CLAIMIT  4'?m2f Name it and claim it. Faith in faith

(scene: park bench or three chairs side-by-side)

AMY -- (enters with backpack over one shoulder, sets down back 
pack, sits, pulls out tissue, wipes nose)

LIZ -- (follows a few seconds later with backpack over one 
shoulder) If you had more faith, you wouldn't get sick.

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- I said, if you had more faith, you wouldn't get sick.

AMY -- You have such a good bedside manner. You really know how 
to cheer up the patient.

LIZ -- I'm not trying to cheer you up. I really believe that. 
I'm a Christian now, you know.

AMY -- Oh, brother. That's all I need.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- I have a runny nose and now you're giving me a pain in 
the neck.

LIZ -- What. You don't believe in the power of faith? You're a 
Christian, aren't you?

AMY -- Yes. I'm a Christian.

LIZ -- Then, why are you sick? If you had faith, you wouldn't be 

AMY -- How do you know? Are you omniscient?

LIZ -- Om... what?

AMY -- Omniscient. Do you know the mind of God?

LIZ -- What's that got to do with faith?

AMY -- I'm sure you don't have the slightest idea.

LIZ -- You're not making any sense.

AMY -- I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well. I shouldn't be cruel. My 
point is that you don't have any idea why the Lord allowed me to 
have a runny nose, so you have no right to say that I'm sick for 
lack of faith.

LIZ -- Sure I do. The Lord wants everybody to have health and 
wealth. Just name it and claim it.

AMY -- Name it and claim it.

LIZ -- Yes. So, if you're not healthy and wealthy, it's just 
because you lack faith.

AMY -- Now I know how Job felt.

LIZ -- Job? Who's Job?

AMY -- He's a Bible character from the Old Testament. The Lord 
allowed him to lose all of his health and wealth, and then his 
well-meaning friends did their best to shoot the wounded.

LIZ -- Oh. Well, maybe if his faith was stronger, you know like 
that guy in the New Testament where Jesus said, "Your faith has 
healed you."

AMY -- But what was the man's faith IN?

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- I mean who else was in the room when the man was healed?

LIZ -- Jesus.

AMY -- Uh huh.

LIZ -- So?

AMY -- I hope this conversation doesn't go on for 42 chapters 
like the book of Job.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- I'm sorry. I'm just feeling sorry for myself. Let's 
pretend that right here, right now, four men carry in a sick man 
on a stretcher and lay him here. (points to bench)

LIZ -- Yeah, like in the Bible story.

AMY -- Yes. Except that in this story let's pretend that the man 
has no idea who Jesus is. So YOU heal him. (stands, backs away)

LIZ -- Me?

AMY -- Yes. (points to bench) Tell him all about the power of 
faith and the power of words. And heal him.

LIZ -- I can't do that! Can I?

AMY -- Why not? Just name it and claim it.

LIZ -- Well, "name it and claim it" doesn't work for 
unbelievers. Does it?

AMY -- Why not? The power of faith is the power of words. Say 
the words.

LIZ -- I don't know the Bible all that well, but I'm pretty sure 
that the guy has to be a believer.

AMY -- A believer in what?

LIZ -- In Jesus.

AMY -- Thank you. You just made my point. (turns to exit)

LIZ -- What point?

AMY -- (turns) Jesus is not a vending machine that gives a prize 
every time. He's a person. And sometimes a person may decide NOT 
to give you what you ask for.

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- Especially if the person is a good parent. Did your 
parents ever decide not to give you EVERYTHING you ever asked 

LIZ -- Well, sure. They didn't want me to be a spoiled brat... 

AMY -- Jesus didn't die and raise from the dead so that you 
would have faith in faith or faith in words. He died so that you 
would have faith in Him. 

LIZ -- (realization) Oh! That's what I have been doing. I've 
been having faith in faith.

AMY -- And what happened to Jesus while all this was going on?

LIZ -- I've been so caught up in the faith and the words that 
I've been completely ignoring the person. Gee. I'm no better 
than an unbeliever! 

AMY -- (exiting, hand on Liz's shoulder) Well, I guess I see why 
the Lord allowed me to have a runny nose.

LIZ -- (follows) I guess that's what happens when your faith is 
in the person instead of the words.

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