CRIME    3'?m2f The death of truth and reason in the church

LIZ -- (enters reading file folder)

AMY -- (follows carrying large tackle box and file folder)
Excuse me?

LIZ -- (stops turns) Yes?

AMY -- I'm looking for Detective Collins.

LIZ -- Speaking.

AMY -- Oh, ah, my name is Amy Curtis. I'm with C.S.I. (offers

LIZ -- (shakes) Oh. You did the crime scene investigation at the

AMY -- Yes, here's what I turned up. (offers file folder)

LIZ -- Oh, very good. (takes folder, reads) John Doe.

AMY -- I'm sorry. There was no I.D. on the body. So, I...

LIZ -- (reading) Oh. His name was Truth.

AMY -- Truth?

LIZ -- Yes, Truth.

AMY -- Did you get a first name?

LIZ -- There is no first name. The name is just plain Truth.

AMY -- I see.

LIZ -- I don't.

AMY -- What do you mean?

LIZ -- I don't see one single cause of death.

AMY -- Oh, yes. I listed several causes of death. (points) Right

LIZ -- That's highly unusual, isn't it, having more than one
cause of death?

AMY -- Well, yes, I guess it is, but...

LIZ -- The victim was very old.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You didn't list old age as a contributing factor.

AMY -- No. I'm sure that truth could have lived much longer if
it wasn't for the contributing factors.

LIZ -- You list poisoning AND choking as contributing factors?

AMY -- Yes, Truth was apparently poisoned by misrepresentation.

LIZ -- Misrepresentation?! I don't see how that's possible! The
crime scene was a CHRISTIAN College.

AMY -- Well, apparently, Christians are not immune from passing
on myths and legends as truth.

LIZ -- How could this happen?

AMY -- Well, especially now, since the advent of the internet,
Christians are bombarded with myths and legends that are passed
off as well-documented truth. They apparently pass them on to
other Christians without any investigation or corroboration.

LIZ -- Oh, I get those all the time. People don't take those
seriously, do they?

AMY -- Adolph Hitler learned that if you bombard people with a
lie long enough, they will soon see it as the truth. It's
amazing what poison people will swallow when it comes from a 
Christian source.

LIZ -- (reads) What about the choking, here? (points)

AMY -- Well, it has apparently become fashionable, even among
Christian College professors to say that because the Bible was
written by people and because people are prone to errors, that
means that people definitely DID err when writing and copying
the Bible documents.

LIZ -- That's not even good logic! It's been a while since I've
been in school and even I know that you can't produce a DEFINITE
conclusion from a MAYBE premise.

AMY -- Some people, even college educated people have also
choked the truth of the Bible by presuming that the miracles and
predictions of the Bible didn't happen because such things are
highly unlikely.

LIZ -- But the miracles and predictions had eye witness

AMY -- That's right. It looks like the victim didn't stand a

LIZ -- I didn't think Christians were even capable of this kind
of brutality! (reads) What's this item, here, about
"contributory neglect"?

AMY -- I'm saying the dedicated Christians who should know
better watched the assault on Truth and did nothing to

LIZ -- (turns exits) That's it! I'm going for an indictment!

AMY -- (follows) That indictment is going to be a pretty thick
document. There's a lot of perpetrators involved.

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