CORRECT  4'1m1f Political correctness vs censorship

TOM -- Our Bible reading for tonight is first John 5:11 and 12 
"And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life and 
this life is in his son. He who has the son has life. He who 
does not have the son of god does not have life"

(door open) 

SAL -- Just a minute, there, young man.

TOM -- Do you mind? You're interrupting a radio broadcast.

SAL -- That text is not correct.

TOM -- Of course,  it's correct. I read it directly out of the 

SAL -- Well, then, the Bible is not correct.

TOM -- But, this is the New International Version. It was 
translated by over a hundred international language and Bible 

SAL -- Well, then, THEY'RE not correct.

TOM -- How could they be not correct? They used the most 
recently discovered Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. This has to be 
the most accurate translation in history.

SAL -- Well, then, the Greek and Hebrew are not correct.

TOM -- Hold it right there, lady, the Greek and Hebrew were 
inspired by God himself. You can't get more correct than that.

SAL -- What I mean is that your Bible is not politically correct.

TOM -- What do you mean, it's not politically correct?

SAL -- I represent a coalition of homosexuals, radicals 
feminists, atheists and several other special interest groups 
making up less than 2% of the population, who want to sensitize 
you to the exclusionary language that you Christians use to 
suppress minorities.

TOM -- Well, consider me sensitized. Now, do you mind if I 
continue my Bible reading?

SAL -- Not at all.

TOM -- Then, why aren't you leaving?

SAL -- I'll just stand here and monitor your language, to make 
sure that it's politically correct.

TOM -- 1 John 5:13 "I write these things to you who believe in 
the name of the son of God...

SAL -- (buzzer)

TOM -- that you may know that you have eternal life. 

SAL --  (buzzer)

TOM --  Look, miss...

SAL -- ...that's MIZZ. My marital status is none of your 

TOM -- Look, lady...

SAL -- LADY is an antiquated term that has been used by men for 
generations to keep women in a submissive role. I would 
appreciate it if you would refer to me by a more politically 
correct term.

TOM -- Look,...person..., what's the purpose of the buzzer?

SAL -- It's a signal that you've violated the sensibilities of 
one of the minorities I represent.

TOM -- But I haven't even finished the sentence ye...

SAL -- I was trying to signal you that you should reread 1 John 
5:11 and 12 and correct all the errors you previously committed.

TOM -- But, I explained it to you, there were no errors...

SAL -- (Buzzes) Just do it.

TOM -- Maybe another time...

SAL -- (Buzzes) Now! Minorities have been suppressed for hundreds 
of years. The time has come for perpetrators like you to set the 
record straight.

TOM -- But...

SAL -- (Buzzes)

TOM -- Alright! Will you leave as soon as I finish?

SAL -- As soon as your language is politically correct.

TOM -- 1 John 5:11 and 12: And this is the testimony. God has...

SAL -- (buzzes) It isn't politically correct to publicly 
advocate one supreme being over another.

TOM -- And this is the testimony. DEITY has given us eternal 
life, and this life is in his...

SAL -- (buzzes) Specifying the sex of Deity is not politically 

TOM -- ...and this life is in ITS son... 

SAL -- (buzzes)

TOM --  ...and this life is in ITS OFFSPRING. He who has the...

SAL -- (buzzes)

TOM -- ...the INDIVIDUAL who has the... OFFSPRING has life. The 
INDIVIDUAL who does not have the OFFSPRING of DEITY does not 
have life. 

There. Was that politically correct?

SAL -- Yes.

TOM -- Good. Let's go, then.

SAL -- Let go of my hand. Where are you taking me?

TOM -- You and I are going to go to your minority groups to tell 
your people what offends Christians.

SAL -- You can't do that! That would be censorship!

TOM -- (buzzes) Bingo! Lesson number one: if a small minority 
does it, it's called politically correct. But if a majority does 
it, it's called censorship. Let's go.

SAL --  (fading) Give me back my buzzer.

(door slams)

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