BATHSHEB 4'1m1f RT: love letters of David and Bathsheba

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal.)

(David and Bathsheba are seated at opposite ends of the stage,
writing as they read their letters)

DAVID -- Dear mystery woman, I saw you washing yourself on the
rooftop last night. They tell me your name is Sheba. But since
you were washing, I'll call you BATHsheba.  Respectfully, David.

SHEBA -- Dear King David, I saw you watching me take a bath. You
naughty boy. Respectfully, Bathsheba.

DAVID -- Dear Bathsheba, if we're going to be friends, let's not
be formal. Call me Dave. Your friend, Dave.

SHEBA -- Dear Dave, as long as we're getting familiar with one
another, call me Bath. Just you and I will know why. Lovingly,

DAVID -- Dear Bath, how would you like to come visit the royal
palace?  With great anticipation, Dave.

SHEBA -- Dear Dave, I'm a married woman. But, I suppose, one
little peak at the palace wouldn't hurt.  With great
anticipation, Bath.

DAVID -- Dearest Bath, had a wonderful time here at the palace
last night. Hope you didn't get in trouble with your husband.
Love, Dave.

SHEBA -- Dearest Dave, had a wonderful time at the palace last
night. My husband didn't even know I was gone. Love, Bath.

DAVID -- My dearest Bath...

SHEBA -- My dearest Dave...

BOTH --- ...miss you everso.

DAVID -- Please visit with me again. All my love, Dave.

SHEBA -- I don't see how I could possibly see you again with my
husband still around, if you catch my drift. Hugs and kisses,

SHEBA -- David, you creative little monarch, you. My husband
just got marching orders. He goes into battle today. Could it be
YOU had something to do with it? See you tonight. Bath.

DAVID -- My darling Bath, we were made for each other. Can't
live without you. My arms around you, Dave.

SHEBA -- My darling Dave, I would marry you, if it weren't for
my husband, if you catch my drift. Holding you in my heart,

SHEBA -- David, you naughty boy, I just got word that my husband
just got orders to go into the fiercest part of the battle. He
doesn't stand a chance, does he? Forever yours, Bath.

SHEBA -- Dave, darling, just received confirmation that my
husband was killed in battle. I don't know if I'll ever get over
it. By the way I'm wearing a blue dress to the wedding. And
please don't make a fuss over the ceremony. Just invite two or
three thousand of our closest friends. You are forever in my
heart, Bath.

DAVID -- Bath, darling, sorry to run out on you while you were
still asleep, but, I woke up during the night and realized that
my place was with my men in battle. Love, Dave.

SHEBA -- David, why didn't you tell me you already had two other
wives. Signed, disappointed.

SHEBA -- David, I'm pregnant. Bathsheba.

SHEBA -- David, how come you never write me? Bathsheba.

DAVID -- Bathsheba, I was sorry to hear that we lost our baby.
Meet me in the temple to confess our sins and pray. Love, David.

SHEBA -- David darling, tears still flow from my eyes when I
think about our time together in the temple confessing our sins.
How great is our Lord to forgive all that we've done. David,
darling, I wanted you to be the first one to know: I'm pregnant
again. Do you think this one will make it?

DAVID -- My darling Bathsheba, Congratulations! Yes, I think
this one will make it. In fact, I prophecy that he will become a
great king. In fact, I prophecy that his descendants will make
it all the way to the messiah. Praise God.  Yours in the Lord,

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