GOSSIP3  5'?m2f Discipleship, gossip, rewards in Heaven

(scene: a park bench or four chairs side-by-side facing

AMY -- (enters carrying a dandelion-gone-to-seed, sits)

LIZ -- (follows a few seconds later) Well, I'll be...

AMY -- Something wrong?

LIZ -- Your message said to meet you in the park. And here you

AMY -- You seem surprised at that.

LIZ -- I am. I thought I misunderstood. You said you wanted to
talk to me about discipleship.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Why the park? (motions broadly to the surroundings)

AMY -- Because that's where the dandelions are. (offers

LIZ -- Maybe we should start over. (sits) You left a message for 
me saying that you wanted to see me.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You wanted to talk to me about discipleship.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- In Lakeside park.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- And dandelions fit into this scenario.... how?

AMY -- Well, I'm hoping that this dandelion can teach you how to
earn more rewards in Heaven.

LIZ -- You've got to be kidding!

AMY -- No. (offers dandelion) Here. Blow.

LIZ -- (reaches, withdraws)

AMY -- Go ahead. Blow. You'll learn a lot.

LIZ -- (taking dandelion) I'm waiting for the candid camera guy
to pop out of the bushes and...

AMY -- Just blow.

LIZ -- (blows half heartedly)

AMY -- Harder. Blow all the seeds off.

LIZ -- (blows, pauses) Well, that's all of them. What now?

AMY -- How was that? Did you expend a lot of effort?

LIZ -- No. It was just one breath.

AMY -- One breath.

LIZ -- Well, two actually, counting the first little puff.

AMY -- How much effort do you think it would be to go get all of
the seeds and glue them back onto the dandelion?

LIZ -- You've got to be kidding! You don't expect me to....

AMY -- I just asked the question.

LIZ -- Oh. Well, actually, I think it would be almost impossible
to collect all of the seeds and glue them back on.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- Because they drifted away. I probably wouldn't even be
able to find them all.

AMY -- So, it only took one breath to unleash them, but it would
me almost impossible to retrieve them.

LIZ -- What does this have to do with... with rewards in Heaven?

AMY -- If the Lord sees that you're untrustworthy with little
things on earth, how will he trust you with the big things in

LIZ -- What little things?

AMY -- We're talking about gossip.

LIZ -- Gossip?!

AMY -- It only takes one breath to unleash, but it's impossible
to retrieve.

LIZ -- I don't gossip!

AMY -- You don't?

LIZ -- Well, not very much.

AMY -- (tilts head, pauses)

LIZ -- Alright, maybe I gossip more than not very much. How is
that going to cost me rewards in Heaven?

AMY -- Whenever you scatter to the wind ANYthing that was told
to you in confidence, you have shown yourself unworthy of trust.
Why would the Lord trust you with the big things of Heaven if
you can't be trusted with little secrets here on Earth?

LIZ -- Oh. I never thought of that before.

AMY -- Do you know WHY you feel compelled to broadcast the seeds
of gossip to the wind?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- I'll give you a hint. When you broadcast a confidential
secret that makes someone else seem more vulnerable, it makes
YOU feel LESS vulnerable, more powerful.

LIZ -- I suppose it does.

AMY -- The question is, WHY do you feel so vulnerable that you
feel you have to compensate?

LIZ -- I... I don't know.

AMY -- You have forgotten WHOSE you are.

LIZ -- WHOSE I am?

AMY -- You belong to Jesus. He died for your sins. When was the
last time you unloaded your sins on Him?

LIZ -- It's been a long time.

AMY -- When was the last time you ask the Holy Spirit to work
his power in your life?

LIZ -- It's been a long time. No wonder I think I have to
compensate with gossip! I'm not spending enough time with the
Lord! (sighs) I'm sorry. I didn't know. I wasn't thinking about
any of this.

AMY -- Well, then, (stands) my work here is through.

LIZ -- (stands) Just one more thing.

AMY -- What's that?

LIZ -- I know from personal experience that gossip is
habit-forming. How do I break the habit?

AMY -- You need to call all your gossiping friends and tell them
what you learned from the dandelion. You need to tell them not
to call.

LIZ -- That's a lot of people!

AMY -- I thought you said you didn't gossip that much.

LIZ -- The more I think about it, the more I see it. Alright.
I'll do it. I'll call them. But....

AMY -- But what?

LIZ -- Listen, I know what I'm like. If I do this, I'll need
some help. You know, some accountability, some moral support.

AMY -- Yes. I can do that. If it's important enough to bring to
your attention, it's important enough for me to support you.
(exiting) How about if I call you once a week to check up on

LIZ -- (exiting) You can call. But don't expect any gossip from

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