COMMIT   5'*m1f RT: Salvation, three components of faith

(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization,
little or no rehearsal. An indefinite number of reporters are
salted throughout the audience.)

ANGELA -- (enters wearing white tunic, halo optional, crosses to

REPORTER -- What can you tell us about Bob?

REPORTER -- Is there anything new?

REPORTER -- Has Bob been saved?

REPORTER -- Did Bob go back to church?

REPORTER -- Is Bob going to Heaven?

ANGELA -- (holds up hands) Quiet, please. I realize that you are
all anxious to get started on your celebration of Bob's
salvation. Even the people on earth have heard of the great
celebration that happens here in Heaven whenever a sinner is
saved. But let's take things in their proper order. First, my
name is Angela. I am the press secretary for the Lord Jesus
Christ. This press conference is in response to the flood of
phone calls my office has received inquiring about the status of
a sinner on earth whom you all now affectionately call Bob.

REPORTER -- Is it true that Bob is sitting in a church as we

ANGELA -- That's correct.

REPORTER -- Then, can we assume that Bob is saved?

ANGELA -- Because he's sitting in church?

REPORTER -- According to my notes, this is Bob's third time in

ANGELA -- I'm afraid that some of you have been in Heaven for so
long that you forgot how you got here. Being in church doesn't
make you a Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a

REPORTER -- But we were told that Bob has heard the gospel
clearly preached by the pastor.

REPORTER -- And Bob is a very intelligent person. I'm sure that
he has a clear understanding of what Jesus did for him on the

ANGELA -- I will remind you all that KNOWLEDGE is just one of
three elements of saving faith. The devil himself KNOWS what
Jesus did for sinners. But as you all know, the devil is far
from being saved.

REPORTER -- But we have reports that Bob nodded his head several
times during the sermon. Doesn't that count for something?

ANGELA -- As I started to say, KNOWLEDGE is just one of three
elements of saving faith. The second is agreement, to which you
just alluded. In other words, it's obvious that Bob not only
KNOWS what Jesus did, he also acknowledges that what history
says about Jesus is true and that Jesus has the ABILITY to save

REPORTER -- So, Bob is saved, right?

REPORTER -- And we can celebrate, right?

ANGELA -- Not so fast. I told you there are THREE elements of
saving faith. Knowledge, agreement, AND the third element is
TRUST. Again, there is no doubt in the mind of Satan himself
that Jesus actually did the things attributed to him AND he
believes that the things Jesus did have the ABILITY to save
people from their sins. The reason Satan is headed for the lake
of fire is that he refuses to put his trust in Jesus.

REPORTER -- Are you saying that Bob is headed for the lake of

ANGELA -- That's not what I said.

REPORTER -- Are you saying that Bob has yet to TRUST in Jesus to
pay for his sins?

ANGELA -- That's right.

REPORTER -- What if Bob doesn't trust Jesus to pay for his sins?

ANGELA -- Then, Bob will have to pay for his own sins.

REPORTER -- There's no other way?

ANGELA -- There's no other way.

REPORTER -- That seems a little harsh.

ANGELA -- Actually, Bob is lucky to have this option. If I was
running the universe, I probably wouldn't have gone to all the
pain and trouble of dying for the sins of others.

REPORTER -- Listen, we on the party committee are kind of
anxious to celebrate Bob's salvation. Can't we just relax the
rules a little? After all, two out of three isn't bad. Two out
of three in baseball is Hall of Fame performance!

ANGELA -- I'm afraid you've been in Heaven too long to remember
that Heaven is a perfect place. There is no sin here in Heaven.
If we let Bob into Heaven without trusting Jesus, he would bring
his sins with him and Heaven would cease to be Heaven.

REPORTER -- Oh. I suppose you're right.

REPORTER -- Why do you suppose it's taking Bob so long to trust

ANGELA -- It always gets down to one thing: when Bob trusts
Jesus for his salvation, he has to give up trying to save
himself. Some people have trouble giving up control.

REPORTER -- Isn't there anything we can do to push Bob toward

ANGELA -- You can pray.

REPORTER -- How will that help?

ANGELA -- Bob is just like the rest of humanity. If he's left to
his own devices, he'll never give up control. If it wasn't for
an intervention of the Holy Spirit pushing some people over the
edge, noone would be saved.

REPORTER -- And you think praying would influence who the Holy
Spirit chooses to push?

ANGELA -- That's what the Bible says. (looks offstage, raises
finger, nods) Ladies and gentlemen, I'm please to announce that
Bob has crossed over.

REPORTER -- Are you saying that Bob has put his trust in Jesus
to pay for his sins?

ANGELA -- That's right. And now, Bob's ultimate destination is

REPORTER -- Does that mean we can celebrate?

ANGELA -- To your heart's content. And while your celebrating,
thank God for pushing Bob over the edge. (exits)

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