CAVE     5'?m2f David vs Saul in the cave, a lesson in revenge

(lights dim to dark)

AMY -- (enters crouching with flash light) This is it. I'm sure 
of it!

LIZ -- (follows crouching with flash light) Amy, we're going to 
miss the tour bus! Then, how are we going to get back to 

(lights up to 50%)

AMY -- (straighten as she crosses to C, flashes light all over 
the inside of the imaginary cave) Don't be such a wet blanket. 
We're standing in the middle of history here.

LIZ -- (straighten as she crosses to C, flashes light all over 
the inside of the imaginary cave) You know, some day your side 
trips are going to get us lost.

AMY -- Don't you see where we are?

LIZ -- Where?

AMY -- King David stood right where I'm standing.

LIZ -- He did? Why would a king be standing in a cave?

AMY -- He was hiding here.

LIZ -- Hiding?! I thought King David was a great king.

AMY -- He was. But he wasn't king yet when he hid here.

LIZ -- That's very interesting. Can we go now?

AMY -- You obvious don't understand the greatness the event that 
happened in this cave.

LIZ -- You're right. I don't understand. How does hiding out in 
a cave qualify as one of the great events of history.

AMY -- It tells us why God chose David to be king in the first 

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- Because he trusted God.

LIZ -- Alright, I'm listening. But keep in mind the tour bus 
only stopped for a fifteen minute comfort stop.

AMY -- That is so ironic! 

LIZ -- Ironic?

AMY -- Yes. This whole Bible story happened because King Saul 
stopped here for a comfort stop.

LIZ -- I thought you said this story was about King David.

AMY -- It was. See, after David was annointed to be king after 
King Saul's death, the first thing David did was kill Goliath.

LIZ -- With a sling shot. But that wasn't in a cave.

AMY -- No. But because of that incident, David became famous and 
King Saul became jealous of David and plotted to kill him. He 
chased David all over Israel. David and his loyal followers 
probably hid in this cave by day and moved around outside by 
night. Then, one day King Saul just happened to stop by to 
relieve himself.

LIZ -- You're kidding.

AMY -- That's what it says in the Bible. (points back to exit) 
It probably happened on the other side of that narrow passage 
way, just inside the cave entrance. David and his men were 
probably sleeping back here, except for a guard at the entrance. 
Imagine it. The guard comes back and wakes David and says.... 
(points to Liz)

LIZ -- ....The Lord just delivered King Saul into our hands.

AMY -- Yeah. So, David pulls out his knife, sneaks up behind 
King Saul and brings back.... (points to Liz)

LIZ -- King Saul's head.

AMY -- Wrong. He brought back a piece of King Saul's cape.

LIZ -- You're kidding!

AMY -- No. Isn't that terrific?!

LIZ -- That doesn't make sense. I mean this is a perfect set-up. 
Saul comes in out of the bright sun light, can't see a thing in 
here. No guards around. David could have his revenge and take 
the throne with one thrust of his knife. (chops with hand) If I 
was one of his men, I would have been furious. God obvious 
engineered this whole cave thing to deliver Saul right into 
David's hands, but David blew it and let him go.

AMY -- Think about it. In this cave were a relative handful of 
David's own fighting men. David was demonstrating to them that 
he had so much confidence in the Lord that if He had wanted Saul 
dead, the Lord would have killed Saul himself. But the Lord 
delivered Saul alive. So, David kept him alive. 

LIZ -- And did it work?

AMY -- After Saul left this cave, David went out and showed Saul 
the piece of his cloak.

LIZ -- What a fool! Saul could have killed David on the spot!

AMY -- But did he?

LIZ -- Obviously not. David went on to become king.

AMY -- Instead of killing him, Saul saw that God and David had 
shown mercy to him and Saul repented and vowed not to harm 
David. So, now, not only David's own men, but also King Saul and 
HIS men had confidence that God is in charge.

LIZ -- Wow! God gets all the glory.

AMY -- Who do you suppose would have gotten the glory if David 
had brought out King Saul's head instead of a piece of his cape?

LIZ -- Obviously, David. Revenge never brings glory to God, 
does it?

AMY -- And now you know why this cave is one of the most 
important places in history. Let's go. (turns to exit)

LIZ -- Where are you going now? (looking around cave)

AMY -- Back on the bus. (exiting crouching) This all started as 
just a comfort stop, you know.

LIZ -- (turns away, examines cave with flash light) Isn't that 
amazing? It all happened right here. (looks around notices Amy 
is gone) Hey, where'd she go? Hey, wait for me! (exits running 
and crouching)

(lights out)

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