FUTURE2  8'?m2f Why doesn't God reveal the future in advance?

LIZ -- (enters sleepwalking, wearing bathrobe, pajamas and
slippers crosses slowly)

AMY -- (follows quickly carrying large book, speaks into Liz's
ear, then crosses to podium) Good morning.

LIZ -- (stops, faces audience, eyes wide) Huh? (looks around
amazed) Where am I? Oh, oh. We're not an Kansas anymore, Toto!

AMY -- (paging through) You're quite right. You're not in
Kansas, anymore. But my name is not Toto.

LIZ -- Who are you?! Where am I?!

AMY -- Which question would you like me to answer first?

LIZ -- (still in awe) Where am I?

AMY -- You're in Heaven.

LIZ -- Then, that must mean... I'm dead.

AMY -- No. If you were dead, you would have come through the 
pearly gates. But you came in through the visitors' entrance.

LIZ -- (looks back to exit) The visitors' entrance. Does that 
mean I can go back?

AMY -- As soon as you wake up.

LIZ -- So, I'm dreaming all of this?

AMY -- It's not really a dream. You may want to call it a 

LIZ -- A vision.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I'm having a vision. Just like a prophet.

AMY -- Not LIKE a prophet. You ARE a prophet.

LIZ -- Oh, I think you've picked the wrong person to be a
prophet. See, I'm not very good at remembering things. If you
expect me to go back home and tell everybody what I've seen,
you'll probably be disappointed.

AMY -- You'll do fine. The Lord always equips and empowers
the people he chooses to do his work.

LIZ -- This is a little overwhelming. I... I've never done 
anything like this before.

AMY -- (turning pages) Few people have. Would you like the 
answer to your other question?

LIZ -- What other question? 

AMY -- You asked where you are and who I am.

LIZ -- Oh, yes. See what I mean? I'm terrible at remembering 

AMY -- You'll do fine. The Holy Spirit will empower you to 
remember all that you need to remember.

LIZ -- So, who are you?

AMY -- I'm the gate keeper. 

LIZ -- Of the pearly gates?

AMY -- Yes. That's how I knew you didn't come in that way.

LIZ -- So, what's that book you're reading?

AMY -- It's the Book of Life.

LIZ -- Oh, wow! The Book of Life. I was just talking to my 
roommate about the Book of Life last night.

AMY -- I know.

LIZ -- How did you know that?

AMY -- It's in the Book of Life. Everything about you is in the 
book of life, past, present and future. (points to book)

LIZ -- Oh, wow! We were just talking about that last night. I 
was asking my roommate....

AMY -- What's the matter?

LIZ -- Say, you look just like my roommate. You could be her 

AMY -- Oh, we angels don't have physical bodies of our own. I 
only took on this physical appearance so you'd feel at home.

LIZ -- Oh, I see.

AMY -- You were saying....

LIZ -- Wow! That's amazing! You look exactly like her! Oh. I was 
saying... I can't even remember what I was saying. I think you 
may have picked the wrong prophet.

AMY -- You'll remember everything the Lord wants you to remember 
when the time comes. You were talking about the future.

LIZ -- Oh, yes. I remember now. I was complaining to my roommate 
that the Lord never reveals the future in advance. I never know 
what He's got in store for me. But....

AMY -- But, what?

LIZ -- You say my future is in the Book of Life, there? (points)

AMY -- Yes. Before you were born, everything you will ever do
was written in this book.

LIZ -- (approaches trying to read) So, my future is in there 
too. (reaches)

AMY -- (slams book closed)

LIZ -- What did you do that for?

AMY -- That's the lesson you're supposed to learn from your 

LIZ -- What lesson?

AMY -- The Lord doesn't want you to know the future in advance.

LIZ -- Why not?

AMY -- (opening book, paging) The Lord designed you to be
dependent upon him for everything, including your future. If you
know the future in advance, you'll be less dependent on him.

LIZ -- Yeah, but it doesn't seem fair....

AMY -- (reads) Oh, oh. (reads wrist watch)

LIZ -- What's the matter?

