SEEDS    5'2m0f The parable of the seeds

ED --   And now, sit down, put your feet up, relax and listen to 
another edition of... Parables on Parade. Tonight's parable is from 
Luke chapter 8, beginning at verse 5.

A farmer went out to sew his seed...

FRED -- Boring!

ED --   Excuse me?

FRED -- Everybody knows the parable of the sewer. It's boring.

ED --   Do you mind? Just once I'd like to get completely through a 
parable without an interruption.

FRED -- Boring!

ED --   Will you stop saying that?

FRED -- Well, it is. It's boring. It's about seeds. Who wants to 
hear a story about seeds?

ED --   This parable is NOT about seeds, it's...

FRED -- I've got it. How about if we put a little emotion into the 
story? How about if we tell the story as if the seeds were living, 
breathing, emotional beings.

ED --   But they're not living, breathing, emotional...

FRED -- I thought you'd like it. This story definitely has Pulitzer 
prize potential.

ED --   A Pulitzer Prize?

FRED -- I tell you what. You read the old boring parable, just as it 
was originally told by Jesus. Then, at the right moments, I will 
inject the very life-blood of the story, the emotions of the seeds. 
Oooo! Oooo! This is going to be so good!

ED --   Right.

FRED -- (deep voice) And now, it's time for the heart rending story 
of (reverb) the parable of the seeds.

ED --   It's the parable of the sewer.

FRED -- Go with me on this one. Our listeners will eat it up. 
(deep voice, reverb) And now the parable of the seeds. 
(whispers) Okay, from the top.

ED --   A farmer went out to sew his seeds...

FRED -- The seeds in his pouch rejoiced in the prospect of being 
planted and starting a new generation. They held hands and circled 
to dance the dance of planting.

ED --   Seeds holding hands.

FRED -- Go with me here.

ED --   As he was scattering the seeds some fell along the path...

FRED -- The gaiety and laughter of the seeds soon turned to terror 
as the seeds saw gigantic feet lumbering down the path toward them. 
Some of the seeds had their tiny screams silenced forever as the 
gigantic feet crushed their tiny seed bodies. After the gigantic 
feet passed, the sickening scene of death and dismemberment was 
everywhere. Bloody wheat germ and bran lay strewn about where joyful 
seeds once danced.

While still mourning for their dead, the surviving seeds were caught 
unaware as gigantic birds, sparrows mostly, swooped down from the 
skies. The tearful seeds didn't even have time to scream as their 
tiny lives were snuffed out.

ED --   This is unbelievable.

FRED -- Kind of like science fiction, heh? Read on, read on!

ED --   Some of the seed fell on rocky places where it did not have 
much soil. It sprang up quickly.

FRED -- The new seedlings held hands and danced the dance of first 
fruits to rejoice in the new generation.

ED --   But, because the soil was shallow, when the sun came up...

FRED -- The laughter and merriment of young seedlings quickly 
turned to pathetic cries for help through tiny parched throats, 
(hoarsely soprano) "Help, help, give us water. Please help us. 
We have no roots. Water. Water."

The tiny seedlings wilted and died an agonizing death as they gasped 
their last, (whispers) "Goodbye, cruel world."

ED --   Oh, brother.

FRED -- Read on. We're on a roll.

ED --   Other seeds fell among thorns which grew up and choked the 

FRED -- The ruthless thorns grabbed the young plants by their 
throats. "What are you doing our neighborhood?!", they demanded. The 
young seedlings pleaded, "We just want to make a living." But the 
thorns were merciless. They took away their lunch money and beat 
them senseless.

ED --   They took their lunch money?

FRED -- It's a cruel world out there. Read on.

ED --   Still other seed fell on good ground where it produced a 

FRED -- Sheila seedling turned to John seedling and whispered, "Oh, 
John, you've made me so happy." John Seedling relied, "Then marry me 
and be my pollin partner forever. Marry me and have my babies." 
Sheila replied, "Oh, John, I love babies! How many babies do you 
want?" John replied, "Thirty, sixty, maybe a hundred. Sheila 
replied, "A hundred babies?! You men are all alike!" Then John 
replied, "But I thought you liked babies." Then Sheila replied, 
"Selfish, insensitive men."

ED --   Tune in next time for another edition of Parables on Parade.

FRED -- (afar) I wasn't finished yet.

ED --   (afar) Yes, you were.

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