AMNESIA  5'?m2f Salvation, sin, confession, forgiveness

AMY -- (enters with ring of keys in hand, turns) Well, here we

LIZ -- (follows with head wrapped in gauze bandage) Is this
where you live?

AMY -- This is where YOU live.

LIZ -- (sighs) This is really frustrating! I don't remember this
place at all!

AMY -- (offers keys) Relax! The doctor says your amnesia is
probably temporary.

LIZ -- Probably. That's really encouraging.

AMY -- Well, they're not sure how much brain damage you caused
before the accident with the drugs and alcohol.

LIZ -- They didn't say anything at the hospital about me being a
drug user!

AMY -- You had enough worries with the amnesia. But in the three
days you were unconscious, you went through drug and alcohol
withdrawal. You're completely detoxified. You can start over.

LIZ -- So I was a junky.

AMY -- The blood tests showed at least two illegal drugs in your
system plus the alcohol.

LIZ -- This place is a dump! Are you sure this is MY apartment?

AMY -- Yes. You had a nice apartment before you lost your job.

LIZ -- How did I lose my job?

AMY -- You were fired.

LIZ -- Don't tell me. I failed a drug test.

AMY -- (crosses, motions broadly to surroundings) Listen, why
don't we get started....

LIZ -- (follows) Why did they fire me?

AMY -- For stealing money to support your drug habit.

LIZ -- This is unbelievable! This just gets worse and worse.
(paces) I suppose this explains why you were the only person to
visit me in the hospital. I'm a common criminal.

AMY -- Listen, let's not concentrate on what's lost, let's...

LIZ -- What about my parents? Do I have parents?

AMY -- They disowned you.

LIZ -- I suppose I stole from them.

AMY -- (nods)

LIZ -- Oh, man!

AMY -- But that isn't why they disowned you.

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- You threatened them with a knife.

LIZ -- Oh, man! Don't I have ANY redeeming qualities?

AMY -- You're very bright. That's how you avoided spending much
time in jail. Listen, let's get you packed.

LIZ -- Packed?! Was I in the process of moving when I had the

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- Well, why should I get packed?

AMY -- Well, when I came here to collect your mail,.... you
received an eviction notice. You have three days to vacate the

LIZ -- Well.... Now I'm not sure I was so lucky to have survived
the crash. I have no family. I have no friends, except you. You
ARE my friend, aren't you?

AMY -- I was.

LIZ -- Don't tell me I stole from you too.

AMY -- My money and my car. It was my car you crashed.

LIZ -- If you're not my friend, what are you doing here?!

AMY -- I read about the accident in the newspaper. You weren't
carrying any identification. They needed somebody to identify

LIZ -- But you didn't have to hang around. You visited me every

AMY -- You didn't have anybody else.

LIZ -- But I'm such a jerk! Why would you bother?!

AMY -- It's what Jesus would do.

LIZ -- Oh, so you're a Christian.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Thank God for Christians.

AMY -- Thank God.

LIZ -- So, you're going to help me pack up.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- And then what? I don't have a car. I don't have a home. I
don't have any money.

AMY -- You can stay with me until you get your feet on the

LIZ -- You're going to let me stay with you even though I stole
from you?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You trust me?

AMY -- Well, I don't TRUST you. But I will give you a place to

LIZ -- Listen, were we close friends?

AMY -- We were roommates. You went to my church for a while.

LIZ -- It obviously didn't do much good.

AMY -- Obviously. So, shall we get you packed? (pointing to
opposite exit, exiting) I got some boxes from the

LIZ -- Wait.

AMY -- (stops, turns) Huh?

LIZ -- Earlier, you told me that with my body detoxified, I have
an opportunity to start over.

AMY -- Yes, I did.

LIZ -- I want to start over.

AMY -- I don't think you have any choice. (motions broadly) You
don't have much left.

LIZ -- What I mean is I... I've just met this person I used to
be and I don't like her at all. She was completely self-involved
and self-indulgent.

AMY -- Yes, I guess she was.

LIZ -- No, I mean, I want to start over and do things right.

AMY -- What did you have in mind?

LIZ -- I want to do things God's way.

AMY -- Okay.

LIZ -- What do I have to do?

AMY -- Well, normally, you would have to confess your sins to
God. But you can't remember any of yours.

LIZ -- Does that mean I have to wait until I get my memory back
before I can get right with God?

AMY -- Not at all. All you have to do is acknowledge that your
best efforts have failed miserably.

LIZ -- They sure have!

AMY -- Then you ask forgiveness for your sins, whether you can
name them specifically or not.

LIZ -- So, I don't have to remember them to have them forgiven?

AMY -- No. Nobody can remember all their sins. If God only
forgave the sins people can remember, only the people with
photographic memories would be saved. God forgives all your
sins, even those you can't remember.

LIZ -- Thank God!

AMY -- Thank God! Listen, when I dropped off the boxes earlier,
I dropped off a Bible for you. Let's go see what the Bible says
about forgiveness. (exits with Liz)

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