IMPACT   5'?m2f Resolutions, discipleship, ministry

(scene: optional bus stop sign)

AMY -- (enters writing in small notebook, crosses to DC, bends
toward audience, looks both ways, resumes writing)

LIZ -- (enters paging through book, crosses to DC) Don't you
usually catch an earlier bus?

AMY -- (writing) They're running late for some reason. (looks to
Liz) What are you reading?

LIZ -- The Guiness Book of World Records.

AMY -- Why on earth would you read a book like that? (resumes

LIZ -- (paging) I want to make an impact on the world. I can't
decide whether I want to go for danger or endurance.

AMY -- What does that mean?

LIZ -- I've decided to try to set a new world record. But I
can't decide whether to go for an endurance record or a record
that requires me to face danger. (reads) Oh, here's one that
requires both: the world record for being fully enclosed in a
solid block of ice.

AMY -- Sounds like a recipe for pneumonia.

LIZ -- Yeah, you're right. (pages, reads) How about this one?
The world's highest bunji jump.

AMY -- I saw that one on TV. They did it from a helicopter.

LIZ -- Oh. That could get expensive. I couldn't afford to rent a
helicopter. (pages) Maybe something in the endurance category.
Let's see. How about the most rides on a roller coaster?. I
heard that theme parks will let you try it for free just to get

AMY -- (writing, distracted) Uh, huh.

LIZ -- (paging) What are you writing?

AMY -- I'm updating my obituary.

LIZ -- Your obituary?!

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Are you sick?! You don't look sick.

AMY -- No. I'm in good health.

LIZ -- You... You're not thinking about... Say, listen, if
you're thinking about throwing yourself under the wheels of the
bus, can you do it when I'm not around?

AMY -- Oh, I'm not going to kill myself. I'm not going to die,
at least, not that I know of.

LIZ -- Then, what's with the obituary?

AMY -- Oh, I update my obituary this time every year.

LIZ -- That is really morbid. Why would anyone update their own
obituary? Are you afraid they'll spell your name wrong in the

AMY -- No. I'm sorry. I'm not being very clear. I'm not writing
this for publication. It's just for my own use.

LIZ -- What possible use could you have for an obituary?

AMY -- Well, I want to make an impact in life.

LIZ -- Isn't that a coincidence?! Me to! But that still doesn't
tell me why you're writing your own obituary.

AMY -- Well, when I get to Heaven, I want the Lord to say to me,
"Well done, good and faithful servant." So, this time every
year, I write down ways I can make an impact for the Lord during
the coming year.

LIZ -- That's not an obituary! That's a New Year's resolution!

AMY -- Well, I suppose so. But I'm writing it as if someone was
reading it at my funeral, because what they say at my funeral is
what they'll say when I get to Heaven.

LIZ -- You lost me.

AMY -- Well, for instance, my obituary will never mention a New
Year's resolution that I lost fifteen pounds, or that I read 12
books during the year, or even that I took a night school class.

LIZ -- But your obituary might mention a new world record.

AMY -- Can you remember the name of the first person to go over
Niagra Falls in a barrel?

LIZ -- Well, no. But I think it was a woman.

AMY -- That world record was set less than a century ago. But
did it have any REAL impact to anyone, except the person who did

LIZ -- Oh. I see what you mean. You're looking for something
that will impact more than just yourself.

AMY -- Yes, and I want the impact of what I do to last beyond my

LIZ -- (pages) Well, I guess that leaves out bunji jumping and 
ice block sitting.

AMY -- I guess.

LIZ -- (pages) I guess that leaves out the longest continual
kiss and the dance marathon. (pages) Man! None of these world
records really impacts other people!

AMY -- And what happens when someone breaks your record?

LIZ -- I guess I'll be as well remembered as the first person to
go over Niagra Falls in a barrel. But, the kind of stuff that
will show up on your obituary is SO MUCH WORK! I don't want so
much WORK!

AMY -- I guess you're right. Having a real, long lasting impact
almost always involves work.

LIZ -- (looks at watch) Speaking of work, I'm not going to get
to work if I keep waiting for this bus.

AMY -- (looks at watch) Oh. Yes. I guess I'll walk over to
eighth street and catch the ninety-one. (moves to exit)

LIZ -- (follows, reading) Do you think I'd make an impact with a
record-breaking parachute jump?

AMY -- (exits writing) If the parachute didn't open.

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