ABORTED3 3'?m2f Abortion and the right to privacy

AMY -- (enters carrying an armful of handbills, crosses) Here's
some eye-opening information for you. (offers handbill, 

LIZ -- (enters opposite, takes handbill, glances) This is an
outrage! (turns, follows) This really makes me mad!

AMY -- (turns) Excuse me?

LIZ -- This is a picture of a dead baby!

AMY -- Yes. That's what happens to a baby during an abortion.

LIZ -- This really makes me mad!

AMY -- I thought it might. Can you imagine a doctor going to
medical school and then using his training as a healer to kill 
babies in the womb?

LIZ -- That's not what makes me mad!

AMY -- Oh, you're mad at the mother of that baby for allowing a
doctor to kill it so brutally.

LIZ -- No! (slaps handbill) This PICTURE of a dead baby makes me

AMY -- Oh, so you're upset with the medical technician who would
photograph such a sickening picture.

LIZ -- No! I'm angry with you for this handout.

AMY -- Why are you angry with me? I didn't xerox the picture.

LIZ -- Because you gave it to me!

AMY -- You're angry with me for giving you a picture?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Why? Don't you find this picture to be informative?

LIZ -- Yes. That's why I'm angry.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- Because I'm PRO-CHOICE. By showing me this picture, you
just removed my choice!

AMY -- How did I remove your choice?

LIZ -- Well, for years I have been happily ignorant of what
PRO-CHOICE women were CHOOSING to do. But now, how can I be
PRO-CHOICE if one of the choices is (slaps handbill) THIS! What
woman in her right mind would do this to a baby?!

AMY -- And that makes you angry at me?

LIZ -- Yes! My happy ignorance is protected by my constitutional
right to privacy.

AMY -- I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a constitutional 
right to privacy.

LIZ -- Yes, there is! What about the right to privacy that
protects a woman's right to... to do this? (points at handbill)

AMY -- I'm sorry to disappoint you. But the word privacy is not
even mentioned in the constitution.

LIZ -- It's not?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- What about the Bill of Rights?

AMY -- Privacy is not even hinted at in the Bill of Rights.

LIZ -- Well, what about Roe vs Wade?

AMY -- Five judges fabricated the right to privacy in order to
allow a woman to do that. (points)

LIZ -- (pushes handbill at Amy) This really makes me ill.

AMY -- (takes handbill) I'm sorry, but...

LIZ -- Are you saying that women have been doing that (points)
to their babies for all these years because of some right
that... that was made up out of thin air?

AMY -- I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but....

LIZ -- Give me that! (snatches handbill)

AMY -- I thought it made you sick.

LIZ -- It does. But I need it as evidence against you.

AMY -- Evidence? Against me?

LIZ -- Yes, I'm going to sue you!

AMY -- You're going to SUE me?!

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- For what? These hand bills are covered by my
constitutional right to free speech.

LIZ -- (exiting) Well, if judges can fabricate the right to
privacy, they can fabricate a way to take away your right to
free speech.

AMY -- (exiting opposite) They've already done that. It's
illegal for me to distribute these flyers near an abortion

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