COMPARE  4'?m2f Resentment is caused by inadequate comparison

LIZ -- (enters grumbling) I hate that! It's just not fair! 
(stomps, kneels, closes eyes, prays) Lord, I'm mad at you! Ashly 
hasn't been a Christian half as long as I have. And she hasn't 
done nearly as many ministries in the Church as I have. But YOU 
let her be appointed committee chairman. That is totally unfair! 

AMY -- (enters wearing white tunic, halo optional, massages 
Liz's scalp)

LIZ -- Not now, mother. Can't you see I'm praying?!

AMY -- I'm not your mother.

LIZ -- (opens eyes, gasps, cringes) Eouw! Who are you!?

AMY -- I'm here to answer your prayer. (reaches for Liz's head)

LIZ -- (crawls out of reach) Wait a minute! I don't know you!

AMY -- (holds edges of tunic, pirouettes) Sure you do. Do you 
know anyone else who dresses like this?

LIZ -- You... You're an angel!

AMY -- Bingo! (begins massaging Liz's scalp)

LIZ -- But... I've never had any of my prayers answered by an 
angel before.

AMY -- You've never been this mad at God before.

LIZ -- Oh. (pause) What are you doing?

AMY -- I'm giving you a massage.

LIZ -- I know you're giving me a massage. But why?

AMY -- This is the answer to your prayer.

LIZ -- And just how is massaging my scalp going to get me 
appointed as chairman of the committee?

AMY -- It won't.

LIZ -- Then, why are you massaging my scalp?

AMY -- I'm not massaging your scalp. I'm massaging your brain. 

LIZ -- Alright, then, why are you massaging my brain?

AMY -- Well, obviously, the blood circulation in your brain has 
been blocked.

LIZ -- No, it hasn't! There's nothing wrong with my brain!

AMY -- Oh Contraire! Your brain is obviously in an advanced 
state of atrophy.

LIZ -- Atrophy?!

AMY -- That means your brain has shrunk.

LIZ -- (crawls out of reach) I know what atrophy means. And my 
brain has NOT shrunk. Are you sure you're really an angel?

AMY -- Angel forth class. And (holds up thumb and forefinger an 
inch apart) I'm this close to taking the exam to become a 

LIZ -- A cherubim.

AMY -- Yeah, a cherubim is....

LIZ -- I KNOW what a cherubim is! 

AMY -- Good. (resumes massaging) Then, let me finish my 

LIZ -- And you think your assignment is massaging my brain.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I told you there is nothing wrong with my brain!

AMY -- See, that's what happens when your brain goes. You forget 
that you forgot.

LIZ -- Forgot?! Forgot what?

AMY -- Resentment keeps you so busy comparing yourself with 
other people on earth, you forgot to compare yourself with the 
TRUE standard.

LIZ -- The true standard.

AMY -- Yes, the true standard. That would be Jesus.

LIZ -- Why on earth would I want to compare myself with... 
(pause) Oh.

AMY -- Well, it would seem that the blood circulation in your 
brain is improving.

LIZ -- You make me seem like such a spoiled brat.

AMY -- Definite improvement of circulation.

LIZ -- When I compare myself with Jesus, I don't deserve 

AMY -- Actually, you do qualify for something... death.

LIZ -- Do you think he'll forgive me?

AMY -- Your name is in the book of life. Forgiveness is a slam 

LIZ -- Oh. Yes, of course.

AMY -- (turns) Well, my job here is complete. I'll just be 

LIZ -- Oh, wait! (stands)

AMY -- (turns) Yes?

LIZ -- Thank him for me, will you?

AMY -- Oh, sure. Actually, you know, while I've got you in a 
grateful mood, maybe I could get you to write a letter of 
recommendation to the cherubim committee?

LIZ -- Oh, sure. Are there a lot of angels applying for the 
job of cherubim?

AMY -- Yes, dozens. But I am far and away the best angel for 
the job. I mean, I deserve the promotion!

LIZ -- Here, (reaches) Let me massage YOUR brain. (follows)

AMY -- (exiting backward) On second thought. Skip the letter. 

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