CHAIN    3'3m3f Prayer ministry recruitment promo

(all enter with phones to their ears, stand DC facing audience)

FRED -- Hello, Phil. This is Fred. Listen, Phil, I have some-
        thing to put on your prayer chain.

PHIL -- That's what we're here for. Fire away.

FRED -- Well, you know that I've had migraine headaches for
        years ...

PHIL -- Yeah, uh huh.

FRED -- Well, I'm going to an allergist tomorrow to see if they
        might be caused by or aggravate by something I eat
        or something around the house.

PHIL -- What specifically can we pray for?

FRED -- Pray the doctor will be empowered to find the cause and
        maybe even a cure.

PHIL -- You got it, Fred. I'll get my prayer chain right into
        action on this.

        Hello, Mary, this is Phil.  I just got an item for the
        prayer chain.

MARY -- Ready.

PHIL -- Fred is going to a specialist tomorrow to find the
        cause of his headaches.  We need to pray that the doctor
        will find the cause and cure for his headaches.

MARY -- A specialist, huh? Okay I'll pass it on to the rest of
        the prayer chain.

        Hello, Liz. This is Mary. It's prayer chain business.

LIZ --- Anything serious?

MARY -- Well, it's Fred. He's going in for tests tomorrow to
        see what's causing his head problems.

LIZ --- Woah, I'd better get right on this one. Talk to ya

        Hi, Lenny.  This is Liz.

LENNY - A prayer chain request?

LIZ --- Yes. And this one's serious. Fred's going to the
        hospital for a brain scan or something.

LENNY - Gee, he looked good Sunday. Poor guy. Did he have life

ALL --- (laugh, put down phones)

SUSAN - That really happened?

FRED -- Yes, I always get a chuckle whenever I remember it.

SUSAN - But those people were all praying for the wrong thing.
        That's not funny.

FRED -- Oh, no. It got straightened out right away. We all had
        a big chuckle.  You see, the prayer chain has a CLOSED
        LOOP.  The last person in the chain calls the chain
        leader to confirm that the message got all the way through
        the chain intact.  When Lenny repeated the message to
        Phil, they just sent it through the chain again.

SUSAN - I see.

FRED -- That was when I decided to a be a prayer chain leader.

SUSAN - You have more than one prayer chain?

FRED -- Oh, yes, we have several. There's one for almost every
        age group and some for people with special interests.

SUSAN - I've been looking for a way to participate in a
        ministry, but I just don't have a lot of time.

FRED -- That's the beauty of the prayer chain ministry. You
        don't have to leave home or the office.  You just have
        to be near a phone.

SUSAN - Well, with three kids under six, I'm at home near a
        phone almost all the time.  But, I don't know.  I always
        picture those prayer people as real... ya know...

FRED -- Spiritual? With callouses on their knees? Yeah, that's
        what I thought, too.  But, as hard as I try, I can't
        seem to make a specific prayer request last longer than
        just a couple minutes.

SUSAN - And no seminary training is required?

FRED -- If I am at a loss over what to pray, I just let the
        Holy Spirit pray for me.

SUSAN - Well, that sure sounds like a ministry I could fit

FRED -- Good! You'll be blessed by it, just as I am.

SUSAN - So, what's my first assignment?

FRED -- (phone to his ear) Hello, Susan, this is Fred. I have 
these migraine headaches.

(all laugh and exit)

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