KNOWING  4'?m2f God allows evil, so God is responsible for evil

LIZ -- (enters wearing business suit, carrying briefcase)

AMY -- (follows wearing business suit, carrying two letters) Oh,
there you are. (louder) Elizabeth?

LIZ -- (stops, turns) Good Morning.

AMY -- Hi. I've got some urgent business for you to take care
of. (offers letter)

LIZ -- (takes letter, reads) What's this?

AMY -- It's a work order to have you remove all the street signs
from the city.

LIZ -- You want me to remove ALL the street signs?!

AMY -- Well, not ALL the signs. As the work order says, you are
to leave the street name signs. But all the no parking and speed
limit signs must come down at once.

LIZ -- (scans letter) You mean you want me to remove and replace

AMY -- No. Just remove them. Then, (offers second letter) after
the signs come down, you have to remove all traffic signals.

LIZ -- (takes letter, reads) Why on earth would you want to
remove all the traffic signs and stop lights?!

AMY -- Actually, it's because of our computer system.

LIZ -- Our computer system.

AMY -- Yes, you see, since the advent of computers we now have
very accurate and consistent statistics on the drivers in our

LIZ -- And that translates to the removal of all the signs and
lights.... how?

AMY -- Well, we know, for instance on any given day that an
average of twenty-three people will violate the no-parking
signs, seventeen people will run the stop lights, and nineteen
people will violate the speed limit signs.

LIZ -- So?

AMY -- So, retaining those signs and lights when we know with
certainty that people will violate them is really encouraging
lawless behavior, don't you think?

LIZ -- Do you know what would happen if we remove all those
signs and lights?!

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- There would be chaos!

AMY -- So, don't you think that allowing chaos is better than
encouraging law-breaking behavior?

LIZ -- Traffic signs and stop lights don't ENCOURAGE
law-breaking, they encourage law abiding behavior.

AMY -- But if you KNOW without a doubt that a certain number of
people will break the law, aren't you responsible for the
illegal behavior?

LIZ -- (sighs, throws letters over shoulder) Oh, you! I thought
you were serious.

AMY -- I'm not?

LIZ -- This is not about stop lights and traffic signs. This is
about our discussion at lunch yesterday.

AMY -- So, I really had you going there, didn't I?

LIZ -- Alright. You made your point.

AMY -- What point was that?

LIZ -- I'll admit that just because God knows about future evil
he is not necessarily responsible for future evil. Man! I
thought sure I had you nailed on that one!

AMY -- What changed your mind?

LIZ -- Traffic tickets.

AMY -- What do you mean?

LIZ -- When someone runs a red light or breaks the posted speed
limit, he gets a traffic ticket.

AMY -- And that applies to our discussion about God and evil,

LIZ -- You really like to see me squirm, don't you?

AMY -- What I would really like is to see you in church. So,
what do traffic tickets have to do with God and evil?

LIZ -- Well, I would be right about God being responsible for
evil, IF... there was no punishment for evil. But God provided
punishment for evildoers, just like we do in city government.
God can't be blamed for law-breakers, even if he is absolutely
certain that someone will break the law, because he not only
told them what is right, but he warned them in advance about the
consequences of choosing to violate the law.

AMY -- Gotcha!

LIZ -- (turns, exits) Don't ever do that again! I almost had a

AMY -- (follows) So, how about church on Sunday?

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