SUPPER   5'1m*f RT: The last supper, transubstantiation

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

JOHN -- (enters wearing tunic, headdress and sandals, crosses)

REPORTER -- Excuse me sir. Can you answer some questions?

JOHN -- (stops, turns to audience) Who are you people? What are
you doing out here?

REPORTER -- We're newspaper reporters. We were hoping to have a
press conference with Jesus of Nazareth.

JOHN -- I'm sorry. Jesus is unavailable right now. And he gave
strict instructions not to be disturbed.

REPORTER -- Well, I'm sure that if you told him that the press
corps was here....

JOHN -- I don't mean to be rude, but how did you people find us
here? I mean noone comes out here at night!

REPORTER -- A man name Judas Iscariot told us that we might find
Jesus and his disciples on the Mount of Olives. Jesus IS here
somewhere, isn't he?

JOHN -- I told you, he gave strict orders not to be disturbed.

REPORTER -- What could be more important than communicating with
the press corps?

JOHN -- I can think of about a dozen things. But the one thing
he's doing right now is praying.

REPORTER -- Well, we wouldn't want to interrupt his prayers.
Perhaps YOU can answer a few questions.

JOHN -- About what?

REPORTER -- First of all, may we have your name?

JOHN -- My name is John son of Zebedee.

REPORTER -- So, you're one of Jesus' apostles, just like Judas

JOHN -- Yes.

REPORTER -- Judas Iscariot told us that Jesus ate what he called
his last supper tonight. Is that true?

JOHN -- That's true.

REPORTER -- Last supper before what?

JOHN -- It's his last supper on earth. Jesus expects to die

REPORTER -- Holy Smoke!

REPORTER -- What will he die from?

REPORTER -- Natural causes or otherwise?

REPORTER -- Is someone going to kill him?

JOHN -- I'm not sure HOW Jesus will die or specifically who will
kill him. But Jesus himself said that he will be betrayed into
the hands of the Jewish leaders and he will be killed by one or
more of the gentiles.

REPORTER -- Holy Smoke!

REPORTER -- Can you tell us WHY Jesus will be killed?

REPORTER -- Is this because of his blasphemous statements?

JOHN -- First of all, the statements Jesus made could only be
considered blasphemous if Jesus claimed to be God but he was not

REPORTER -- So, you believe Jesus when he calls himself God.

JOHN -- I think it's only obvious. Look at the miracles:
everything from healings to walking on water to raising the
dead. How much more proof do you need?

REPORTER -- But SOMEBODY doesn't believe him.

JOHN -- And those somebodies will kill him tomorrow.

REPORTER -- Holy Smoke!

REPORTER -- Your friend Judas Iscariot told us that the last
supper of Jesus was a magic meal.

JOHN -- A magic meal?

REPORTER -- Yes, he said that the bread and wine in the meal
transformed into the body and blood of Jesus himself.

JOHN -- First of all, Judas is no longer a friend of mine. He
will betray Jesus into the hands of the Jews. Second, that
sounds like the kind of nonsense Judas would say.

REPORTER -- Nonsense? Are you saying that the last supper has
absolutely no magic in it?

JOHN -- Judas is forgetting what the last supper was. It was the
PASSOVER meal which is a SYMBOLIC meal. It's been a SYMBOLIC
meal for over a thousand years.

REPORTER -- But Judas said that Jesus referred to the bread as
his body and the wine as his blood.

JOHN -- When Jesus said those things, he was merely changing the
symbols. In the Passover meal the bread and wine SYMBOLIZED the
body and blood of the lamb that was slain in Egypt to save the
first born of Israel from death. During tonight's Passover
celebration, Jesus says that the bread and wine are now symbols
of Jesus himself.

REPORTER -- Symbols.

JOHN -- Yes.

REPORTER -- Of Jesus himself.

JOHN -- He's not the first one to make the claim. John the
Baptist called Jesus "the lamb of God who takes away the sins of
the world".

REPORTER -- But Jesus said "This is my body"

REPORTER -- That's right. And he also said, "This is my blood"

REPORTER -- How do you know that at that moment Jesus wasn't
changing the bread and wine into body and blood?

JOHN -- Because right after he said those things, he said "Do

REPORTER -- You're sure about this?

JOHN -- I was lying right next to him when he said it. We all
got it, that is we all got it, except Judas. And I'm not sure
Judas really got ANYTHING about Jesus right.

REPORTER -- You know this might be a matter of interpretation.
Maybe Jesus used the bread and wine as symbols AND he changed
them into something else too.

JOHN -- No! No! You've got it all wrong! I've been at Jesus side
for three years. A couple of years ago, Jesus told his disciples
to eat his flesh and drink his blood. But there was no bread and
wine in site. It was symbolic talk. He was telling them and he's
telling us now to feed spiritually from him.

REPORTER -- How can you be sure he wasn't being literal?

JOHN -- We're Jews. Eating real blood is forbidden by God in the
law of Moses. And eating human flesh is cannibalism. Do you
think God condones cannibalism?

Please excuse me now. I promised Jesus that I would pray.


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