BOAST    4'?m2f Works, rewards, good deeds, discipleship

AMY -- (enters wearing white tunic -- wings optional, carrying
big, thick book, crosses to podium, opens book, shouts) The Book
of Life is open.

LIZ -- (enters opposite wearing white tunic -- wings optional,
carrying a handful of small pink messages) Just got word of a
short-term mission team in Papua New Guinea.

AMY -- (writing) Papua New Guinea. Got it. Let me know when they
do some good deeds.

LIZ -- (exiting) Sure thing.

AMY -- We wouldn't want their good deeds to go unrewarded.

LIZ -- (reenters carrying pink messages) Got a good deed here.

AMY -- (poises pen) Fire away.

LIZ -- (reads) The mission team took up a collection and gave a
large donation to a local missionary.

AMY -- (writing) Local missionary. Excellent.

LIZ -- Here's another one. (reads) Five members of the mission
team repaired the roof of an orphanage. (exits)

AMY -- (writing) Roof repair. Got it. (picks up phone) Yeah,
hello, construction department? Yes, this is accounting. Got
some ambitious people from a short term mission team down on
Earth who deserve some rewards. I'd like you to start work on
five mansions. Yeah, these people on the New Guinea mission team
are really working hard. Yeah, good. (hangs up)

LIZ -- (reenters carrying pink messages) More activity from the
mission team in Papua New Guinea.

AMY -- (poises pen) Fire away.

LIZ -- (reads) The five members of the mission team who repaired
the roof at the orphanage have passed out native language Bibles
to local residents.

AMY -- (writing) Bibles to local residents.

LIZ -- Oh, look here. (reads) They apparently paid for the
Bibles with their own money. (exits)

AMY -- (writing) With their own money. Got it. (picks up phone)
Yeah, hello, logistics? This is accounting. Have you heard about
the work of the mission team down on Earth? Yeah, well, they're
doing some good work there. And we want to be sure they are
rewarded when they get here to Heaven. Could you arrange some
vocal auditions for them with the Heavenly Host?

LIZ -- (reenters carrying pink messages) More activity from
Papua New Guinea.

AMY -- (poises pen) Fire away.

LIZ -- (reads) All five of the most active members of the
mission team stood up in a large meeting and, with the aid of a
translator, they gave their testimonies to the natives.

AMY -- (writing) Testimonies. Excellent.

LIZ -- (reads) Apparently, several of the unbelievers in the
crowd made decisions for Christ.

AMY -- (writing) Decisions for Christ. (picks up phone)

LIZ -- (leafs through messages) Oh.

AMY -- (hangs up) Something wrong?

LIZ -- (reads) All five of them were interviewed by an English
speaking news crew.

AMY -- What's wrong with that?

LIZ -- (reads) Three of the five gave glory to their church. All
five of them took credit for their good deeds themselves. None
of them mentioned God at all.

AMY -- (picks up phone) Hello, construction? Cancel the
new mansions for the mission team. Why? The Christians involved
already received their rewards on earth. (dials phone) Hello,
logistics? Cancel the vocal audition for the Heavenly host.
(pause) You guessed it. They boasted. Got to cancel their
rewards in Heaven. Sorry, for the inconvenience. Maybe next
time. (hangs up)

LIZ -- (points) What are you going to do about all those entries
in the book of life?

AMY -- You got an eraser?

LIZ -- You're not going to erase their names, are you?

AMY -- Of course not. But I can't give them credit for their
good deeds. They've already received their rewards. (points to
book) Now look at the clean-up I'll have to do. (slams book
closed, exits) What a mess. (shouts) Anybody got an eraser?

LIZ -- (follows) What a pity. All they had to do is give glory
to God.

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