ABORT2   4'2m1f Abortion in the case of rape and incest

BOB -- (enters wearing suit coat, carrying a 6' x 9' roll of
heavy plastic sheeting, shouts) Sis, it's me. (unrolls plastic
on floor)

AMY -- (enters opposite wiping hands on apron) Bobby! What are
you doing here in the middle of the day... Why are you putting
plastic on my living room floor?!

BOB -- Sis, you're not going to believe it! I've got a surprise
for you! (exits)

AMY -- (shouts to exit) A surprise? What kind of surprise? (to
self) I think he flipped his lid. I don't need to have my living
room painted.

BOB -- (reenters pushing Thug who is hand-cuffed) Well, Sis,
here he is!

AMY -- Bobby, I don't need a date badly enough that you need to
handcuff someone and force him to....

BOB -- No, Sis, you don't understand this is Herman Siskle.

AMY -- Herman Siskle.

BOB -- Yes.

AMY -- I don't know any Herman Siskle, Bobby. Have you flipped
your lid?

BOB -- Sis, Herman Siskle, here, is the guy who raped you.

AMY -- (steps back) Oh, Bobby! Why did you bring him here?! I
told you that I couldn't identify him. He...

BOB -- You don't have to identify him, Sis. His finger prints
matched those we found at the crime scene and his DNA matched
the DNA from the rape kit from the hospital. This is your
rapist, alright. We've got him dead to rights. (pushes Thug to
center of plastic sheet)

AMY -- Bobby this doesn't make any sense. Why did you bring him
here? And you still haven't told me why you've spread a plastic
drop cloth on my living room rug.

BOB -- (to Thug) Kneel, dirt bag. (thug kneels, Bob digs into
suit coat, pulls out hand gun offers it to Amy) Sis, you and I
are going to see that justice is done.

AMY -- (takes gun reluctantly) Bobby, no! I can't do this.

BOB -- Sure you can. Just shoot him in the head. And don't worry
about the blood. That's what the plastic is for.

AMY -- Bobby! Do you know what you're saying?!

BOB -- Listen, Sis, if you're worried about being caught, don't
worry. The investigator on the case doesn't even know I have him
in custody. I tracked him down on my own. Noone knows he's here.
He has no relatives. Noone will miss him. After you shoot him,
I'll dispose of the body so noone will find it. So, come on,
Sis, let him have it. It's the ultimate revenge.

AMY -- (points pistol, lowers pistol) No, Bobby, I... I can't.

BOB -- But you said...

AMY -- I know what I said, Bobby, but... I can't.

BOB -- But, why? I don't understand. This guy beat you to a pulp
and raped you. You have a chance to get even. Blow his head off!

AMY -- No, Bobby! It would be murder!

BOB -- Wait a minute, Sis. Now, you're not the one making any
sense. If anybody deserves to die, this guy does.

AMY -- But we can't just execute him without a trial! (gives gun
back to Bob)

BOB -- I don't get it. You decided to kill his baby without a
trial. And the baby didn't do anything to you. How can you let
this dirt bag live?!

AMY -- (turns away) You're right! I must have been out of my

BOB -- (offers gun) So, you're going to kill him, right?

AMY -- No. (turns) No! Not at all. Just the opposite. If I spare
the life of this... this... rapist, who is guilty as sin, how
can I justify killing a child (holds tummy) who is completely
innocent?! I thought that if it was a doctor doing the
killing and what he was doing was called a procedure, I could
get by without calling it killing. But, it doesn't matter what I
call it, an innocent baby loses its life.

BOB -- Good for you, Sis. Come on, Fred. (lifts Thug to his

AMY -- Fred?! I thought you said his name was Herman.

BOB -- No. This is Fred Barnes. He's on my softball team. He
volunteered to help you take another look at what you were doing
when you decided to have an abortion.

AMY -- (tearful) Bobby! (opens arms)

BOB -- Sis. (hugs) I'm sorry I deceived you.

AMY -- I'm glad you did. You got me to see that abortion is a
death sentence for an innocent human being. (slaps Bob's arm)
You jerk!

BOB -- What was that for?

AMY -- What if I would have shot him?!

BOB -- (holds gun high, exiting) No way. It's a toy gun.

AMY -- Bobby?

BOB -- (turns) Huh?

AMY -- Thanks. (holds tummy) For everybody.
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