WATCH    4'2m0f Jesus prayed while John and Peter schlept

JOHN --- (shouting afar) Alright, Jesus, I promise we'll stay 
awake this time. I promise. 

PETER -- (snores)

JOHN --- (whispers) Peter. Peter!

PETER -- (snorts) Huh?

JOHN --- Peter, Jesus told us to stay awake and keep watch while 
he prays.

PETER -- (drowsy) I'm tired, John.

JOHN --- Peter! I promised the Lord we would stay awake this 

PETER -- I can't help it, John. I had four cups of wine with 
Passover supper tonight.

JOHN --- We all had four cups of wine, Peter. But I'm not 
falling asleep. Not this time. I promised Jesus.

PETER -- But, he sometimes prays for hours at a time. Why do we 
have to keep watch, anyway?

JOHN --- We don't want anyone to interrupt the Lord while he's
praying. And we should pray for him too.

PETER -- We'll take turns. You wake me when it's my turn.

JOHN --- Peter, why can't you just....

FRED --- (hopping sounds, afar) Mmm mmmmm mm mmmmmmm.

JOHN --- Peter. Someone is coming. Peter!

PETER -- Huh? Oh, somebody is coming. (shouts) Just a minute, 
there, buddy. Nobody disturbs the Lord while he's praying.

FRED --- (afar) Mmm mmmmm mm mmmmmmm.

JOHN --- Peter! Be quiet. You'll disturb the Lord's prayers.

PETER -- Yeah, be quiet, there, buddy. You'll disturb the Lord's 

FRED --- (afar) Mmm mmmmm mm mmmmmmm.

JOHN --- Peter! Can't you see the poor man is bound and gagged? 
Untie him.

PETER -- I'll untie just one hand. Just in case he's dangerous. 
Alright, buddy, why are you barging in where you're not wanted?

FRED --- (afar) Mmm mmmmm mm mmmmmmm.

PETER -- Alright, fella, talk.

FRED --- (afar) Mmm mmmmm mm mmmmmmm.

PETER -- Alright, buddy. You're out of here. 

JOHN --- Peter, he's trying to signal you with his hand.

PETER -- Two words. 

FRED --- (groans)

PETER -- No, one word, two syllables. Second syllable. Sounds

FRED --- (Groans)

PETER -- He's holding out his finger. Sounds like finger. Sounds 
like point. Sounds like there.

JOHN --- Peter, why don't you just untie the gag?

PETER -- No, he's doing good. Playing charades is a good way to 
stay awake. Sounds like away. Sounds like... oh, maybe he's 
pointing at something. What direction is that, John?

JOHN --- West.

PETER -- Sounds like west.

FRED --- (groans)

PETER -- Second syllable sounds like west. Best. Pest. Nest.

FRED --- (groans)

JOHN --- Peter, this could be serious. Untie the gag.

PETER -- No, no! We're doing good. Second syllable is rest. 
What's the first syllable? What's it mean when he holds his 
thumb and finger close together? Small word. First syllable is a 
little word.

FRED --- (groans)

PETER -- A.... E....

FRED --- (groans)

PETER -- E... is it E?

FRED --- (groans in frustration)

PETER -- A... A...? Is it A?

FRED --- (groans)

PETER -- A rest? Is somebody going to take A REST?
Hey, I'd like to take A REST.

FRED --- (groans in frustration)

JOHN --- Arrest. The word is ARREST, Peter. Who is going to be

FRED --- (groans)

JOHN --- He's pointing at Jesus. Is it Jesus? They're coming to 
arrest Jesus?

FRED --- (groans)

PETER -- John! I could have guessed it. You didn't have to jump
in and ruin it.

JOHN --- Peter, they're coming to arrest Jesus!

PETER -- (afar) We've got to warn Jesus!

JOHN --- No, Peter, Jesus gave us strict orders to keep watch.

PETER -- John, he's going to be arrested. Don't you think we
should make an exception here?

JOHN --- No. Especially not now. 

PETER -- Now? What's so special about now?

JOHN --- Jesus told us at supper tonight that the end is near. 
He's expecting to be arrested. Let's not interrupt what might be 
his last quiet time with the Father.

FRED --- Mmmmm mmm mmmmm mmm m mmmm.

PETER -- Yeah, John, what ARE we going to do then?

JOHN --- You understood that?

PETER -- Sure, didn't you?

JOHN --- Sometimes you amaze me.

PETER -- So, what are we going to do?

JOHN --- We'll intercept the soldiers and delay them until Jesus 
is finished praying. (afar) Let's go. 

PETER -- (afar) Good idea, John. 

FRED --- (groans loudly)

PETER -- (near) John, he wants to tell us something. (shouts) 
John? (normal voice) Oh, well, let's give it a try. Okay, you're 
pointing to the knot on your gag. Two words, first word, second 
syllable, sounds like tie. What's the first syllable?

JOHN --- (afar) Peter, we don't have time to play games.

PETER -- I'm sorry, fella, (fading) we don't have time to play 

FRED --- (hopping sounds, groaning, fades)

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