JAIRUS2  7'1m*f RT: Jesus raises Jairus' daughter from the dead

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

JAIRUS -- (enters wearing tunic and sandals, frustrated) Look,
people, you've been camped out on my front yard for two days.
I'm not going to issue any statements. So, why don't you just go
home?! (flicks backs of hands at audience, turns)

REPORTER -- Is it true that your daughter was raised from the

JAIRUS -- I just told you, I'm not going to make any statement.

REPORTER -- Is it true that Jesus of Nazareth was involved?

JAIRUS -- What part of NO don't you understand?

REPORTER -- Can you confirm that your daughter was sick?

JAIRUS -- (pauses) Alright, yes, I suppose I can confirm that.

REPORTER -- Your name is Jairus and you're the ruler of the
local synagogue?

JAIRUS -- Well, that's a matter of public record.

REPORTER -- Is it true that your daughter actually died?

JAIRUS -- You people just don't give up, do you?

REPORTER -- Is it true?

JAIRUS -- Yes, it's true.

REPORTER -- Is it true that she's alive today?

JAIRUS -- Yes. She's alive today.

REPORTER -- Why are you so tight-lipped about this incident?

JAIRUS -- Because... because the person who raised her from the

REPORTER -- So, you admit that your daughter was raised from the

JAIRUS -- (sighs) Yes.

REPORTER -- Who raised your daughter from the dead?

REPORTER -- You didn't raise her yourself, did you?

REPORTER -- Was Jesus of Nazareth involved?

JAIRUS -- I'm sorry, I can't say.

REPORTER -- Is it because you formerly kicked Jesus out of your

REPORTER -- Did you have to apologize to Jesus in order to get
him to raise your daughter from the dead?

JAIRUS -- I'm sorry. I didn't say that Jesus had anything to do
with the miracle.

REPORTER -- But you're confirming that it was a miracle?

JAIRUS -- Well, of course. My daughter was dead. And now she's
alive. Things like that don't just happen every day. Of course
it was a miracle!

REPORTER -- What kind of incantation did Jesus use to raise the
girl from the dead?

JAIRUS -- First of all, I didn't say that it was Jesus who did
the miracle. And second, he didn't use ANY incantation.

REPORTER -- How did he get the girl to come alive then?

JAIRUS -- He took her by the hand and told her to get up.

REPORTER -- That's it?!

REPORTER -- Surely there was more to it than that!

JAIRUS -- I'm merely reporting what I saw. And I saw no
ceremony, no incantation. One minute my daughter was lying there
dead, the next minute she was standing in front of me alive.

REPORTER -- Is it true that Jesus didn't go directly to your
house when you called him?

JAIRUS -- First of all, I didn't say that it was Jesus who came
to my house. But I can confirm the other part. The person who
raise my daughter from the dead stopped on the way to my house
and cured a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years.

REPORTER -- Don't you think it's a little odd that Jesus would
treat a bleeding woman with more urgency than a dead girl?

JAIRUS -- First of all, I didn't say that it was Jesus who did
either miracle. Second, I am convinced now, after looking back
at the miracles, that he delayed the miracle of my daughter in
order that he might do an even greater miracle.

REPORTER -- Can you explain that?

JAIRUS -- Yes. My daughter was deathly ill when I finally
decided to seek the help of.... when I decided that I needed
outside help. I think he delayed the help in order to allow my
daughter to die.

REPORTER -- Why would Jesus allow your daughter to die?

JAIRUS -- I had previously ejected him from my synagogue
thinking him to be a crank and crack-pot. But, now that he has
demonstrated his control over life and death, I am convinced
that he's no impostor. This was God himself in the flesh.

REPORTER -- The person you're describing sounds remarkably like
Jesus. Why won't you admit that this person who raised your
daughter from the dead is Jesus himself?

JAIRUS -- He asked me not to.

REPORTER -- Why would he do that?

JAIRUS -- Since Israel was conquered by the Romans, our people
have been so hungry for a conquering king to drive the Romans
into the sea that they would probably try to make Jesus king by

REPORTER -- What would be wrong with that?

JAIRUS -- The Lord God of the Holy Scriptures has made certain
promises through the prophets Moses, Daniel, Isaiah and others.
He has layed out a schedule for when the Messiah would come,
when he would ride into Jerusalem as King of the Jews and when
he would rule. Imagine what people would think about God if he
allowed his people to change the schedule and make him king
ahead of schedule.

REPORTER -- So, you're confirming that Jesus is the long awaited
messiah prophesied by the prophets?

JAIRUS -- That's what I'm saying. But I'm asking you NOT to
print that story until the time appointed by God himself.

REPORTER -- Can you tell us the date?

JAIRUS -- I can. But I won't.

REPORTER -- Why not?

JAIRUS -- Jesus has to travel the length and breadth of Israel
preaching the good news and doing miracles, proving to all our
citizens that he is the real deal. Then, after everyone is
without excuse, Jesus will ride into Jerusalem on a donkey as
the prophets predicted.

REPORTER -- It won't take Jesus more than two or three years to
visit every city in Israel. Why haven't the high Priests and
Pharisees been announcing his arrival?

JAIRUS -- For the same reason that God has allowed the Romans to
conquer our nation: because we Jews no longer trust God to save
us. Our religious leaders don't even think we Jews NEED to be
saved. They think all we have to do to be saved is to keep the

REPORTER -- Isn't keeping the law enough to save us?

JAIRUS -- It is, if you're keeping the law PERFECTLY. The
standard to enter Heaven is PERFECTION. (holds up finger) One
mistake and we're doomed. How many of us keep the whole law
without one mistake?

REPORTER -- So, you think our nation NEEDS a savior?

JAIRUS -- Not just our nation, but the world. As the Psalmist
says "All have turned aside, they have together become corrupt;
there is no one who does good, not even one."

REPORTER -- And you think Jesus is the savior?

JAIRUS -- What more proof do you need than power over death

REPORTER -- May we quote you on that?

JAIRUS -- You may quote me about everything except the name of
Jesus. Our nation is not ready to make him king by force.

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