DISEASE2 4'?m2f Salvation, the cure for a fatal disease

LIZ -- (enters wearing business suit, carrying briefcase)

AMY -- (follows wearing white lab coat, carrying clipboard) Ms

LIZ -- (stops, turns) Yes?

AMY -- I'm glad I caught you before you got to your office. I
need your signature on this. (offers clipboard and pen)

LIZ -- (takes clipboard) What's this? (reads) Oh, no. Mr
Troutman died last night!

AMY -- (offers pen) Yes, I need your signature on the death

LIZ -- Wait a minute.

AMY -- What's the matter?

LIZ -- You list the cause of death as "lack of cure"?!

AMY -- Yes. Here. (offers pen)

LIZ -- But you didn't even mention his illness.

AMY -- No. You know it's a shame. We tried everything we could
imagine to save him, but we just couldn't save him.

LIZ -- (offers clipboard) But you need to list the disease he
died from.

AMY -- I listed the cause of death. (points) See?

LIZ -- The lack of cure is NOT the cause of death. The cause of
death is the disease itself.

AMY -- That's not what you said at lunch yesterday.

LIZ -- You mean that discussion we had about Christianity?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I don't see how that discussion applies to a death

AMY -- Well, you said yesterday that if Jesus is the only way to
eternal life, God is responsible for the deaths of billions of

LIZ -- That's what I said. But... I still don't see the

AMY -- Well, according to your logic yesterday, people who are
lost for eternity are not lost because of their disease, but
because Jesus didn't cure them..

LIZ -- (looks repeatedly at clipboard) You can't be serious
about this.

AMY -- No. The real death certificate is underneath. (points)

LIZ -- (flips page) Oh. So, you were just making a point.

AMY -- I guess it's up to you, whether I made my point or not.

LIZ -- Up to me.

AMY -- We know what to put on Mr Troutman's death certificate.
(offers pen)

LIZ -- (takes pen, signs paper) Yes. He died of his disease.

AMY -- So what do we put on the death certificates of those who
die without Jesus? Are people going to eternal damnation because
of the disease or because Jesus didn't cure them?

LIZ -- What's the disease?

AMY -- The disease is sin. And Heaven is under quarantine. Noone
gets into Heaven with any symptoms of the disease. If any
patient has ever sinned even once, they can't get by the
quarantine. If you were the administrator in Heaven, what would
YOU write on the death certificates?

LIZ -- Well, I guess if you put it like that...

AMY -- I don't put it like that. GOD puts it like that. There
will be no disease in Heaven.

LIZ -- Well, how can ANYBODY get by the quarantine?

AMY -- There's only one cure for the disease.

LIZ -- So you said.

AMY -- So, what do we put on the death certificate? Do people go
to eternal spiritual death because of the disease or because
Jesus didn't heal them?

LIZ -- Listen, can you come to my office for a minute?. (offers
clipboard, exits)

AMY -- (takes clipboard) Sure. (follows) What do you need?

LIZ -- (exiting) I have this fatal disease and I need you help 
me find a cure.

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