STABLE   2'0m2f First visitor to baby Jesus is a critic

(knock, knock, knock)

MARY -- Come in.

(door open) 

IDA --- (Bronx accent) Hello, darling, I came to pay my respects 
to the newborn messiah.

MARY -- Please come in and close the door. It's chilly outside.

(door close)

IDA --- I love what you've done to the place. 

MARY -- It's just a stable. There wasn't any room in the hotel. 
It's census time, you know.

IDA --- I know, darling. All of you out-of-towners are 
overrunning the place. So, that's the messiah himself?

MARY -- Yes.

IDA --- Oh, perfect, the king of the universe is in a feeding 

MARY -- We had to make due. 

IDA --- Oh, look, and he's wrapped in rags. Isn't that darling? 

MARY -- The women back home usually give a baby shower for 
expectant mothers and give them blankets and things. But they 
didn't give me a baby shower because they didn't believe he was 
really the messiah. They thought I just made up the story about 
the virgin birth.

IDA --- Virgin birth, uh huh. Well, let's have a look at the new 

MARY -- He's probably a little cranking. The sheep herders came 
visiting all night last night. None of us got much sleep. But, 
here, let me show him to you.

(baby fusses)

IDA --- Oh.

MARY -- What's the matter?

IDA --- It's just a baby.

MARY -- Well, yes. 

IDA --- I was expecting... the messiah.

MARY -- He is the messiah. His name is Jesus.

IDA --- Jesus.

MARY -- Yes.

IDA --- How very imaginative. It's only the most common name in 

MARY -- That was the name that the angel of the Lord gave to me.

IDA --- I'm sure.

MARY -- He told me that history be changed by my son.

IDA --- Well, darling, Let me tell you about angels. They may 
know the future, but what does an angel, a male angel, know 
about naming babies? You take it from me, darling, if you want 
this baby to make a name for himself, you'll change his name to 
something that will be easy for everyone to remember. How about 
a name like Mordecai?

MARY -- You'll have to excuse us, now. Jesus and I have to get 
some sleep.

IDA --- Jeremiah is a good.

MARY -- I'll think about it. Right this way.

(door open)

IDA --- Obadiah. How about Obadiah? Or Meshach. Now there's a 

(door close)

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