CAINABEL 6'3m?f Cain slew Abel, firstborn vs first born

(all characters wear tunics and sandals)

COP --- (enters wearing police badge, writing on small notebook)
Okay, for the record, what's the name of the missing person?

CAIN -- (follows looking over Cop's shoulder) His name was ABEL.
(points to notebook) That's A.B.E.L.

COP --- (stops) Was?

CAIN -- Excuse me?

COP --- You said WAS.

CAIN -- IS. I meant IS. The name of the missing person IS Abel.

COP --- (resumes crossing) ...I got the spelling already. And
what's your relationship with the missing person?

CAIN -- He was my brother. (points to tablet) B.R.O.T....

COP --- (stops) You said it again.

CAIN -- Said what again?

COP --- You said WAS.

CAIN -- I did?

COP --- Yes. I asked you what relationship you were with the
missing person and you said (reads) "He WAS my brother."

CAIN -- IS. I meant IS. He IS my brother. He is my younger
brother. (points) Are you going to write that down?

COP --- I did already. Now I need your name, for the record.
(resumes crossing)

CAIN -- Cain. (follows) My name is Cain, for the record. I'm the
older brother of the missing person. (points) That's C.A.I.N.
(stops) Where are we going?

COP --- (stops) Over there. (points)

CAIN -- (turns away nervously) Why are you going there?

COP --- Is there any reason why we shouldn't go there?

CAIN -- Ah, no. Not at all. I was just curious, that's all.

COP --- This is where the missing person,... (reads) ABEL was
last seen by witnesses.

CAIN -- I see.

COP --- Witnesses said he was last seen entering this field with

CAIN -- Me?! Where would anybody get the idea that he went into
this field with me?! How silly.

COP --- Are you saying the witnesses are lying?

CAIN -- No. I guess not.

COP --- This field does belong to you, doesn't it?

CAIN -- It does? Yes, I suppose it does.

COP --- So, it wouldn't be such a stretch of the imagination to
conclude that your brother was last seen in your field with you?

CAIN -- Oh, yes, I remember now! He did come into my field when
I was here! How could I forget?

COP --- Did you talk to him?

CAIN -- Talk to him.

COP --- Your brother came all the way out here to your field, I
assume the two of you talked about something.

CAIN -- Oh, yes, I remember now! I remember clearly. He came out
here. He stood right there (points) and said, (clears throat,
imitates) Hello, Cain, I'm leaving. Tell Adam and Eve goodbye.

COP --- That's it?! That's what he said?!

CAIN -- Pretty much. Why? What's wrong with that?

COP --- According to my notes, Adam and Eve are your mother and

CAIN -- That's right. So?

COP --- So, children don't usually call their mother and father
by their first names.

CAIN -- Oh, yes, of course. I remember now. He said...
(imitates) Hello, Cain, I'm leaving. Tell MOM and DAD goodbye.

COP --- That's it?! That's what he said?!

CAIN -- It sounded okay to me.

COP --- Abel didn't tell you where he was going?

CAIN -- No. He's like that. He's very impulsive.

COP --- That's funny. According to my notes, YOU are the one
that is described as impulsive.

CAIN -- My Mom loves me best. She would never say anything like

COP --- I see. So, you and your brother had a rivalry going?

CAIN -- Well, naturally, being the second one born, my brother
was jealous of me because I was firstborn. That's why he left,
you know. He was jealous.

COP --- Is that what he said?

CAIN -- Yes.

COP --- You just told me that he didn't say anything to you
except to say goodbye to your Mom and Dad.

CAIN -- Oh, yes, of course. I remember now. He said...
(imitates) Hello, Cain, I'm leaving because I've very jealous of 
you because you are the firstborn and I'm not.

COP --- Is that what he said?

CAIN -- Oh, and he also said, (imitates) Tell Mom and Dad

COP --- Is that what he said?

CAIN -- Would you like me to add something else?

COP --- What about the sacrifices?

CAIN -- Sacrifices?

COP --- Yes, according to witnesses, the two of you gave
sacrifices to the Lord just before Abel disappeared.

CAIN -- Oh, that! That was nothing.

COP --- That's not what I heard.

CAIN -- What did you hear? Maybe you can refresh my memory.

COP --- According to witnesses, God accepted Abel's sacrifice 
but rejected your sacrifice.

CAIN -- That's a lie! I'm the firstborn. God always accepts the 
sacrifice of the firstborn.

COP --- That's not what the witnesses tell me. The witnesses
tell me that lately you began taking your birthright for 
granted, that your sacrifices to the Lord were not from the best 
of your flocks.

CAIN -- I don't see what difference it makes if I'm the 

COP --- According to the Lord, the position of FIRSTBORN has 
nothing to do with the order of your birth but the quality of 
your character. The Lord can elevate the second born or the 
third born or even the seventh born son to the position of 

CAIN -- Well, I'm firstborn now. I made sure of that.

COP --- How?

CAIN -- How?

COP --- Yes, how did you make sure that you were now the

CAIN -- I... I just did. That's all.

COP --- I wonder what ABEL would say about that. I think he
might say, (imitates) When the Lord rejected Cain's sacrifice 
and accepted MY sacrifice, he made ME firstborn.

CAIN -- Who told you?! Noone was around when I...

COP --- When you what? Finish the sentence. Noone was around
when you...

CAIN -- Alright! Alright! I did it! I killed him! I killed Abel!
Now I'M the first born AND the firstborn.

COP --- Sorry, the Lord doesn't let his creatures make their own
rules and he doesn't let people get away with taking the lives
of those who were made in God's image.

CAIN -- (gasps, backs away) God is not going to kill me, is he?!

COP --- Fortunately for you, God is merciful. You will live, but
you will not be allowed to remain in the family. He will not let
others think you can acquire the position of firstborn against 
God's will.

CAIN -- Alright, I'll go. But, please don't send me to the land 
of NOD.

COP --- You're going to NOD.

CAIN -- I asked you not to send me there. I hate Nod!

COP --- (forces Cain offstage) Of course, we could always
commute your sentence to the death penalty.

CAIN -- No! Nod is okay. Nod is good. I can live with Nod.

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