JUNKFOOD 4'?m2f Christian literature can't replace the Bible

AMY -- (enters wearing white lab coat, stethoscope around neck)

LIZ -- (follows) Sis? Amy? Is that you?

AMY -- (stops, turns) Sis! Katy will be so glad you could make 
it. How are you? (hugs)

LIZ -- I'm fine. How is she?

AMY -- (points over shoulder) I was just going in to check up on
her. She's lucky to be alive.

LIZ -- Oh, they told me that she survived the plane crash
without any injuries.

AMY -- She did. But she almost died of malnutrition.

LIZ -- Malnutrition?! They told me she had plenty to eat.

AMY -- Well, she did and she didn't.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- The island she was rescued from has an abundance of a
plant that produces edible spores. But the spores have almost no
food value, no carbohydrates, no proteins, no fats, and almost
no vitamins. Unfortunately, the spores were all she ate for six

LIZ -- She didn't eat anything but those spores?

AMY -- She didn't think she needed to. The spores expanded in
her stomach to make her FEEL satisfied, but the more she ate the 
weaker she got. She was almost unconscious when the rescuers 
brought her in. She thought she had acquired some exotic 
disease. But her blood tests showed it to be severe 

LIZ -- Oh, wow! How is she now?

AMY -- Oh, she's fine now. As soon as we gave her some vitamin
injections and fed her some calories, she perked right up. But
the ironic thing about it was that there was also an abundance
of berries on the island that are packed with vitamins and

LIZ -- Well, why didn't she eat those?

AMY -- She said she tried them when she first got to the island.
But they have a sour taste. So, she stopped eating them. She
thought that as long as she was eating her fill of the spores,
she would survive.

LIZ -- She was almost dead wrong, huh?

AMY -- Yes. It reminds me of your quiet time.

LIZ -- What about my quiet time?! I have a quiet time every day!

AMY -- Do you still read those books and pamphlets during your
quiet time instead of the Bible?

LIZ -- Well, sure. But they're written by best selling authors.
How can you compare them to eating plant spores?

AMY -- Because they're heart warming and filling, just like the
spores. But they have no food value for your spirit.

LIZ -- How can you say that? Those books and pamphlets have true
stories about real life situations. And the lessons talk about
God and the Bible.

AMY -- True stories and talk about God may be filling and even
heart warming. But they are not what God intended for you to eat
as a steady diet.

LIZ -- I know where you're going with this. You think I should
be reading my Bible during my quiet times.

AMY -- Exactly.

LIZ -- Well, I tried that. And it was boring.

AMY -- Katy tried the nutritious berries and found them to taste
a little sour.

LIZ -- Oh. I see what you're saying.

AMY -- What am I saying?

LIZ -- Books and pamphlets are filling, but they're not as
nutritious as the Bible.

AMY -- There's a reason why the apostles called it the "Word of

LIZ -- But how could those testimonies be bad for you? Some of
them make you cry.

AMY -- I'm not saying they're bad for you. Those plant spores
were not BAD for Katy. But if that's all you consume, you're
missing some real spiritual nutrition that can only come from
reading the Bible.

LIZ -- Alright. You've convinced me. I'll start reading my Bible
again during my quiet time.

AMY -- Good for you. (points) Let's go see Katy. (moves toward

LIZ -- (follows) I hate to admit it, but you were right about
some of those books.

AMY -- What do you mean?

LIZ -- The last time we spoke, you called some of them NEW AGE.

AMY -- Oh, that.

LIZ -- I bought them at the Christian book store, but some of
those books never even mention the name of Jesus.

AMY -- Not at all?

LIZ -- Not at all. It all goes to show you, you've got to watch 
what you eat.
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