EMOTIONS 5'?m2f Salvation, emotions, faith, cults

LIZ -- (enters, crosses to C, looks at watch, paces repeatedly)

AMY -- (enters opposite, excitedly) I'm sorry I'm late.

LIZ -- You know, we only have an hour for lunch.

AMY -- I know. I'm sorry. You're not going to believe why I'm

LIZ -- Why are you late?

AMY -- I spent the morning with Mr Wonderful!

LIZ -- Mr Wonderful.

AMY -- You know, the man I'm going to marry!

LIZ -- You're not dating anyone. Who....

AMY -- ...I just met him this morning on the way in. We spent
the entire morning talking soul to soul.

LIZ -- Soul to soul.

AMY -- You know me. I'm not normally the emotional type.

LIZ -- No, as a matter of fact....

AMY -- ...But when two souls resonate the way our two souls
resonate, you can't help it.

LIZ -- Help what?

AMY -- He asked me to marry him.

LIZ -- You're kidding.

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- He asked you to marry him after knowing you for only a
few hours?!

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Please don't tell me you said yes.

AMY -- I did.

LIZ -- You did?!

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I can't believe it! You NEVER do things like that! You
NEVER make such important decisions without gathering enough
information to write a doctoral thesis.

AMY -- Well, I did it this time. Aren't you proud of me?!

LIZ -- Listen, Amy, I don't want to throw a wet blanket on your
fire, but....

AMY -- Oh, please don't tell me you disapprove!

LIZ -- I disapprove.

AMY -- But why?! I feel so right about this.

LIZ -- Amy, this is one of the most important decisions you'll
ever make. The decision you make about marriage will reverberate
through your whole life. All you really know about this guy is
what your emotions tell you and that's just your first
impression of him.

AMY -- So, let me get this right. You don't think important life
changing decisions should be made on the basis of first
impressions or emotional reactions?

LIZ -- No! Emotional reactions and first impressions tell you
almost nothing about the guy! He's on his best behavior. He only
tells you what you want to hear. He'll never be brutally honest
about his short-comings on your first encounter.

AMY -- Well, maybe he doesn't have any short-comings.

LIZ -- Believe me, nobody is perfect. There's always a down side 
to every important decision.

AMY -- I'm sure I could get used to his quirks. How bad could
they be?

LIZ -- Well, frankly, this charming Mr Wonderful could turn out
to be a smooth talking serial killer!

AMY -- But, I love him! I know in my heart that he's a beautiful
human being! I am committed to making this marriage work!

LIZ -- Without knowing anything about him, you're commitment is
completely emotional. What happens after the emotional high

AMY -- So, you think I need to know him better?

LIZ - Absolutely. Do some research. Ask around. Talk to people
who know him, his friends AND his enemies.

AMY -- Oh. So, let me get this right. You don't think important
life changing decisions should be made on the basis of first
impressions or emotional reactions?

LIZ -- (pauses) Oh, wait a minute.

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- You never spent the morning with Mr Wonderful.

AMY -- I didn't?

LIZ -- No. You made it all up.

AMY -- Why would I do a thing like that?

LIZ -- You're just mimicking my reaction to my new church.

AMY -- I am?

LIZ -- Yes. You think my commitment to this new church is just
like committing to marrying a complete stranger.

AMY -- Well, is it?

LIZ -- (pauses) Well, in a way... I suppose it could be.

AMY -- How much research have YOU done?

LIZ -- Well, that's just it. They told me that if I relied on
evidence and reason to make my decision, I didn't have REAL

AMY -- So, do you think I had REAL faith in Mr Wonderful?

LIZ -- Boy! This is just like Mr Wonderful, isn't it? But there
is no way you could have real faith in someone you hardly know.

AMY -- So, you think you ought to do some more research?

LIZ -- I should at least get to know them better. I mean,
there's even more than just a lifetime marriage involved here.
This is eternity here! But... it felt so right. I had this
burning in my bosom.

AMY -- That's just a feeling. Do you think you can trust your
feelings when it comes to life-long commitments?

LIZ -- Now I'm not so sure.

AMY -- Even if their claims are correct, building your church 
membership on your emotional reaction is just like marrying a 
guy based on an emotional reaction. What will happen to your 
commitment to the church after your emotional reaction fades?

LIZ -- I suppose the same thing that happened last time: when my
emotions faded, so did my commitment to the church.

AMY -- I suppose that's why the divorce rate is so high too.

LIZ -- You know, I never liked your cold, calculating approach
to making decisions. But without something more than emotions, I
could be making the worst decision of my life.

AMY -- Let's talk about it over lunch. (exits)

LIZ -- (follows) Boy, you really had me going there.

AMY -- Oh, did I?

LIZ -- Don't ever do that to me again! You almost gave me a
heart attack!

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