SACRIFIC 6'1m*f RT: Abraham sacrifices Isaac

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

ABRAHAM -- (enters wearing tunic, headdress and sandals,

REPORTER -- Excuse me, sir. Are you Abraham the son of Terah?

ABRAHAM -- (stops, turns) Yes. What's this all about? Why this
crowd of people?

REPORTER -- We are the press corps from the newspapers here in
Philistia. We heard about your upcoming sacrifice.

ABRAHAM -- The sacrifice? You heard about the sacrifice?

REPORTER -- Yes, could you answer a few questions about it?

ABRAHAM -- (steps to podium) Yes, I suppose I could answer a few

REPORTER -- So, it was your god who commanded you to make the

ABRAHAM -- That's right.

REPORTER -- And it was your god who commanded you to sacrifice
your youngest son?

ABRAHAM -- That's right.

REPORTER -- It is common practice in Philistia to sacrifice the
OLDEST son to the gods. Why do you think your god commanded you
to sacrifice your YOUNGEST?

ABRAHAM -- My God is not like the other gods, so he doesn't do
things like other gods. And on this particular occasion when he
commanded me to sacrifice my youngest son it was probably for
good reason.

REPORTER -- Can you tell us your son's name?

ABRAHAM -- His name is Isaac.

REPORTER -- Isaac means "LAUGHTER" in your native language, does
it not?

ABRAHAM -- That's right.

REPORTER -- Why did you decide to name him LAUGHTER?

ABRAHAM -- That was what God commanded me to call him.

REPORTER -- Why would God name your son Laughter?

ABRAHAM -- I think it has something to do with my wife's
reaction to God's prediction that she would have a baby.

REPORTER -- Your wife laughed when your god told her she was
going to have a baby?

ABRAHAM -- That's right.

REPORTER -- Why would she laugh at that news?

ABRAHAM -- Because at that time my wife was 30 or 40 years
BEYOND child bearing age. She thought God was joking.

REPORTER -- But he wasn't?

ABRAHAM -- No. God wanted everyone to know that Isaac was the
result of God's intervention. And just to emphasize it, he
waited for ten years after making the promise before making my
wife pregnant.

REPORTER -- Was your oldest son also a miracle baby?

ABRAHAM -- No. My wife and I grew impatient waiting for a
miracle baby, so we decided to have a baby the normal way with
my wife's maidservant. The miracle baby wasn't born until well
after that baby was born.

REPORTER -- Do you favor one child over the other?

ABRAHAM -- Obviously. We waited ten years for the miracle baby
to be born. God promised that Isaac will be a blessing to
countless millions of people.

REPORTER -- You'll pardon me for saying so, but you don't seem
terribly sad to lose your favorite son.

ABRAHAM -- Oh, I won't lose him.

REPORTER -- Why? Have you decided to call off the sacrifice

ABRAHAM -- No. I will carry it out exactly as commanded by God.

REPORTER -- I'm sorry. I'm lost. How is it that you will
sacrifice your son but not lose him?

ABRAHAM -- You know what? I have no idea. All I know is that God
promised us years ago that Isaac would be the father of
multitudes. And Isaac hasn't had any children yet. Now one thing
I'm absolutely sure about is that God cannot lie. If he promised
us that Isaac will be a father, Isaac will live to be a father.

REPORTER -- You'll forgive me for being a sceptic, Abraham. But
there is no way you can have your cake and eat it too. If you
sacrifice your son, there is no way he'll be around in the
future to have children of his own. It just can't happen.

ABRAHAM -- But it will. If God can get my wife pregnant 30 or 40
years after her child-bearing years, he can do ANYTHING.

REPORTER -- How do you think your god will pull this off?

ABRAHAM -- Well, I've thought about this and it seems to boil
down to two possibilities. Either God will provide a substitute
sacrifice in place of my son, or He will let me kill Isaac on
the altar and bring him back to life.

REPORTER -- Are you saying that your God could bring a dead body
back to life?!

ABRAHAM -- God created the universe out of nothing. I would
think that for a god who could do that, putting life back into a
lifeless body is trivial. I'm confident he'll do it. One thing
I'm absolutely sure of, God will keep his promise.

REPORTER -- Rumor has it that this sacrifice will not be done
here in Philistia. Is that true?

ABRAHAM -- That's right. The sacrifice will be done on a hill
known as Mount Mariah near Mount Zion and the Mount of Olives.

REPORTER -- Why did you choose to make the sacrifice on Mount

ABRAHAM -- I didn't. God commanded me to make the sacrifice on
Mount Mariah.

REPORTER -- Did your god tell you WHY he wanted the sacrifice to
be done on Mount Mariah?

ABRAHAM -- No, he didn't say. But God usually repeats history so
that everyone will know that the event was supernaturally
controlled. I suspect that some time in the future God will call
for another sacrifice on that very spot. And if I know my God,
he will not only repeat the sacrifice of a son, but the son will
also be born by miraculous means. Whatever God decides to do in
the future, he will not leave any doubt that it was God himself
who controls history.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a schedule to keep. If you have
any more questions, I'll answer them when my son and I return
from Mount Mariah.


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