DEATHBED 5'?m3f Values, relationships, discipleship, forgiveness

LIZ -- (enters wearing pajamas, bathrobe and slippers, scratches
self, yawns, looks around, gasps) Wo! What's going on here?! I
must have been sleepwalking! What is this place?

AMY -- (enters opposite wearing nurse's uniform, crosses) Oh,
I'm glad you're here. We don't have much time.

LIZ -- Time for what? Where am I? What am I doing here?

AMY -- (crosses by Liz to Sue) Are the others with you?

SUE -- (enters behind Liz carrying cardboard box) There are no

LIZ -- Well, thank you for ignoring me. Hello!

(Amy and Sue are completely unaware of Liz's presence)

AMY -- You mean you couldn't get a hold of any of her next of

SUE -- I mean I went to her house and looked through her address
book, her email, her PDA, her letters, everything! If she has
friends or relatives anywhere, she doesn't phone them or write

LIZ -- Listen, I hate to interrupt, but could one of you tell me
where I am?

AMY -- So, you're her only loved one?

SUE -- Actually, I'm not a loved one either.

AMY -- But, she listed you on her admittance form.

SUE -- Oh, well, I'm just her neighbor. She asked me to collect
her mail while she was in the hospital. We hardly spoke at all,
not even to say hello.

LIZ -- (to self) So, this is a hospital. Now we're getting
somewhere. (aloud) Pardon me. I don't know how I got here, but
could one of you call me a cab? I need to get home.

AMY -- Well, if you brought her mail, (points to box) I'm afraid
you wasted your time. She's unconscious. There's no way she can
read her mail.

SUE -- Oh, this is not her mail. Since she has no loved ones, I
chose some things from her house that I thought might give her 
some encouragement. (points into box) There's some newspaper 
clippings showing some of her accomplishments, some certificates 
of graduation, some awards of merit, letters of commendation, 
her bank book,...

AMY -- ...Her bank book?!

SUE -- Yes. And her stock certificates.

AMY -- She's unconscious. But, even if she wakes up, I'm not 
sure her bank book will be much comfort and encouragement to 

SUE -- Well, she didn't have any pictures, except of herself. I
couldn't find much in her house regarding relationships. The
only thing I could find that might give comfort to her are a few
things to remind her of her accomplishments. According to her
bank book and her stock certificates, she's a very rich woman!

LIZ -- What am I?! Chopped liver?! Can one of you please at
least point me to the lobby so I can call a cab?!

AMY -- You know, in all the years I've worked here, I've never
heard anyone on his deathbed asking to see his stock
certificates or bank books or trophies one last time. They
always ask for loved ones.

LIZ -- Deathbed? This person is going to die? Oh, I'm sorry. I
didn't know. I'm sorry to bother you. (backs away, points over
shoulder) I'll just find the lobby on my own. (turns, looks both

SUE -- I would hate to see her die alone. Isn't there something
I could do?

AMY -- I suppose you could do a an internet search for ELIZABETH

LIZ -- (turns) Elizabeth Jacobson?! That's my name! Maybe she's
related to me!

AMY -- If she's a home owner, you could do a title search.

SUE -- You mean like enter her address: 3929 Elm Street?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Hey, wait a minute! That's my address! (approaches)
You've got the wrong person listed in your records! I hope this
person isn't trying to collect on MY health insurance!

AMY -- That might work.

LIZ -- Hello! (waves hand in front of Amy's face)

SUE -- Good. I'll give that a try. (turns, exits)

AMY -- You'd better hurry. Elizabeth doesn't have much time.
(turns, exits)

LIZ -- (follows) Hey, wait a minute! What's going on here?! It's
me, Elizabeth Jacobson. I'm sure we can straighten out this...
(stops at exit, gasps, points offstage) That's ME! In a hospital
bed! (turns, paces) That's ridiculous! How can I be on my
deathbed and... I feel fine! Well, of course, I feel fine! I'm
not on my deathbed! I'm merely dreaming all of this! Yes, that's
it. Oh, what a relief. All I have to do is just wait until I
wake up... Unless of course, I'm dreaming in a coma on my
deathbed. In that case, I'll never wake up. I'll wake up dead. I
can't die now! I've sacrificed all my relationships for a box
full of trophies! What good are trophies when you're going to
die alone?! You know, that nurse was right. When I'm on my
deathbed, I'm not going to ask for one last look at my trophies.
I'm going to ask for my loved ones.

(returns to exit, shouts)

Elizabeth?! Elizabeth Johnson?! This is your conscience
speaking. When you wake up... if you ever wake up. You get on
the phone and make amends with all the people who love you.
(exiting) You hear me Elizabeth?! You do it today! Before it's
too late!

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