REDSEA   5'1m*f RT: Moses, ten plagues, parting the Red Sea

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

MOSES -- (enters wearing tunic, headress, and sandals, crosses
to podium) Good Morning, my name is Moses the adopted son of
Pharaoh's daughter. This will be my last press conference with
the Egyptian press before I lead my people across the Red Sea to
the land of Midian. As I have said repeatedly in previous press
conferences, all of the misery that the people of Egypt have
suffered during the ten plagues could have been avoided if
Pharaoh King of Egypt had merely let my people go when I first
requested it.

REPORTER -- Moses, are you aware that Pharaoh has mobilized his
army and is on his way here to wipe out your people?

MOSES -- I am aware of that. That's why I called this press
conference. I wanted to put this attack into perspective for
both Egyptians and Hebrews.

REPORTER -- You don't seem to be very nervous for a man who is
about to be killed by Pharaoh.

MOSES -- That's my point in calling this press conference. There
is not the remotest chance that my people will receive even the
slightest injury at the hands of the Egyptian army.

REPORTER -- How can you say that?! The Egyptian army is the most
powerful and feared army in the whole world!

MOSES -- I am aware of that. I am also aware of who the army
opposes when they attack us.

REPORTER -- You must be joking!

REPORTER -- I have seen false pride before but this takes the

REPORTER -- Moses, are you aware that your people don't have a
single sword or spear among them? Are you expecting the Hebrews
to fend off an attack of swords and arrows with bare fists?!

MOSES -- That's not what I'm saying at all. I would have thought
that after ten plagues, the message to Pharaoh and the Egyptians
would be clear by now.

REPORTER -- What message have we missed?

MOSES -- Over four hundred years ago, the God who created the
universe out of nothing promised our ancestor Abraham that the
Hebrews were his special people. He promised that anyone who
helped the Hebrews would be blessed by God and anyone who harmed
the Hebrews would be punished by God. Didn't the ten plagues
teach you ANYTHING?!

REPORTER -- Are you saying that your god, this god of your
ancestor Abraham will somehow protect you against the most
powerful army in the world?

MOSES -- That's exactly what I'm saying. I'm saying that if
Pharaoh doesn't call off this attack he will experience the
ELEVENTH plague.

REPORTER -- Can you be more specific? What will be the nature of
this ELEVENTH plague?

MOSES -- I'm not sure. God rarely reveals his plans in great
detail, because his plans are usually more than man can imagine.

REPORTER -- Can you at least give us a clue?

MOSES -- The only message I have received from the Lord God is a
message to our people. It is the reason I called this press
conference. The message from God is "STAND FIRM".

REPORTER -- "Stand firm"? That's it?! "Stand firm"?

MOSES -- STAND FIRM. We Hebrews seem to have a very short
memory. We just witnessed the most impressive show of God's
power since creation. But as soon as my people heard rumors that
the army was on the way, they forgot about how God protected
them from all ten plagues back in Egypt and how God has promised
to protect them in the future. They forgot and they began to
fear for their lives. God says, "Stand Firm."

REPORTER -- What could your God do to protect your people from
the world's most powerful army?

MOSES -- It's quite possible that the eleventh plague will kill
Pharaoh himself and wipe out his entire army.

REPORTER -- But the Egyptian army has your people trapped with
your backs to the Red Sea. It will take you months to transport
your people across in row boats, but the army will be here
tomorrow! Your people are like sitting ducks!

MOSES -- All I know is that God promised Abraham that he would
protect his people. And he has kept his promise so far. Our
people have grown in numbers from a few dozen to a few million
under God's protection in Egypt. And now I'm confident that God
will protect us as we cross over to Midian tomorrow.

REPORTER -- The only question is HOW?

MOSES -- I'm sure God will make it clear to all tomorrow before
the Egyptian army arrives. Who knows? Perhaps the God who turned
the Nile River into blood will part the waters of the Red Sea
and let us WALK across on dry land to Midian.

REPORTER -- Even if your pie-in-the-sky WALK to Midian becomes a
reality, I don't see how that will protect you from the Egyptian
army. Remember, they have chariots. You are on foot! They could
follow you THROUGH the Red Sea to Midian.

MOSES -- Let's suppose, for the sake of argument that God
chooses to part the waters of the Red Sea and let us walk on dry
land through the Red Sea. As soon as the last Hebrew gets to the
other side, what's to keep God from reversing the flow of water
and drowning the entire Egyptian army in one fell swoop? What
I'm saying is, if we don't panic, if we stand firm and trust God
to do what he promised he would do, we Hebrews will be protected
from the Egyptian army as surely as we were protected from the
ten plagues.

(shouts) STAND FIRM.


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