CHANGEEM 4'?m2f Forgiveness, unequally yoked, prayer, change

(optional light cue: dim to 50%, small light shining from wing)
(sound cue: upbeat music thumps softly in the background)

AMY -- (enters carrying party cup or glass, stops, sighs, drops

LIZ -- (follows a moment later carrying party cup or glass) The
guy is SUPPOSED to be a Christian! How can he talk to you like

AMY -- (looks straight up) The sky is clear as crystal tonight.
(points) I can see Orion. It's the only constellation I know
besides the big dipper.

LIZ -- Did you hear what I said?

AMY -- I heard what you said. Things have been a little tense
since I surrendered my life to Christ.

LIZ -- A little tense?! Your husband assassinates you every time 
you open your mouth. Why don't you do something?

AMY -- I do something.

LIZ -- What?

AMY -- I pray.

LIZ -- Well, if I was praying, I would pray that a grand piano
would fall out of the sky and (stomps) squash him like a bug!

AMY -- Thank you for your loyalty, but I don't think he'll be
much good to God if he's squashed like a bug.

LIZ -- I don't think he's much good to God anyway.

AMY -- That's why I pray. I pray that God will work
supernaturally to MAKE him useful.

LIZ -- I can't believe you're taking this so calmly.

AMY -- Well, it isn't like this took me by surprise. Before I 
committed my life to Christ, my small group leader warned me 
that some people would feel threatened by it.

LIZ -- Why would he be threatened? He's supposed to be a

AMY -- I'm not sure he's a Christian. I don't see much fruit in
his life. But whether he's a Christian or not, only God can save
him and only God can bring him back.

LIZ -- So, you're not going to pay him back for his insults?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- Because if you want to, I've got some snappy one-liners
that will put him in his place real fast!

AMY -- No. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. It's God's job to
punish him or change him. It's my job to love him.

LIZ -- You can't just stand by and let him get away with it.

AMY -- Yes, I can. If I take on the job of justice, I am
usurping God's job and I KNOW I could never do his job as well
as He can.

LIZ -- You really are different since you became a Christian,
aren't you?

AMY -- Yes. I gave up running the universe. God does it much

LIZ -- So, all you do is pray.

AMY -- You talk like prayer is not enough.

LIZ -- Well, I guess it HAS changed you. What do you pray for?

AMY -- I pray that God will forgive me.

LIZ -- Forgive YOU?! For what?

AMY -- I have some really really bad thoughts about my husband.
I feel like calling it quits.

LIZ -- Why don't you?

AMY -- The Lord doesn't give me that option. "What God has
joined together in marriage man cannot separate."

LIZ -- So, you're stuck with him.

AMY -- He's stuck with me too. When I entered into the marriage
I entered as a non-Christian. When I became a believer, I
changed the rules. The poor guy married one woman and now he has
to live with another. I shouldn't blame him for being a little

LIZ -- He cuts you up in little pieces and you make excuses for

AMY -- I'm just telling you how things are. It's not all his
fault. I pray that God will reveal to me how MY language and MY
behavior may have fanned the flames.

LIZ -- I've never seen you fan the flames.

AMY -- I've got to constantly pray that I won't pull out the
halo and look down my nose at him. I also pray that God will
make me more useful in deepening my husband's commitment so we
can be on the same page again.

LIZ -- In the mean time, he's heaping abuse on you.

AMY -- I can't say it doesn't hurt. But God heals my wounds if I
ask him.

LIZ -- You're a saint. Do you offer lessons on walking on water?

AMY -- (looks obviously to exit, then turns away)

LIZ -- (looks back to exit) Speak of the devil! I could injure
him or kill him. Your choice.

AMY -- Don't be silly.

LIZ -- (exiting) I'll go see what the creep wants. (reenters
after short pause) Hey, guess what.

AMY -- What.

LIZ -- You're prayer worked. The jerk wants to apologize!

AMY -- (exiting) He does? Well, maybe this is an answer to

LIZ -- (follows) Just in case it's not, (looks around) let me
find a rock or something heavy...

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