MYSISTER 9'3m0f A private-I finds Sarai is not Abe's sister

(knock, knock, knock)

PHAR -- (muffled, cough, cough) Come in. (cough)

(open door) 

SAM --- (brooklyn accent) You wanted to see me, Pharaoh?

PHAR -- (hoarse) Yes, my whole family is sick. We never get 

SAM --- I'm afraid your staff brought you da wrong guy, boss. 
See, I ain't a doctor. I'm a private investigator. My name is 
Spade, Sam Spade. I'm sure you heard of me.

PHAR -- No, I haven't. 

SAM --- Oh.

PHAR -- But I needed a private-I and you were the only one who 
wasn't booked.

SAM --- Say, listen, I can explain that. I...

PHAR -- I want you to find out who is making us sick.

SAM --- Oh, so you think somebody is slippin' somethin' into 
your goblet, huh?

PHAR -- Well, I doubt that that's how he's doing it, but...

SAM --- (fading) I catch your drift, Pharaoh, baby. You can 
count on me. (door close)

(near) So, that was my first encounter with the king of Egypt. 
This was going to be a cush job. That Pharaoh didn't even ask 
how much I charge per day, which for me is an invitation for a 
temporary fee increase. Anyways, my first stop was the palace 
kitchen, where I watched them cooks like a hawk all day long, 
real close, you know, like flies on a pile of manure. But they 
didn't do nothin' suspicious.

(knock, knock, knock)

PHAR -- (muffled, cough, cough) Come in. (cough)

(door open) 

PHAR -- What are you doing back here already. I thought you were 
supposed to be investigating my family's illness.

SAM --- Yeah, and that's what I'm doin'. I followed the food 
preparation all the way from the kitchen until they brought it 
up here to yous. And there is nothin' suspicious to report so 

PHAR -- Well, I could have saved you the time and trouble. I have 
a taster.

SAM --- A what?

PHAR -- A taster, someone who tastes my food before I eat. If 
someone was poisoning my food, he would be sick too, but as you 
can see for yourself he's perfectly healthy.

SAM --- (afar) Oh. see ya. 

(door close)

(near) We detectives have a duty to track down all available 
leads. But some leads take you down a dead end alley. So, it's 
on to da next lead.

(open door) 

Oh, by the way, your Pharaohship, when did you start gettin' 

PHAR -- The day I married my 300th wife.

SAM --- Ahha!

PHAR -- What.

SAM --- Nothin'. I just think a detective should do that once in 
every story. See ya. 

(door close)

Now we was onto somethin'. But the only question was: what were 
we onto?

(door open) 

Excuse me just one more time, your sickness.

PHAR -- Yes, what is it?

SAM --- What's the name of your 300th wife?

PHAR -- Her name is Sarai. And now that you mention it, she's 
the only one of my wives who hasn't gotten sick.

SAM --- Ahha!

PHAR -- What.

SAM --- Nothin'. See ya 

(door close, door open) 

Hi, it's me again.

PHAR -- What is it now?

SAM --- Who can give me some information about this babe, Sarai.

PHAR -- Here brother, Abram is living in the outskirts of town.

SAM --- Thanks. See ya. 

(door close, door open)

PHAR -- What is it.

SAM --- Which direction?

PHAR -- East. 

SAM --- Thanks. See ya 

(door close)

(aside) In my customary efficient manner, I extracted all the 
pertinent information from my client and headed to the east side 
of town.

(aloud) Excuse me, can you tell me where I might find a dude 
named Abram?

ABE --  (old man) I'm Abram. What can I help you with?

SAM --- My sharp ear for foreign accents tells me you're not 
from around here.

ABE --  Why, no I'm from Ur.

SAM --- Ur what?

ABE --  Just Ur. That's the name of the city. Ur. We moved from 
Ur to Canaan. Then, when there was a famine in Canaan, we moved 
here to Egypt.

SAM --- We? Who's we?

ABE --  My wife and I. I mean my sister and I.

SAM --- Yeah, say, this sister of yours, she's the one I wanted 
to talk to you about.

ABE --  I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

SAM --- I think she may be connected to the sickness in the 

ABE --  My Sarai?! Is she sick?

SAM --- Naw, SHE ain't sick, but she's the only one in Pharaoh's 
family who ain't. What can you tell me about it.

ABE --  Nothing.

SAM --- Ahha!

ABE --  Alright, I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything.

SAM --- (aside) See, sometimes it works.

ABE --  What?

SAM --- Ah, nothin'. I wasn't talkin' to you. I was talkin' to 

ABE --  Them? There's noone else here?

SAM --- Nevermind. It's a little hard to explain. Alright, 
fella, spill the beans or I'll turn you over to Pharaoh.

ABE --  Alright. I'll tell you. Sarai is not my sister. She's my 
wife. The reason Pharaoh is sick is because he married my wife.

SAM --- She's THAT ugly, huh?

ABE --  No, you don't understand. She's very beautiful. I was 
afraid that if Pharaoh thought she was my wife he'd kill me so 
he could have her. So, I lied and said she was my sister.

SAM --- Ahha!

ABE --  What was that for?

SAM --- I don't know. It worked once. I figured I'd give it 
another try.

ABE --  Please don't tell Pharaoh I lied. He'll kill me for 

SAM --- Well, I might cover for you, if you tell me why your 
wife is making Pharaoh's whole family sick.

ABE --  Oh, it's not Sarai who's doing that.

SAM --- Who is it then?

ABE --  It's my God.

SAM --- Right. And pro wrestling is legit.

