GOODSAM  5'?m3f The parable of the good Samaritan

(Note: Tramp can be either a bag lady or a prostitute, depending 
on the audience)

(phone rings) 

CLERK -- (enters, stands at podium, picks up phone) Good 
evening, Wayside Hotel. Yes, we're right on the highway between 
Jerusalem and Jericho. Take the Wayside off ramp. Yes, this 
being a week day, we have plenty of rooms available. Will you be 
arriving tonight, sir? Your name? And how many in your party, 
sir? Very good, we'll see you tonight. (hangs up)

SAM ---- (enters near beginning of Clerk's phone conversation, 
helping a limping Tramp, with bloody bandage on her head and 
many cuts and bruises, sets her in chair DC, pulls tissue from 
purse, blots some blood from Tramps leg wound, until Clerk 
finishes phone call) Can you give us a hand here, please.

CLERK -- Oh, dear! What happened?!

SAM ---- This woman will need room for the night so she can wash  
off these wounds and get some rest.

CLERK -- Listen, I don't mean to sound insensitive, but this 
accident didn't happen on hotel property, did it?

SAM ---- Oh, this was no accident.

CLERK -- It wasn't?

SAM ---- No. She was attacked out on the Jericho road.

CLERK -- (backing away) Oh.

SAM ---- What's the matter?

CLERK -- The pastor of our church said he passed by a tramp on 
the way into town. He said she was lying in the gutter. I had no 

SAM ---- ...he passed by...

TRAMP -- (nods)

SAM ---- ...but he didn't even stop to ask if you needed help? 
(looks to both Tramp and Clerk for an answer)

TRAMP -- (shakes head)

CLERK -- You can't blame him. Look at her. What self-respecting 
woman would be out on the road alone.

SAM ---- (continuing to blot her bleeding wounds) What 
difference does it make what she looks like? This woman needed 
help. (to tramp) Didn't he do anything for you?

TRAMP -- He told me that when he got back to his church. He 
would say a prayer for me.

SAM ---- He didn't even help you stop the bleeding from your 

TRAMP -- He didn't get close enough to see if I was bleeding. He 
passed by on the other side of the road.

CLERK -- You can't be too careful these days.

TRAMP -- The other one didn't stop either.

SAM ---- Other one? What other one?

CLERK -- That would be Fred Smith, one of the deacons in our 
church. He came by and told me he saw her in the gutter too.

SAM ---- But he didn't do anything either?

TRAMP -- (shakes head silently)

CLERK -- Well, he came in and asked if he should call the 

SAM ---- For all he knew she could have bled to death out there. 
What's the matter with you people?!

CLERK -- Well, we were all praying for her. We're all 
Christians, you know.

SAM ---- I didn't see any policeman out on the road. Did you 
call the police?

CLERK -- Well,...

SAM ---- Well, did you or didn't you?

CLERK -- Well, Fred and I decided not to get involved. I mean 
who knows what a woman like THAT is involved in?

SAM ---- I can't believe Christians would let a thing like this 
happen and not move a muscle to help her.

CLERK -- What denomination are you?

SAM ---- I'm not a Christian. I'm a Samaritan.

CLERK -- A Samaritan!? That's unbelievable!

SAM ---- What's so unbelievable about it?

CLERK -- As much of a low-life as this woman obviously is, she's 
not from YOUR side of the tracks.

SAM ---- (busy blotting wounds, looks in purse) Well, I'm 
running out of kleenex. Let's get this woman into a room, so she 
can use the bath tub to wash her wounds and then get some rest.

CLERK -- I'm sorry, all our rooms are booked.

SAM ---- I just overheard you tell that customer on the phone 
that there were plenty of rooms here in the hotel in midweek.

CLERK -- Well, that was before SHE came along.

SAM ---- (sighs, stands, opening purse) Look, whether you're a 
Christian or a non-Christian, we all speak the same language, 
here's my American Express Gold card. 

CLERK -- (takes card) A gold card, huh? 

SAM ---- Yes. I have to go down to Jericho on business. You can 
charge any room charges and any room service food on this card 
until I get back.

CLERK -- Well, I don't know. (hands the card back)

SAM ---- You're obviously not the owner of this hotel.

CLERK -- Well, no, I'm not.

SAM ---- (pulls a wad of money from purse) Then, this should 
help you in your prayers for our friend here.

CLERK -- Wow! Look at all that money! (hands key to Sam) Room 
101 is the first room on the right (points).

SAM ---- (helps Tramp to her feet) Thank you so much for your 
Christian hospitality. (they both exit)

CLERK -- (looks down at money, follows) Listen, if you need 
anything else.... anything at all. You let me know. I'm always 
here to help.

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