WISDOM   5'3m?f Children replay Solomon's first show of wisdom

SOLOMON -- (enters, crosses to chair DC, yawns, sits, sleeps)

GOD ------ (voiceover by child trying to sound adult) Solomon.

SOLOMON -- (eyes closed) Yes, Lord?

GOD ------ Solomon, you have done what is pleasing in my eyes. You 
may ask for whatever you wish and I will give it to you.

SOLOMON -- Lord, I am only a child and I do not know how to rule 
over my kingdom. So, give your servant a discerning heart to 
govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.

GOD ------ Solomon, I am pleased that you asked for wisdom and not 
earthly riches or honor among men. So, I will make you the 
wisest man who ever lived. But I will also give you riches and 
honor among men.

SOLOMON -- (wakes, stands) Gee, thanks, Lord.

GOD ------ (regular voice) Wait, I'm not through yet. 

SOLOMON -- Oh. (sits, sleeps) 

GOD ------ (god voice) If you obey my commands, I will give you 
long life.

SOLOMON -- Thanks, Lord. Is it okay if I wake up from my dream 

GOD ------ (kid voice) Sure. It's cool.

SOLOMON -- (yawns) Oh, I just had a dream. I dreamed that God 
gave me wisdom. I wonder if I'm really wise. How will I know?

(Sally and Peggy enter tugging on a Doll)

SALLY ---- It's my dolly.

PEGGY ---- No, it's not. It's my dolly.

SALLY ---- No, it's not. It's my dolly.

PEGGY ---- No, it's not. You lost your doll.

SALLY ---- No, I didn't. You lost your doll.

PEGGY ---- It's my dolly.

SALLY ---- It's my dolly.

SOLOMON -- Alright, you two, chill out!

PEGGY ---- She stole my dolly.

SALLY ---- No, I didn't. This is my dolly. She lost her doll and 
she's trying to steal mine.

PEGGY ---- No. She's the one who lost her doll and she stole my dolly.

SALLY ---- Did not.

PEGGY ---- Did too.

SALLY ---- Did not.

PEGGY ---- Did too.

SOLOMON -- Alright, I have a solution.

PEGGY ---- You do? Then I can have my dolly?

SOLOMON -- Yes, but you can only keep half of it.

PEGGY ---- Half? What do you mean?

SOLOMON -- (pulls knife from waste band) I'll cut the doll in 
half, then you can each have half of the dolly.

PEGGY ---- Well, I guess half a dolly is better than no dolly at 

SALLY ---- No, please don't hurt my dolly. Here, give it to her. 
Just don't hurt it. (lets go of doll, turns cries)

SOLOMON -- With the wisdom that the Lord has given to me, I have 
decided that the dolly belongs to the one who cares more about 
the dolly. So, I give the dolly to her. (takes the doll, gives 
it to Sally) Here, it's yours.

SALLY ---- Oh, thank you, King Solomon. You are the wisest man om 
earth. (exits, doll raised high)

PEGGY ---- What about me? I don't even get half a doll?

SOLOMON -- (grabs her hand) Come on into the Royal Palace, we 
can play on the Royal Nintendo. 

(both exit)

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