DRIVERS  4'?m5f Busyness, rest, peace, "take my yoke upon you"

AMY -- (enters dressed in business attire, looks at watch, looks
around, paces)

LIZ -- (enters opposite in business attire, with three sets of
reins -- leather straps or brown ribbon -- looped loosely around
her neck, crosses to Amy)

DRIVERS -- (three mule drivers dressed in jeans, vests and
cowboy hats follow holding reins, whips optional, urging Liz
onward loudly) Heeyah! Get up! On girl! Hoop! Hoop! Onward! Move
along there! Gee! Hah! Get moving! (whistle, crack whips, shake

LIZ -- Sorry I'm late. (shakes hands with Amy) I hope we didn't
lose our lunch reservation.

AMY -- (distracted by the drivers) Huh?

LIZ -- I said I hope we didn't lose our lunch reservation.
(points offstage) The restaurant.

AMY -- Oh. No. I just checked. There's no waiting list yet. Who
are those people?

LIZ -- Oh, they're my drivers.

AMY -- Your... drivers...

LIZ -- Oh, how rude of me. Let me introduce you...

AMY -- You have three people... driving you?

LIZ -- Yes, of course. This is my business driver... (points)

DRIVERS -- (remove hats one at a time, give individual overly
enthusiastic acknowledgements)


LIZ -- ... my family driver... (points)


LIZ -- ... and my church driver... (points)

DRIVER -- Praise the Lord!

AMY -- You have a CHURCH driver?

LIZ -- Of course. I'm a Christian. (turns away from drivers,
puts hand beside mouth) Actually, my church driver is the most
demanding. He thinks, because I'm a Christian, I can't refuse
his demands. Actually, he's the reason I'm late. When I'm at
work, he's constantly tugging at me to do computer work for the
church. When I'm with my family he's tugging at me to use the
phone for church business.

DRIVER -- Get along now! (shakes reins) Heeyeah!

LIZ -- See what I mean? They're always after me to use every
spare minute for just one more little errand. It's exhausting!

DRIVERS -- (shake reins)

Come on now! Get moving! No wasting time!

LIZ -- I don't even have time for a daily quiet time to read the
Bible or pray!

AMY -- Well, I suggest that the next time you're near your
Bible, you read just two verses.

LIZ -- Which two?

AMY -- Matthew 11:29-30 "Take my yoke upon you and learn from

LIZ -- You've got to me kidding! The last thing I need is
another driver!

AMY -- Oh. You think Jesus is just another driver?

LIZ -- Well, isn't he? Isn't a yoke just another leather strap
around my neck?

AMY -- Oh, no. Not at all. A yoke is a way for you to share your
load with Jesus. Jesus said, "Take my yoke upon you and learn
from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find
rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is

LIZ -- Oh. Well, what if I take his yoke upon me? What happens
to these? (grabs reins on one side of neck)

AMY -- They get taken off your neck and get connected to the
yoke. And since Jesus is also connected to the yoke, it's Jesus
who decides whether or not to yield to the drivers.

LIZ -- "Rest for your souls", huh?

AMY -- That's what he promised.

LIZ -- I could do that. I could do that!

DRIVERS -- (shakes reins, click tongues)

LIZ -- I think this is their way of telling me it's time for

DRIVERS -- (shout) Heeyah! Get up! On girl! Hoop! Hoop! Onward!
Move along there! Gee! Hah! Get moving! (whistle, crack whips,
shake reins)

AMY -- (follows) I think we're going to need a larger table.

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