SORCERER 4'4m1f Philip teaches Simon the sorcerer real magic

(scene: bare stage, except 4 chairs in a row, angled)

SIMON -- (slick performer, enters strolls along front lip of 
stage, speaking to audience) Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen, 
my name is Simon. And I'm the world's greatest sorcerer! I need 
four volunteers from the audience. Can I have four volunteers?

(Philip enters with blind man, Fred, on his arm, sits him in 
upstage chair, sits in next chair, followed by Jim, a man with 
gnarled hands, who sits in second chair, followed by Gladys, who 
sits in front chair and immediately becomes quietly ill)

SIMON -- And for my first feat of daring magic I will do a card 
trick. (fans a deck of cards in front of Philip) Pick a card. 

PHILIP - No, thank you.

SIMON -- (softly) Listen, fella, I've got the crowd spellbound 
here. Pick a card. 

PHILIP - No, thank you. Choose somebody else.

SIMON -- What in the world did you volunteer for, if you're not 
going to pick a card?

PHILIP - Well, I... (points to blind man)

SIMON -- Hi! My name is Simon. And I'm the world's greatest 
sorcerer! (fans cards in front of Jim) Pick a card. 

JIM ---- I can't.

SIMON -- Look fella, I got a crowd of people here who came to 
watch the world's greatest sorcerer. Don't tell me you can't. 
Pick a card!

JIM ---- I can't. I have arthritis. My hands are all gnarled. 
See? (shows hands)

SIMON -- Oh, wow. Those are really gnarled. Okay, how about you, 
fella. (fans cards for Fred) Can you pick a card?

FRED --- Sure. Where is it?

SIMON -- Right here.

FRED --- Right where.

SIMON -- Right here! What's the matter, fella, are you blind?!

FRED --- Yes.

SIMON -- Say, listen fella, I didn't know. How about you, lady? 
Pick a card for Simon, the world's greatest sorcerer?

GLADYS - I'm sorry. I'm really not feeling well.

SIMON -- Mama said there'd be days like this. Alright, I'm 
losing my crowd here. (to Philip) Back to you, fella. Your hands 
don't look gnarled and you're not blind. What's your excuse?

PHILIP - I don't have an excuse. I just...

SIMON -- Then, pick a card.... Please? 

PHILIP - No, thank you. I...

SIMON -- Look, I'm losing my crowd here. Help me out, huh?

PHILIP - I'd rather help him. (turns to Jim) Sir, do you believe 
in the name of Jesus?

JIM ---- Yes, but I couldn't get near him to have him heal me 
before he died. 

PHILIP - Did you know that Jesus rose from the dead?

JIM ---- No! I didn't! Did he really?!

SIMON -- Hey, hey. I've got a magic show going here. Are you 
going to pick a card or aren't you?

PHILIP - No. (aloud, holding Jim's head) In the name of Jesus be 

JIM ---- (gasps, stands) Look! My hands are healed. Look 
everybody! My I can move my fingers! (demonstrates, exits) 
Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus! 

SIMON -- (to Philip) This is my crowd, buddy. Get your own 
crowd. (pockets cards, shouts to audience) My name is Simon. And 
I'm the world's greatest sorcerer! Okay, so, for my next trick, 
(pulls blue scarf from pocket, waves it) I will tuck this blue 
scarf into my fist and.... (demonstrates)

FRED --- (stands, shouts) I can see! I can see!

SIMON -- (to Philip) Hey, fella, what are you doing now?

PHILIP - I'm sorry, Simon, but this man was blind and he  
couldn't see the color of your scarf. So, I....

FRED --- I can see! I can see! The scarf is blue! (exits) Praise 
the Lord! Thank you, Jesus! 

GLADYS - (dies quietly)

SIMON -- (to Philip) That was really a low down thing to do fella, 
stealing another man's audience.

PHILIP - I'm sorry. Please continue. 

SIMON -- (to Philip) Right. I'm supposed to change the color of 
a scarf after you upstage me? (pockets scarf)

PHILIP - (slides into chair next to Gladys, puts hand on her 
head, prays silently)

SIMON -- Alright, my name is Simon. And I'm the world's greatest 
sorcerer! (removes top hat) Please look inside the hat. As you 
can see, there is nothing in the hat. (demonstrates) Now, I wave 
my magic wand over the.... 

GLADYS - (stands shouts) I'm alive! I'm alive! (exits) Praise 
the Lord! Thank you, Jesus! 

SIMON -- Alright, fella, what are you doing now?

PHILIP - I'm sorry. But this lady just collapsed and died of a 
heart attack right here in front of me. It's not like I planned 
to interrupt your magic act.

SIMON -- Alright, fella, who are you?

PHILIP - My name is Philip. I'm an apostle of Jesus Christ.

SIMON -- (puts hat back on head) Alright, if ya can't fight 'em, 
join 'em. How do I do magic like you do?

PHILIP - I didn't do it. Jesus did it.

SIMON -- Oh, great! He's dead!

PHILIP - No. I saw him. He raised from the dead. He's alive.

SIMON -- Okay, what do I have to do to tap into that?

PHILIP - You have to admit how bad you are and turn from your 
wicked ways.

SIMON -- Hey, I'm not bad. I'm the world's greatest sorcerer.

PHILIP - Sorry. No repentance, no salvation. (stands, moves 
toward exit) Listen, I'm sorry I interrupted your magic act. I'm 
sure you're really good.

SIMON -- Wait a minute. Listen, you can't do magic like that and 
then just walk away.

PHILIP - My work here is done. (exits)

SIMON -- (follows) Look, you tell me how you do your magic and 
I'll tell you how I do the card trick. I'll tell you how I 
change the color of the scarf. I'll even tell you how I pull the 
rabbit out of the hat.

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