MIRACLES 4'3m3f Alice in Wonderland examines Jesus' miracles

MOM ----  (afar) Alice! What are you doing up on the fire place? 

ALICE -- I saw a rabbit run through this mirror, Mama. 

MOM ---- Get down before you fall. 

Alice -- I'll be careful, Mama. (fading, echoing) Aaaaaaaaaah! 


Agh! Oh, dear.

SEYMOUR - Young lady, are you aware you almost landed on me?

ALICE --- I'm sorry, I fell through the mirror. Have you seen a 
rabbit... Uncle Seymour, what are you doing here?

SEYMOUR - How do you know my name? I don't know you. 

ALICE --- Sure you do, Uncle Seymour. I'm your niece. I'm Alice.

SEYMOUR - Well, Alice! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. You 
look... different, like a mirror image of yourself.

ALICE --- You look different too, Uncle Seymour. When did you 
have the surgery?

SEYMOUR - Oh, you mean my leprosy is gone. Oh, that wasn't 

ALICE --- It wasn't? Well, your leprosy is gone. What was it?

SEYMOUR - It was Jesus.

ALICE --- (giggles) Uncle Seymour, that is so dumb. Everybody 
know that Jesus is just a carpenter from Nazareth.

SEYMOUR - It's not nearly as dumb as following a rabbit through 
a mirror.

ALICE --- Oh, yeah. 

SEYMOUR - By the way, Alice, watch where you're walking around 
here. There's a lot of trap doors.

ALICE --- Trap doors? I don't see any trap doors around here, 
Uncle Seymo... (fading, echoing) Woooooooo!

MAURY --- (afar) It's okay, young lady, I'm here. I'll catch 

ALICE --- Ugh! Uncle Maury! 

MAURY --- Do I know you?

ALICE --- Yes, you do, Uncle Maury. You don't recognize me 
because I am a mirror image. I followed a rabbit through the 

MAURY --- What are you talking about? Who are you?

ALICE --- I'm your niece. I'm Alice.

MAURY --- Oh, Yes! A mirror image. Uh huh.

ALICE --- Uncle maury, how did you do that?

MAURY --- What do you mean, how did I do what? 

ALICE --- You caught we.

MAURY --- Yeah, so?

ALICE --- So, how did you do that?

MAURY --- I held out my hands and caught you. That's all.

ALICE --- Yes, but your left hand is shriveled. Isn't it?

MAURY --- Oh, you haven't seen it since Jesus healed it. Look.

ALICE --- Well, look at that! This gets curiouser and 

MAURY --- It's no more curious than following a rabbit through 
the mirror.

ALICE --- Oh, yeah, I....

MAURY --- I hate to interrupt, Alice, but your about to fall 
through another trap...

ALICE --- (fading, echoing)  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

MAURY --- ...door.

HENRY --- (afar) Don't worry, Alice. You're going to land on a 
nice soft hay stack.

ALICE --- Agh! Cousin Henry?

HENRY --- Yes, hi, Alice. Are you alright?

ALICE --- Yes. I'm fine. But you recognized me.

HENRY --- Actually, it wasn't you that I recognized. It was your 
dress, actually your face looks like a mirror image.... Why are 
you waving your hand in front of my face?

ALICE --- You can see me. Cousin Henry, you can see!

HENRY --- Well, yes, of course. Oh! You haven't seen me since 
Jesus healed my blindness.

ALICE --- Curiouser and Curiouser.

HENRY --- So, I suppose you're looking for the rabbit.

ALICE --- You've seen him?

HENRY --- Well, yes, he went through that door.

ALICE --- You mean this one here?

(door open)

HENRY --- Yes, but watch out for that first....

ALICE --- (fading, echoing) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

HENRY --- ...step.

MOM ----- (afar) Don't worry Alice, I'm here. Mama will catch 



ALICE --- Agh! Oh, Mama, it's so good to be home. Mama, where is 
your bandage?

MOM ----- My bandage?

ALICE --- Yes, your arm has been bleeding for years, where is 
your... Mama! Look! There isn't even a scar!

MOM ----- Oh, Jesus came by while you were gone. I just touched 
the hem of his robe and my bleeding stopped.

ALICE --- Curiouser and curiouser.

MOM ----- That's not good grammar, Alice. Go to your room and do 
your homework.

ALICE --- Curiouser and curiouser.

(door open)

MOM ----- Alice, you're going out the wrong...

ALICE --- (fading, echoing) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

MOM ----- ...door.

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