WILLING  5'2m0f The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

PETER - John? John. John, wake up.

JOHN -- (sigh) Please, Peter, leave me alone.

PETER - John, Jesus said for us to stay awake an pray that we 
might not fall into temptation.

JOHN -- That's nice, Peter. (sigh)

PETER - John, don't go to sleep. John.

JOHN -- Peter, I have been crying and sobbing since Jesus told 
us that he was about to sacrifice himself. I cried until I'm 
weak and tired. Now, I know what King David meant when he wrote 
in the psalms that he was tired right down to his bones. (sigh)

PETER - John, don't go to sleep. The Lord said to pray and 
that's just what we're going to do. Let me help you up... on... 
your... knees. John, wake up!

JOHN -- Huh?... Peter?

PETER - Yes, John?

JOHN -- What am I doing up on my knees?

PETER - We're praying.

JOHN -- I'm too tired to remember any prayers, Peter. Can I lay 
down now.

PETER - No. Let's say the sample prayer that Jesus gave us. "Our 
father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name." Are you with 
me John?

JOHN -- Now I lay me down to sleep. 


PETER - John, don't go to sleep. John? Okay, let's trying 
singing. Yeah, that will get the blood circulating.  (sings) 
"Kume by ya, my Lord, Kume by ya. Kume by ya, my Lord, Kume by 
ya." (shouts) Sing it out John!

JOHN -- (speaks sluggishly) Oh, Lord, Kume by ya.

PETER - That's more like it! Sing with me, (sings) "This little 
of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. This little of mine, I'm gonna 
let it shine. This little of mine, I'm gonna let it shine." Come 
on, Johnnie, boy.

JOHN -- (speaks sluggishly) Let it shine, let it shine, let it 

PETER - That away, Johnnie, boy, let's see the flame on the end 
of your finger. (sings) "This little of mine, I'm gonna let it 
shine. This little of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. This little 
of mine, I'm gonna let it shine." (shouts) Sing with me, John!

JOHN -- Rockaby baby on the tree top. (mumbles unintelligibly)

PETER - Don't fall asleep on me, John. Remember, Judas is 
probably out there somewhere with the temple guards just waiting 
for us to fall asleep so he can have Jesus arrested. We can't 
let him do that, can we, John? John. John, wake up.

JOHN -- Peter, I just had the most wonderful dream. I dreamed I 
was sleeping.

PETER - Okay, let's try something else. Ah...

(balloon twisting noises)

Look, John, I'm making a dachshund out of balloons. See the ears 

JOHN -- Everybody makes a dog, Peter. I'm not going to stay 
awake for a dog.

PETER - Okay, then how about this...

(balloon twisting noises)

(announcing) Ladies and gentlemen, the Garden of Gethsemane on 
the fabulous Mount of Olives proudly presents the apostle Peter 
and his new creation, a bird in a cage made entirely of 

(normal voice) How do you like that, John?

JOHN -- Huh?... Fabulous.

PETER - Open your eyes, John. Here, John, here's two balloons. 
See if you can make a balloon hat.

JOHN -- I'd rather use them for a pillow.

(balloon twisting noises, pop, pop)

Hey, what did you do that for?

PETER - We've got to stay awake, John. I tell you what... did 
you hear the story about the rabbi, the priest and the baptist 
minister out in a row boat.

JOHN -- Yes, good night.

PETER - Okay, okay, I can see that you are a sophisticated 
audience. Okay, I've got a better one. Suppose a Pharisee and a 
tax collector jumped off a high building at exactly the same 
time. Who would hit the ground first?

JOHN -- Who cares?

PETER - You heard it before.

JOHN -- Was I right?

PETER - It was a lucky guess. But at least you're awake. So, the 
audience participation thing is working.

JOHN -- Not for long.

PETER - Okay, okay. (announcing) And now, the grand prize 
question: what is the circumference of the earth at the equator?

JOHN -- The earth is flat.

PETER - Oh yeah. Oh! Oh! I've got one! What is the meaning of 

JOHN -- God knows.

PETER - Boy are you good!

JOHN -- Can I go to sleep now?

PETER - Let's recite our Bible verses. Here's one just for you. 
Proverbs 6:9 How long will you lie there, you [sluggard]? When 
will you get up from your sleep? 

JOHN -- Here's my favorite. "on the seventh day, he rested".

PETER - This isn't the seventh day. 

JOHN -- Don't get technical on me. 

PETER - John, what are we going to do to stay awake?

JOHN -- I have an great idea, Peter. Let's have a contest. 

PETER - Hey, I'm good at contests, I'm very competitive. Okay, 
what's the contest?

JOHN -- Let's see who can keep his eyes closed the longest.

PETER - Okay, ready... one... two... three... (pause) Hey, this 
is easy. How are YOU doing, John. John? 

JOHN -- (snores)

PETER - You're just doing that so I'll open my eyes, John . 
Well, I'm not going to fall for that one.. I can keep my... 
(yawns) I can keep my eyes... closed... (yawns) longer.... 

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