CROSSING 6'1m*f RT: Hebrews cross the Jordan River into Canaan

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

JOSHUA -- (enters wearing tunic, headdress, sandals and a sword,
crosses to podium) Good Morning. My name is Joshua son of Nun. I
am the leader of the army of the Hebrews. The reason I called
this news conference is to give two announcements: one good, one
bad. I will give you the bad news first: Moses, God's chosen
leader of the Hebrews for forty years, has died. In keeping with
our tradition, Moses will be buried the same day he died. He was
a great man of God and he will be sorely missed.

The good news is that God has given us permission to cross the
Jordan River and take possession of the Promised Land. Thanks be
to God, this is our answer to our prayers. After 400 years in
captivity in Egypt plus forty years of wandering in the Arabian
desert, God's promise will now be fulfilled.

REPORTER -- General Joshua, is it mere coincidence that God gave
you permission to go into the promised land on the same day that
Moses died?

JOSHUA -- No, it's not a mere coincidence. Because Moses failed
to follow God's exact procedures at Kadesh, God promised that
Moses would not be allowed to lead our people into the promised
land. Now that Moses has died, we are free to go into the
promised land.

REPORTER -- What did Moses do, or fail to do, at Kadesh that got
him banned from the promised land?

JOSHUA -- There was no water to drink at Kadesh. So, God
instructed Moses to command a rock to produce water. Instead,
Moses struck the rock with his walking stick as he had done
successfully earlier at Rephidin.

REPORTER -- So, Moses made water flow from a rock twice?

JOSHUA -- Correction. It was GOD who made the water flow from a
rock. Moses merely followed orders. And because Moses didn't
follow orders exactly as given, he was banned from the promised

REPORTER -- Now, about the promised land: you said that you
would be entering the promised land by crossing the Jordan

JOSHUA -- That's correct.

REPORTER -- But the Jordan River is at flood stage this time of
year. Wouldn't it be easier to march your people south and enter
the promised land by going around the Dead Sea?

JOSHUA -- That would be easier. But that's not what God
commanded us to do.

REPORTER -- So, God has put your people into the same position
as forty years ago at the Red Sea. No?

JOSHUA -- Exactly.

REPORTER -- So, can we assume that God will part the waters of
the Jordan river, as he did to the Red Sea?

JOSHUA -- Yes.

REPORTER -- And will you be using Moses' walking stick to part
the waters of the Jordan?



JOSHUA -- No. This time the priests carrying the ark of the
covenant will wade into the water. The Jordan River will not
stop flowing until the priests feet and legs get wet.

REPORTER -- May I ask WHY God has chosen a DIFFERENT method for
parting the waters?

JOSHUA -- For the same reason God chose to make drinking water
flow from two different rocks by two different means: God
doesn't want people to think that there is some magical power in
the walking stick. The power is from God and from nowhere else.
and God wants everyone to know that without a doubt. If God had
done the miracle the same way twice, people would be inclined to
worship the walking stick instead of God.

REPORTER -- Why have you chosen this particular location to
cross over into the promised land? Can I assume that God chose
this location too?

JOSHUA -- Yes, he did. He chose this location because it is
directly opposite from Jericho.

REPORTER -- What is the significance of Jericho?

JOSHUA -- Jericho will be the first city we conquer after we
cross over into the promised land.

REPORTER -- But Jericho is the most highly fortified city in
Canaan. Jericho is surrounded by two walls that are thirty feet
high and twelve feet thick. The walls are separated by a twelve
foot gap. Noone has ever conquered the city of Jericho. Aren't
you being a little presumptuous?

JOSHUA -- If it was "I" who was planning this crossing, "I"
would have done it differently. There is no way "I" wouldn't
presume to conquer an unconquerable city. But, fortunately, "I"
am not doing the planning and "I" am not supplying the power.
God is. All I am doing is following God's instructions to the
letter, knowing that, in the past God has honored our obedience
with victory after victory.

REPORTER -- So, you think that with God's help, you can actually
conquer the unconquerable city?

JOSHUA -- I will remind you that when we crossed the Red Sea,
the entire Egyptian Army was unconquerable. But they were
conquered and we didn't even lift a finger. I am confident that
all we have to do is follow God's instructions and God will give
us the victory.

REPORTER -- But, Jericho is directly above the river. They will
see you coming from miles away. Not only do they have a
fortified city, they will have the advantage of being prepared
for battle.

JOSHUA -- When the people of Jericho look down at us and see
that God has cause the Jordan River to stop flowing during flood
stage, they'll know they are not facing an ordinary enemy.
Believe me, when they see two million Hebrews crossing the
Jordan River on dry ground, their hearts will melt and so will
their will to resist. Truly, this battle belongs to the Lord.

Thank you all for coming. (exits)

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