LETGO    5'?m2f Forgiveness, resentment, anger management

LIZ -- (enters backward, hands in defensive posture) No! I said
no! Forgiveness is out of the question.

AMY -- (follows carrying a wide-mouth jar containing a few
wrapped candies) Look, you know you're only hurting yourself by
holding this grudge.

LIZ -- I'm sorry. It's out of the question. If I forgive her,
she gets away with it.

AMY -- (offers jar) Here. Want some candy?

LIZ -- Marzipan! My favorites! (reaches, withdraws suddenly)
What is this, some kind of bribe?! (turns) I'm sorry, you can't
buy forgiveness with... marzipan. (licks lips)

AMY -- Here, have some. No obligation.

LIZ -- (turns) No obligation? