GIFTS    5'3m?f Spiritual gifts: ministry recruitment

(based on a play by Kate Rothacker)

(scene: bare stage except for an end-table or podium with 
dilapidated Bible and 3 stacked, gift-wrapped books)

(door knock or door bell)

DAVE -- (enters, towel over shoulder, tooth brush in mouth, 
mumbles) Cuvvig.

(door knock or door bell repeats)

DAVE -- (pulls tooth brush from mouth, shouts across stage) Come 
in.... It's open. 

TOM -- (enters) Hi, Dave.

DAVE -- Hi, Tom. I'll be ready in a second. (exits)

TOM -- (crosses to table, shouts) Hey, Dave, who's having a 

DAVE -- (enters, without towel or tooth brush, putting on jacket, 
crosses to Tom) Party? Nobody's not having a party. Why?

TOM -- (points) The gifts. 

DAVE -- Oh, those. I just pulled those out of the closet.

TOM -- Who are they for?

DAVE -- They're mine. I got them for my birthday.

TOM -- Wait a minute. You're birthday was weeks ago. Haven't 
you opened your gifts yet?

DAVE -- Uh, no. (points at the Bible, moves toward door) Grab my 
Bible, would you?

TOM -- (picks up Bible) You're not still using THIS Bible, are 

DAVE -- Sure. Why not?

TOM -- Pastor Bill told me that he gave you a brand new Bible for 
your Birthday.

DAVE -- He did? Oh, I'll open it later. Come on, let's go. 

TOM -- Open it? You mean, your brand new Bible is one of these 
unopened gifts? (points)

DAVE -- Probably. Come on. We've got midweek Bible study. 

TOM -- Am I missing something here?

DAVE -- What do you mean?

TOM -- I mean, why haven't you opened your gifts?

DAVE -- Oh, that.

TOM -- Yeah, that.

DAVE -- Well, a few years ago, I got a shirt for my birthday 
from my mom. And a year later, she commented that the collar was 
frayed. And so, I decided that once you open a gift, it's not 
new anymore. Besides, it's kind of exciting having something 
unknown lurking under the wrappings.

TOM -- (holds up Bible) So, you're putting up with a Bible that 
needs a rubber band around it in order to keep the pages from 
falling out, when you could be using a brand new Bible.

DAVE -- Well, I didn't know it was a Bible.

TOM -- It's not just a Bible, Dave. It's a Thompson's Chain 
Reference Bible. 

DAVE -- So?

TOM -- So, Pastor Bill was hoping that you'd use it to lead a 
small group Bible study on Sunday mornings.

DAVE -- Oh, yes. He asked me if I would lead one. 

TOM -- And...?

DAVE -- And I told him I'd think about it. Speaking of Bible 
study. (points to door) We have midweek Bible study. 

TOM -- Wait a minute. How did you thank him?

DAVE -- Thank him. Thank whom?

TOM -- How did you thank Pastor Bill for your new Bible?

DAVE -- "Dear Pastor, thanks for the gift. Yours truly, 
Dave Robinson."

TOM -- Thanks for the gift?

DAVE -- Well, if I had known it was a Bible I would have said...

BOTH -- ...thanks for the Bible.

DAVE -- Right. But, that would mean I'd have to open it.

TOM -- Thanks for the gift.

DAVE -- Well, how was I to know it was a Bible?

TOM -- By opening it, numnut. (puts down Bible, picks up and 
shakes all gifts) Which one was from Pastor Bill?

DAVE -- I don't know. It's been so long. I can't remember.

TOM -- (hefts one gift) This one. (slams it into Dave's gut) 
Here. You can open this on the way to Bible study. (grabs Dave's 
ear, drags him to the door) Then, you can properly thank Pastor 
Bill for your new Thompson's Chain Reference Bible.

DAVE -- (tip toes to door) Aaah, oooo, aaah. Alright, alright, 
I'll open it. I'll open it. Aaaah. 

(both exit, Dave reenters, backward, jacket and new Bible in 
hand, waving, shouts) 

Good night, Tom. Thanks for the ride. (turns, cross to table, 
drops Bible)

(door knock or door bell)

(turns) Come in. It's open.

MIKE -- (dressed in white robes, enters) Hi, Dave.

DAVE -- Did you forget someth.... You're not Tom. Who are you?

MIKE -- (crosses to Dave) I'm an angel. 

DAVE -- (stands, mouth open)

MIKE -- My name is Michael. I'm sure you've heard of me.

DAVE -- (stands, mouth open)

MIKE -- (waves hand in front of Dave's face) Hello. Is anyone 
in there?

DAVE -- (stands, mouth open) You're a angel.

MIKE -- Yes. I came to talk to you about those. (points to 
remaining gifts)

DAVE -- (stands, mouth open) These gifts?

MIKE -- Yes. Those are the gifts God gave you.

DAVE -- They are?

MIKE -- Yes, but how would you know? You haven't opened them 

DAVE -- No, I ah...

MIKE -- Dave, did you tell your pastor that you would teach a 
small group Bible study on Sunday mornings?

DAVE -- Ah, no... I, ah, I wasn't sure I would be good at it. 

MIKE -- God gave you the gift of teaching, Dave. (hands him the 
top gift) But, how would you know that you're any good at it, 
unless you try it? Open the gift.

DAVE -- Oh, yeah, I guess you're right. So, I guess I'll talk to 
Pastor Bill about it sometime. Is that other gift from God too? 

MIKE -- Yes. Some people have only one gift, Dave. (hands him 
the second gift) But God gave you two.

DAVE -- What is my second gift? (shakes gift near ear)

MIKE -- Talk to your pastor about it, Dave. He'll point you in 
the right direction.

DAVE -- Yeah, I'll do that. I'll do that, real soon.

MIKE -- Now, Dave. (points at Dave's ear, makes tiny circular 
motions with his finger, back toward`door) Open your gifts NOW.

DAVE -- (tip toes to door, as if dragged by his ear, crosses in 
front of Mike) Aaaah, Oooo. Aaaah. Now is good. Now would be 
fine. Aaaaah. (exits)

MIKE -- Now would be a good time. (exits)

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