HUMBLE   4'?m1f Monologue: humility, balance, rest, recreation

I'm kind of a homebody. I don't get around much. So, when I do
go somewhere, it's usually an adventure for me. My last airplane
flight was particularly memorable, not because of where I went
but what I learned while my airplane was still on the ground.

This particular flight was a business flight. Lot's of 
professional travelers who have been there, done that. I was 
probably the only person on board who paid any attention to the 
safety demonstration of the flight attendant. When she pointed 
out the emergency exits, I found out I had a choice of exits 
over the wings. I made a mental note that in case of emergency I 
would go for the exit across the aisle from me. I chose that 
exit because of who was sitting next to it. He was a beefy 
looking guy. I chose him over a guy sitting next to the exit on 
my side of the plane because the guy on my side had a pot belly 
and looked out of shape. I figured that the beefy guy would get 
his door open faster in an emergency.

But what drew my rapt attention was the oxygen mask
demonstration. (mimics) "In the unlikely event of a sudden loss 
of cabin pressure, individual oxygen masks will be lowered from 
the compartment overhead."

The procedure for putting the mask on and placing the elastic
strap over the head seemed to be relatively straight forward. 
(turns to side mimics putting on oxygen mask and elastic strap) 
I was confident that, in case of an emergency I was pretty sure 
that I would be able to breathe alright. But, then, the flight 
attendant said something that changed my life. She said, "Adults 
with small children should put their own masks on first and then 
repeat the process for the child."

That struck me as odd. So, I turned to this business traveler 
sitting next to me who was busy preparing a sales presentation. 
I asked him, "Why is that?!"

(mimics) "Excuse me?"

The guy didn't even slow down his writing. He obviously hadn't
heard a thing the flight attendant had said. So I repeated my
question with a little more detail. I asked him, "Why is it that
adults with small children should put their own masks on first?
Doesn't it make more sense to put the mask on the little kid

Nothing. He just kept writing. Now, mind you, I wasn't traveling
with children. I don't have any children. The chances are very
good that I will never travel with children. The answer to the
question probably would never even affect me. And this frequent
flyer next to me probably thought I was wasting his time and
mine asking a question that made no difference to anyone.

But I was intrigued. Why would a mother let her little kid go
without oxygen? That just doesn't make any sense. I had to know.
I was about to repeat the question, when he finished the
paragraph he was writing and said, (mimics) "If the adult
doesn't take care of himself first, he might pass out and then
neither one of them would get any oxygen."

(pause) "Oh. Yeah. I never thought of that."

(mimics) "Obviously." He said, and resumed writing. We never
exchanged another word on that flight. But his answer stuck with

(mimics) "If the adult doesn't take care of himself first, he
might pass out and then neither one of them would get any

You know, he's not just talking about emergency oxygen. He's
talking about true Christian humility. I've always thought that
the Christian should have this selfless devotion to duty. I
still do. But... if I say "yes" unquestioningly to every
opportunity for ministry without any moderation, I run the risk 
of running out of oxygen. When that happens, neither I nor the 
people I'm serving will get any oxygen.

If I don't take time out every day for Bible reading and prayer
because I'm "too busy", or if I don't take time regularly for 
rest and relaxation, I won't be as useful to people I serve. I 
will be depriving us BOTH of oxygen.

(exiting) I think that's pretty good advice from a frequent

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