ABE --  I'm telling the truth. My God vowed to me some time ago 
that he would bless those who bless me and curse those who curse 

SAM --- Well, Pharaoh will never swallow a story like that. I'll 
make something up. Meanwhile, pack your bags. I want you out of 
here the moment she gets back here.

ABE --  Well, I've heard that the famine in Canaan is over. 
Perhaps I'll take her back home. 

SAM --- On my way back to the palace I came up with a story. 
Well, two stories, actually. The first one would explain how 
the babe caused the sickness and the second, why I my fee is so 

(knock, knock, knock)

PHAR -- (muffled, cough, cough) Come in. (cough)

(open door) 

SAM --- Hiya, Pharaoh, baby. I solved your case for you.

PHAR -- Sarai lied and the God of Abraham took revenge on me for 
marrying his wife.

SAM --- And you believe that drivel?!

PHAR -- Yes, so here's a check for one day's fee at your 
advertised hourly rate.

SAM --- Oh, man!

PHAR -- What's the matter?

SAM --- This is all I get?

PHAR -- Well, as I see it, you're lucky to get that. I solved 
the case before you did. You didn't even talk to Sarai and she 
was in the next room.

SAM --- Ahha!

PHAR -- What was that for?

SAM --- I knew I forgot somethin'!

PHAR -- Get out.

SAM --- I'm goin', I'm goin'. 

(door close)

(aside) I wish I could tell you that this was the end of the 
story. But it wasn't. A few years later, when my business was 
slippin' a little, I heard that business was boomin' in Canaan. 
So, I picked up and moved there. Well, I no sooner hung out my 
shingle, then I got a call from the king's palace. It was 
deja vu all over again.

(knock, knock, knock)

KING -- (muffled, cough, cough) Come in. (cough)

(door open) 

You wanted to see me, King Abim... King Abim....

KING -- That's Abimelech.

SAM --- Whatever. What can I help you with.

KING -- None of my wives can have babies, not even my servants' 
wives can have babies.

SAM --- I'm afraid your staff brought you da wrong guy, boss. 
See, I ain't a doctor. I'm a private investigator. Now if one of 
your 100 wives is cheating on you, then I'm the man to hire.

KING -- No, you don't understand. My wives were having babies 
left and right. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped.

SAM --- Until you unmarried some guys sister, right?

KING -- How did you know?

SAM --- (aside) I could just smell a fat fee from this king. 
That bum Abram had done it to his wife again and I was gonna 
cash in on it. I figure I'd track him down and threaten to blow 
his cover, he takes it on the lam and I collect an exorbitant 
fee. But this time, I was smart. I asked for the money up front.

KING -- Excuse me, who are you talking to?

SAM --- Oh, I'm talking to them.

KING -- Them?

SAM --- It's a little hard to explain. Nevermind. Listen, I'll 
take the case, but it'll cost you 10 talents, in advance.

KING -- Ten talents. That's outrageous!

SAM --- Okay, five.

KING -- Five talents!

SAM --- Okay, one talent, but that's my final offer.

KING -- Alright. Just get rid of this curse.

SAM --- Okay, where's my money.

KING -- You'll get your money AFTER the curse is gone.

SAM --- Oh, man! Okay, okay, where do I find this babe named 

KING -- Sarai? I don't know any woman named Sarai.

SAM --- Oh, oh.

KING -- What's the matter?

SAM --- I thought I had a slam dunk here. Can we renegotiate my 

KING -- Get out of here and don't come back until the curse is 

SAM --- (afar) Alright, king, baby, don't get your shorts in a 

(door close)

I looked in the Canaan phone book for that Abram guy. And what 
do you think? Nada. I couldn't figure it. It was the same M.O. 
as in Egypt, but I couldn't find either of the perps. Then it 
hit me. They're using aliases. I sniffed around town for rich 
guys with a foreign accent. Sure enough, Abram was now going 
under the alias of Abraham. Can you dig it? Abraham means father 
of nations. The guy didn't have a single kid. Go figure. 
Anyways, I drove to his house. 

(knock, knock, door open) 

ABE --- Yes? Oh, it's you. I'm sorry, I have something on the 

(door close, door open) 

SAM --- Not so fast, Aby Baby.

ABE --- What do you want?

SAM --- You're pulling the same scam here that you pulled in 

ABE --- It's not my fault. My wife is very beautiful. I thought 
the king would kill me to get her. So, I lied and let him have 

SAM --- Save your sob story, buddy. You're gonna fess up to the 
king. I'm not covering for you this time.

ABE --- The king will kill me.

SAM --- Naw, he won't lay a glove on you. Your little scam caused 
all his wives to become sterile. He'll think you have some kind 
of power over him. He'll be glad to get rid of you. Now get 

(aside) We drove to the palace. Sarai, alias, Sarah was standing 
by the curb with her suitcases packed. Abraham wanted to get all 
mushy with his wife, but I dragged him right past her into the 

(door open) 

Hiya, king, baby, I brought you the culprit.

KING -- Oh, yes, Abraham, here is 1000 talents. Please remove 
the curse and leave town. You are welcome to build your house 
anywhere in the country free of charge.

SAM --- 1000 talents?!

KING -- I'm sorry for any inconvenience I may have cause you, 

SAM --- Now there is just the matter of MY fee. Let's see was 
that 10 talents?

KING -- Oh, yes, here's 5 drachmas.

SAM --- 5 drachmas?! We agreed on a talent.

KING -- I solved the case myself, while you were out galavanting 
around. The 5 drachmas will cover your gas mileage. Now, get 

(door close

SAM --- (aside) So, that's it. Abraham walks away with an 
apology and a fortune in silver, but I get gas money. Who said 
life is fair.

ABE --- Excuse me. Who are you talking to?

SAM --- You wouldn't understand.

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