AMY -- The Book of Life says that someone just died. He'll be
coming through the pearly gates in just a moment. I need to go
welcome him. (closes book, exits) Excuse me. I'll be right back.

LIZ -- (sly smile, looks both ways, opens book, pages) Here's my 
name. (looks both ways) Now, let me page to the future. (pages, 
gasps) I'm going to do all that?! Wow! There's no way I can do 
that by myself! I think the Lord picked the wrong person.... 
(closes book) Oh, here she comes. (steps back, casual)

AMY -- (reenters) Well! Another Christian reaps his eternal 
rewards! I love this job! So, where were we? Oh, yes, you were 
snooping in the Book of Life.

LIZ -- How did you know that?

AMY -- (opens book, pages) It was....

BOTH -- ...written in the Book of Life.

LIZ -- Hey, listen, I'm sorry. I....

AMY -- (holds up hand) It's alright. I knew that you were going 
to snoop before I left the room.

LIZ -- But you left me alone with the book anyway?

AMY -- That's why you're here.

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- You wanted to know why the Lord doesn't reveal the future 
to you in advance. The first reason is that he wants to keep you 
dependent on him. The second reason is that you're not prepared
for the future until it gets here.

LIZ -- There's no way I can do all that stuff in there...(points)

AMY -- ....See what I mean? If you know the future without
knowing the Lord's plans to prepare you for the future, you'll
freak out. (closes book, backs to exit) You go home now and tell
everybody that the Lord reveals the future only as a person can
handle it.

LIZ -- (turns to opposite exit, sleepwalks)

AMY -- (reenters without book) Liz? Elizabeth? Are you alright?

LIZ -- (wakes up) Huh? (looks around) Oh, I'm back. Amy! You are
not going to believe what just happened to me!

AMY -- You were walking in your sleep.

LIZ -- No. I just came back from Heaven.

AMY -- Great dream, heh? I'm just glad you didn't hurt yourself.

LIZ -- No, really! Do you remember that conversation we had last
night about the future?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- The Lord took me up to Heaven in a vision and explained
to me why he doesn't reveal the future to us in advance.

AMY -- A vision? Are you sure?

LIZ -- Yes. I'm quite sure. In the vision, this angel told me
that there are two big reasons why the Lord doesn't reveal the
future in advance.

AMY -- Two reasons.

LIZ -- Yes. The first reason is that if we knew the future, we'd
stop praying to God about the future. And God wants us to keep
praying. He wants us to be dependent upon him for our future.

AMY -- Oh. I see. You know you could be right. This could be a
real vision.

LIZ -- That's what I said. The second reason is that the future
is too big for us.

AMY -- Too big?

LIZ -- Yes. If the Lord revealed the future in advance we would
freak out.

AMY -- Freak out?

LIZ -- That's what she said.

AMY -- Who said?

LIZ -- The angel. She said, that the Lord only reveals as much
of the future as he's prepared us to cope with.

AMY -- Oh, hey, that makes a lot of sense! You know, I think you
really had a vision!

LIZ -- Yes. At first, I told the angel that she chose the wrong
person to give a vision to because I have such a bad memory. But
she said I would remember everything that the Lord wants me to

AMY -- Well, she was right. Good job!

LIZ -- Thanks. Hey! You know what else I did in Heaven?

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- I sneaked a peak at the Book of Life.

AMY -- The Book of Life?! Really?

LIZ -- Yes. Everything about me, my past, my present and my 
future are in the Book of Life.

AMY -- I know.

LIZ -- How did you know?

AMY -- I read about it in Psalm 139.

LIZ -- Oh. Well, anyway, (gloats) I saw my future!

AMY -- You did?! Wow! What did it say?!

LIZ -- (blank, long pause) I don't remember.

AMY -- Now I KNOW you had a vision from Heaven.

LIZ -- How do you know that?

AMY -- Because the Lord only reveals as much of the future as 
you can handle. (exits)

LIZ -- (follows) Oh, yeah. He does, doesn't he?

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