ANSWER   4'5m?f A victim prays for help, refuses the help

(flood water gurgles in the background)

VICTIM -- (cries) Dear Lord, help me. Help me! My house is 
flooded. Everything I own is underwater. I was lucky to swim up 
here on the roof before I was swept away in the flood. (pause) 
Oh, what am I saying?! I'm a Christian. I don't believe in luck. 
Lord, I want to thank you for not letting me get swept away in 
the flood. But now, Lord, I'm wet, I'm cold, I'm hungry and I 
don't want to spend the night on this roof top, waiting for my 
house to wash away in the flood. Please, Lord, get me out of 
here. (sighs) Well! Now I feel better. The Lord knows I need 
help. It's just a matter of time before he gets me out of here. 

WOMAN --- (shouts, afar) Hello, there!

VICTIM -- Is that a woman's voice? ...where...

WOMAN --- (shouts, afar) I'm behind you... upstream.

VICTIM -- Oh, there you are. Do you want me to catch you as you 
float by and pull you onto the roof with me?

WOMAN --- (approaching) No thanks, I was on my own roof for two 
hours and noone came to rescue me. So I grabbed onto this 
unrooted tree as it went by. I figure the tree will run aground 
when the flood waters turn at that big hill ahead. I figure in 
ten minutes I'll be on high ground. Come on. Grab on.

VICTIM -- No thanks. I just prayed to the Lord. I'm sure he'll 
send help any minute.

WOMAN --- (afar) Suit yourself. Good luck to ya.

VICTIM -- Thanks. You too. 

(fade gurgle down and up)

VICTIM -- Gee, it's been a half hour since that woman came by. 
I wonder if that woman made it to the big hill.

(motor boat approaching, with heavy metal music)

JIMMIE -- (afar) Hello, there, Mrs Mahoney!

VICTIM -- Oh, hello, Jimmie.

JIMMIE -- I found this little fishing boat and I decided to be a 
superhero today.

VICTIM -- That's Mr Hooper's fishing boat, Jimmie. Did you get 
his permission to use it?

JIMMIE -- Wull, not exactly. You know Mr Hooper and me don't get 
along so good. Well, hop in.

VICTIM -- Ah, no, thanks, Jimmie. But, you might want to check 
downstream for a lady clinging to a floating tree. 

JIMMIE -- You mean YOU don't want to been rescued?

VICTIM -- Well, yes, but I don't want to have anything to do 
with a stolen boat. Besides, I've seen you drive a car. You 
drive like a maniac.

JIMMIE -- I'll drive nice an steady, Mrs Mahoney. And I doubt 
that even Mr Hooper would mind if I borrowed his boat to rescue 
people. Come on, hop in.  

VICTIM -- No, thanks. I'll wait for the Lord to rescue me.

(motor sounds accelerate)

JIMMIE -- (afar) Okay. See ya later, Mrs Mahoney.

(motor boat and gurgling fades, gurgling fades up)

VICTIM -- Well, it's been an hour since Jimmie was here. I 
wonder if he and the woman with the tree made it to safety. 
(shivers) Ooooo. It's getting cold out here and it's almost 
dark. I hope...

(helicopter approaches)

VICTIM -- What's that? Why, it's a rescue helicopter.

PILOT --- (tiny speaker) Listen carefully. I'm going to lower a 
sling to you. Slip it over your head and arms and under your 
arm pits. 

VICTIM -- (shouts) No, thank you. I'm afraid of heights. I'll 
wait for a boat to rescue me.

PILOT --- (tiny speaker) It may be a while before a boat can 
get here.

VICTIM -- That's okay. 

PILOT --- (tiny speaker) Are you sure about this?

VICTIM -- Yes, I'm sure. The will Lord to rescue me.

(helicopter accelerates)

PILOT --- (tiny speaker) Alright, then, good luck to you.

(gurgling and helicopter fade, gurgling fades up)

VICTIM -- (shivers) It's cold out here. If it wasn't pitch dark, 
I'm sure I could see my breath. (pause) It's been an hour since 
that helicopter was here. How long could it take for a boat to 
come? (pause) Lord, I don't mean to complain, but it's been over 
two hours since I prayed for you to rescue me. When are you 
going to send help?

GOD ----- (Deep voice, echos)  What do you want from me? I sent 
you help three times.

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