INNOCENT 5'?m3f Forgiveness, sin, honor parents, unequally yoked

(scene: judge's bench or podium)

JUDGE -- (enters wearing black robe, crosses to bench, pounds
gavel) This court is now in session. Case number (reads) 194571.
Are both parties ready to proceed?

PROSECUTOR -- (enters carrying file folder) The prosecution is
ready to proceed, Your Honor. (offers file folder to Judge)
Jehovah versus Elizabeth Johnson. One count: violation of the
fifth commandment.

JUDGE -- (paging through folder) How does the defendant plead?
(pause) How does the defendant plead? (looks around) Where is
defense counsel?

DEFENSE -- (enters running, carrying in briefcase) Sorry I'm
late, Your Honor. I couldn't find the courtroom. I'm new here.

PROSECUTOR -- Another new one.

JUDGE -- Are you representing Elizabeth Johnson in case number
(reads) 194571?

DEFENSE -- (pulls folder from briefcase, reads) 194571. Yes,
Your Honor. That's the one. I'd like to move for a continuance.

JUDGE -- Motion denied.

DEFENSE -- Don't you want to know why I need a continuance?

JUDGE -- Not particularly.

DEFENSE -- Well, I don't think I can represent the accused
sufficiently. I was just assigned the case five minutes ago. I
haven't had time to familiarize myself with the facts of the

PROSECUTOR -- (condescending) He's new here.

JUDGE -- Doesn't matter. Get on with it.

PROSECUTOR -- Yes, Your Honor. The accused, Elizabeth

DEFENSE -- ...Your Honor, I really must object.

JUDGE -- What for this time?

DEFENSE & PROSECUTOR -- The accused is not present in the

DEFENSE -- How did she know what I was going to say?

JUDGE -- They all say that. Poor slobs.

DEFENSE -- Well, it's true. We can't have a fair hearing without
the accused being present, can we?

JUDGE -- Sure we can. Please proceed.

PROSECUTOR -- The accused, Elizabeth Johnson, disrespected her
mother while in a disagreement over....

DEFENSE -- Your Honor, I really don't see how the accused can
receive a fair hearing under these conditions.

JUDGE -- Stop interrupting. It's all a formality.

DEFENSE -- A formality?! According to the law of Moses, the
penalty for disrespecting one's mother or father is DEATH!

JUDGE -- Why can't they train these new defense lawyers?

PROSECUTOR -- It's the turnover, Your Honor. As soon as they see
what a travesty this judicial system is, they get themselves
transferred to another department.

JUDGE -- Read on.

PROSECUTOR -- The accused, Elizabeth Johnson, disrespected her
mother while in a disagreement over her relationship with an

JUDGE -- (paging folder) I don't see any paperwork on the
alleged relationship.

PROSECUTOR -- It's the amendment on page nine. The charge was
amended to include being yoked with an unbeliever.

DEFENSE -- (pages folder) I didn't get the amended complaint.
Isn't that cause for a continuance?


JUDGE -- Read on.

PROSECUTOR -- The accused, Elizabeth Johnson, disrespected her
mother while in a disagreement over her relationship with an
unbeliever. Defendant is also charged with one count of being
unequally yoked with an unbeliever....

DEFENSE -- Your Honor, I really must object!

JUDGE -- So noted. How does the defendant plead?

DEFENSE -- Well, since the defendant is not here to consult
about the plea, I will have to enter a plea of not guilty on her

JUDGE -- Very well. A plea of not guilty will be entered on
behalf of the defendant, Elizabeth Johnson. Case dismissed.
(pounds gavel) This court is adjourned. (pounds gavel, exits) I
wonder what they're serving in the cafeteria.

PROSECUTOR -- (follows) I think today is meat loaf day.

DEFENSE -- Wait a minute!

PROSECUTOR -- (stops, turns) Yeah?

DEFENSE -- What just happened here?

PROSECUTOR -- Don't complain. Your client got of scott free.

DEFENSE -- Wait a minute.


DEFENSE -- I don't understand.

PROSECUTOR -- Good. As soon as you understand, you'll put in for
a transfer. (turns) It's best you don't know.

DEFENSE -- (follows) Know what?! The penalty for disrespecting
ones parents is DEATH. How did she get off? Was it something I
said? Am I that persuasive?

PROSECUTOR -- (turns) Not you. It's Jesus. He already paid the
penalty for the accused. She's a Christian. She gets off scott
free. (exits) Talk about a travesty of justice.

DEFENSE -- (examines folder, exiting) I wonder if Elizabeth
Johnson knows just how lucky she is.

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