EVICTED  7'1m*f RT: Adam and Eve evicted from the Garden of Eden

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

GABRIEL -- (enters wearing white tunic -- wings optional --
crosses to podium) Good Morning. My name is Gabriel. I am an
archangel in service to our Lord God in Heaven. The reason I
called this press conference is to announce that the first
created human beings, whom you all refer to as Adam and Eve,
have been evicted from the Garden of Eden. From now on, they
will be living in the region East of Eden.

REPORTER -- EVICTED is rather strong language. Are you
suggesting that Adam and Eve did something wrong to deserve


REPORTER -- Can you be more specific?

GABRIEL -- They sinned.

REPORTER -- That's not quite what I had in mind.

GABRIEL -- I know what you had in mind. You want something
juicey to sell newspapers to your readers. But I'm afraid this
is not terribly juicey.

REPORTER -- But I'm sure you can tell us what Adam and Eve
did wrong.

GABRIEL -- God designed and built the Garden of Eden as a very
simple place. There was only one law. And they broke that one

REPORTER -- Adam and Eve were allowed to do anything in the
garden they wanted. They had the choicest of fruits from the
choicest of trees to choose from, but they were not allowed to
eat the fruit of one specific tree, the tree that was in the
center of the garden.

REPORTER -- And they are alleged to have eaten the forbidden

REPORTER -- Which of them was the first to eat the forbidden

GABRIEL -- Eve ate first, then Adam.

REPORTER -- Shouldn't Eve receive a more severe punishment since
she was the first to break the law?

GABRIEL -- There was no special punishment designated for being
first to break the law. All who break the law will be given the
same punishment. The same would be true if there were a hundred
people living in the garden instead of just two.

REPORTER -- Isn't it true that the woman, Eve, was not even
around when Adam was given the law concerning the forbidden

GABRIEL -- That's correct. The woman was created AFTER Adam was
given the law.

REPORTER -- Then, shouldn't she be exempt from punishment?

GABRIEL -- Just because Eve was not around when God gave Adam
the law does not mean she was ignorant of the law. She was fully
aware of the law when she ate the fruit.

REPORTER -- How do you know that?

GABRIEL -- She debated with the devil before she decided to
break the law. She knew the consequence.

REPORTER -- Will there be any other punishment besides being
evicted from the garden?

GABRIEL -- The garden was a place of peace and protection for
the occupants. Outside of the garden, they will have neither
God's peace nor God's protection.

REPORTER -- Isn't it true that the specified punishment for
eating the forbidden fruit was DEATH?

GABRIEL -- That's right.

REPORTER -- Merely being thrown out of the garden seems like a
mere slap on the wrist comparatively. No?

GABRIEL -- Believe me, being out of fellowship with God IS
death. Outside of his peace and protection, life on earth will
seem like hell on earth. There will be floods and famines,
plagues and storms. Many of the descendants of Adam and Eve will
prefer death to living without the fellowship of God.

REPORTER -- You'll pardon me for saying so, but isn't hell on
earth a rather harsh punishment for making one mistake?

GABRIEL -- Yes. What's wrong with that?

REPORTER -- You don't see anything wrong with the ultimate
punishment for one mistake?

GABRIEL -- No. It's what Adam and Eve agreed to. They broke
their promise and they knew their punishment in advance. That's
the definition of justice.

REPORTER -- But where's the love?

GABRIEL -- Adam and Eve owe their lives to God. They are alive
because of God's love. They wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for
God's love.

REPORTER -- But, somehow, love does not seem compatible with
such a harsh punishment.

GABRIEL -- I think that what you're sensing is that things
should not END like this.

REPORTER -- That's right.

GABRIEL -- You're right. Things won't end like this.

REPORTER -- Are you saying that God has something else in mind?

GABRIEL -- Yes. After mankind has had a chance to see how life
is outside of God's peace and protection, God himself will make
provision for man's redemption.

REPORTER -- Can you tell us what this redemption will look like?

GABRIEL -- Not specifically. But what I can tell you is that
mankind will be given many generations to try to work out his
own salvation. In the end he will discover that none of his own
efforts will bring anything close to God's peace and protection.

REPORTER -- Can you predict what kinds of things mankind will do
to try to redeem himself?

GABRIEL -- Yes. Mankind will forget that under these ideal
circumstances even the most innocent of men could not obey one
law. Men will try ten laws, then hundreds of laws, then
thousands of laws. But all they will discover is that, at best,
their own efforts will only have the appearance of holiness and

REPORTER -- Are you saying that laws are not the answer to man's
sin problem?

GABRIEL -- That's right. Men will also try various forms of
government, thinking that if they merely control men's lives,
men won't sin. But they'll discover that laws and governments
are a poor substitute for what God himself wants to do for men
if they will merely submit to his will.

REPORTER -- What is it that God himself will do for men?

GABRIEL -- I would tell you, but men are not ready for the
answer yet. They need centuries, even thousands of years to
experiment with self-redemption before they give up hope and
rely on God to save them.

REPORTER -- So, you're not going to tell us God's ultimate plan
for men?

GABRIEL -- God's ultimate plan will be revealed slowly through
the centuries as man's efforts at self-redemption show failure
after failure. God will reveal his ultimate plan a bit at a time
as men are able to understand and accept it.

REPORTER -- Can you give us a time line or a deadline for God's

GABRIEL -- If I told you it would be three thousand years or ten
thousand years from now, your readers would lose hope. No. God
will give them hope gradually as they loose hope in the best
efforts of man himself. Remember, it was man's self-interest
that got him into this mess. So, ultimately, it will be God's
mercy that bails him out.

Thank you all for coming. (exits)

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