritual 

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