REBEKAH2 6'1m*f RT: Abraham's servant finds a wife for Isaac

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

ELIEZER -- (enters wearing tunic, sandals and headdress, crosses
to podium) Good Morning. My name is Eliezer of Damascus. I

REPORTER -- Is it true that your caravan has come to conquer our

ELIEZER -- These speculations are why I called this press
conference. I wanted to allay any fears you may have about my
sudden appearance here in Haron. The reason I brought so many
camels and camel drivers with me is to bring gifts to some of
the citizens of Haron.

REPORTER -- What business does a man from Damascus have here in

ELIEZER -- I didn't come to you from Damascus I came at the
request of my master Abraham, the son of Terah, the son of
Haron, after whom you named this town. You have nothing to fear
from me.

REPORTER -- We know Haron and we know Terah, but Terah never had
a son named Abraham. Who are you really?!

ELIEZER -- I am the servant of Abraham as I said, but Abraham
changed his named from Abram.

REPORTER -- Why would Abram change his name?!

ELIEZER -- As many of you know Abram left his family here and
traveled to the land of Canaan at the request of God himself. It
was God who changed his name to Abraham.

REPORTER -- Why would God change Abram's name?

ELIEZER -- Because Abraham means "father of many nations". God
has promised that Abraham will be the father of many nations.

REPORTER -- Not much chance of that. Last we heard of Abram, his
wife was unable to bear children and both of them are now beyond
their child-bearing years.

ELIEZER -- With God, all things are possible.

REPORTER -- What does that mean?

ELIEZER -- That means that Abraham's wife Sarah has given birth
to a boy-baby. His name is Isaac.

REPORTER -- Abram's wife's name was Sarai. What happened to her?
Did she die?

ELIEZER -- I'm sorry for the confusion, but God changed Sarai's
name too. Her name is now Sarah, which implies nobility.

REPORTER -- So, why did Abram send YOU instead of coming

ELIEZER -- Abraham is well along in years. In his fragile state
of health, I don't think he would have made it here.

REPORTER -- Surely he didn't send you here merely to bring gifts
for his relatives!

ELIEZER -- No. Abraham sent me here to choose a bride for his
son Isaac.

REPORTER -- A bride?! For a baby?

ELIEZER -- Isaac is now full-grown. He's old enough to marry.

REPORTER -- Then why didn't Abram send Isaac to choose his own

ELIEZER -- Because of the covenant Abraham has with God. God
promised Abraham that he and his descendants would inherit the
land of Canaan. But early-on, Abraham didn't take the covenant
seriously. First he left Canaan and went to Egypt because of a
drought, later he left Canaan again and wandered to Gerar. Both
times he left the land of Canaan he and Sarah got into trouble
with the kings of those lands. So, Abraham learned his lesson
and he's staying put in Canaan with his son in accordance with
his covenant with God.

REPORTER -- So, YOU came to find him a wife?


REPORTER -- So, would you like us to tell our readers to bring
their daughters to you for an interview?

ELIEZER -- No. I've already found a wife for Isaac.

REPORTER -- But you just got here!

ELIEZER -- Yes. I met her outside of town at the well.

REPORTER -- Sounds like you took the first girl who happened

ELIEZER -- As a matter of fact, I did.

REPORTER -- Shouldn't you be a little more careful in choosing
the wife of the king of Canaan?

ELIEZER -- Actually, I was very careful. I turned the choice
over to God.

REPORTER -- How did God choose a wife?

ELIEZER -- I figured that it was God's choice to give Abraham
the land of Canaan, so I would let God choose a wife for his

REPORTER -- What I'm asking is HOW did God choose?

ELIEZER -- Instead of riding into town, I stopped the caravan at
the well and waited for the cool of the day when the women would
be coming out to the well to draw water. I asked God to put
specific words into the mouth of the right woman and he did.

REPORTER -- What words?

ELIEZER -- I asked the first woman to arrive "Please let down
your jar that I may have a drink". And I asked God to put these
words into the mouth of the chosen woman: "Drink, and I'll water
your camels too".

REPORTER -- Did she say those exact words?

ELIEZER -- Those exact words.

REPORTER -- Did you pop the question yet?


REPORTER -- And the answer was...?


REPORTER -- Sight unseen, the answer was yes?! What kind of
woman would marry a man sight unseen?

ELIEZER -- Her name is Rebekah, daughter of Bethuel son of
Milcah, who was the wife of Abraham's brother Nahor. This is a
special family. They are devoted to God and God's will. Rebekah
and her family see this marriage as God's design. Rebekah's
faith will be spoken of by every generation throughout history.

REPORTER -- So, the gifts carried on ten camels were all for
Bethuel's family?

ELIEZER -- Yes, it is customary to give gifts to the family of
the bride.

REPORTER -- So, Abram has apparently done pretty well

ELIEZER -- My master Abraham is now the wealthiest man in Canaan
by the grace of God. And now may God shed his grace on this


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