HEAL     3'3m0f The source of healing.

JOHN --- My feet are killing me. I've just got to sit down on 
this rock. Aaaaaah!

PETER -- This was a dumb idea, John.

JOHN --- What do you mean, Peter?

PETER -- Jesus sends out seventy of us and he won't let us take 
any food with us.

JOHN --- Yeah, so?

PETER -- So, I'm hungry! 

JOHN --- Me too. When do we get to the next town?

PETER -- We must be getting close. There's blind man up ahead.
Blind people usually don't wander too far from home.

JOHN --- A blind man? Oh, good. I'll heal him.

PETER -- No, I'll heal him.

JOHN --- Oh, Contrare, mon frare. It's my turn to heal someone.

PETER -- You healed the last blind man.

JOHN --- Yes, but I'm better at healing blind people than you.

PETER -- Oh, look at the specialized healing professional. I 
could heal this blind guy with one hand tied behind my back.

JOHN --- Well, mister modest, I could heal him with both hands 
behind my back.


PETER -- What was that?

JOHN --- There's a black cloud over ours heads.

PETER -- Oh, oh.

JOHN --- Is that you, Lord?

GOD ---- (Deep base, with echos) I am.

PETER -- You are what?

JOHN --- Shshshsh, Peter, that's his name. Remember the burning 

PETER -- I am. Oh, yeah! So, ah, what's happening, God?

GOD ---- Who is going to heal this blind man?

PETER & JOHN -- I am.

PETER -- Excuse me, but it's my turn.

JOHN --- Excuse me, but I have more experience at healing blind 


PETER -- Oh, oh.

JOHN --- Alright, Lord, Peter can heal this one.

PETER -- No, John, you can heal him.

JOHN --- No, I humble myself before the Lord. YOU go ahead and 
heal him, Peter.

PETER -- No, I insist. YOU heal him.

JOHN --- No, I insist. YOU heal him.

PETER -- Don't tell me what to do. You're not my boss.

JOHN --- You're not the boss either.


PETER -- Oh, oh.

JOHN --- Sorry, Lord.

GOD ---- Who is going to heal this blind man?

PETER -- What do you mean?

JOHN --- Is this a trick question?


JOHN --- You're making him mad, Peter.

PETER -- Me?! You didn't know the answer either.

JOHN --- Could you give us a hint, Lord?


JOHN --- I guess that's a NO.

PETER -- Well, if it's not me who will heal the blind man, and 
it's not PETER. Who will heal him?

GOD ---- I am.

PETER -- That's not very good grammar, Lord. What you want to 
say is I WILL.


PETER -- Or not.

JOHN --- Can't you see what he's telling us, Peter?

PETER -- Yes, he's telling us he doesn't like a little 

JOHN --- No, you and I think that just because we do the laying 
on of hands, we do the healing. But the healing comes from God.

PETER -- Yeah, but I'm the one who has the faith.


PETER -- But then, of course, the faith comes from you, Lord.

(birds and crickets)

JOHN --- Hey, the cloud disappeared.

PETER -- Well, let's get to work.

JOHN --- What do you mean, LET'S get to work. It's my turn.

PETER -- Who died and made you boss?


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