JULYFOUR 4'1m1f An historical look at our Christian roots

GEO -- (enters crosses purposefully, as if looking for 

AMY -- (follows) General Washington, may I have a word....

GEO -- (turns) Oh, Miss Pringle, I was just looking for you.

AMY -- You were?

GEO -- Yes, I....

AMY -- General Washington, I...

GEO -- Miss Pringle, has our new national flag arrived from 
Betsy Ross yet?

AMY -- Yes. It has thirteen stars and thirteen stripes, one for 
each of the thirteen American colonies. It's ready to go up the 
flag pole during the ceremony, (points over shoulder) but, 
General Washington, I...

GEO -- And the banner,... Has the banner arrived yet?

AMY -- The banner...

GEO -- Yes, our new national motto was supposed to be printed on 
a piece of canvas and...

AMY -- General Washington, please, if I might have a moment. I 
need to ask you some important questions.

GEO -- Miss Pringle, in a few minutes we are going to declare 
the United States of America to be an independent nation. What 
could be more important than our national motto? It tells other 
nations who were are and it reminds us what's really important 
to us as a nation.

AMY -- Yes, well, that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you 
about. We're not really a nation yet. Aren't we being a little 

GEO -- Miss Pringle the decision to declare our Independence 
from England was not just a slap-dash spur-of-the-moment 
decision made by a couple of idealists. Literally dozens of the 
greatest minds in America have been solidifying our position for 

AMY -- Yes, but...

GEO -- Centuries ago, England adopted the principles of the 
Magna Carta, which spelled out the rights of its citizens. But 
taxing Americans without giving us a seat in Parliament is a 
violation of those rights. We can't allow it to go on.

AMY -- Yes, I know, but, the moment we declare our Independence 
from England, you know England will attack us. 

GEO -- Yes, of course.

AMY -- But, America does not have a standing army.

GEO -- No, but we do have many brave men who are willing to 

AMY -- Yes, but, General Washington, people are going to die if 
we go to war with England. Is it worth it?

GEO -- The apostle Paul said in his letter to the Galatians, "It 
is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm,..." To 
answer your question, Miss Pringle, YES, it is worth it. 
Hundreds of years from now, people will look back on us with 
gratitude that some of us gave our lives so that they could live 
in a land free of tyranny.

AMY -- Yes, but hardly anyone I've talked to says that we have a 
chance to win a war against the British.

GEO -- (smiles) That's why we chose as our national motto. 

AMY -- I don't see how a national motto can do anything to 
protect us.

GEO -- No, but the confidence behind the motto will protect. Our 
national motto is IN GOD WE TRUST.

AMY -- Yes, well, that was another thing I wanted to talk to you 
about, General. Aren't you afraid of offending someone by 
mentioning God in our national motto?

GEO -- Miss Pringle, if history and the Bible have taught us 
anything, they have taught us that when the people of a nation 
put their trust in God, HE protects them from their enemies. And 
when they turn their backs on God, He turns his back on them.

AMY -- Yes, but not everyone in America is a Christian.

GEO -- Miss Pringle, in the entire Continental Congress, only 
Ben Franklin and maybe one or two others are not Christians, but 
even THEY believe in God. The United States of America is a 
Christian nation. Our structure and our laws will be based on 
the Bible. We will have the ten commandments in our courts and 
in our schools. Our future depends on how much we trust God. 
Mark my words, the moment we as a nation stop saying IN GOD 
WE TRUST, our nation will decline and eventually die.

AMY -- I wish I could be as trusting as you.

GEO -- Believe me, it isn't blind faith that leads us to trust 
in God. We have Biblical examples, like Gideon, who, with just a 
handful of men, conquered over a quarter of a million enemy 
soldiers. The Bible is full of evidence that we can trust God. 
Now... about the banner with our national motto....

AMY -- I already had it hung as a backdrop for your speech, 
General, but....

GEO -- (returning to exit) Well, then, let's get the ceremony 
under way.

AMY -- (following) Are you SURE we're not going to offend 

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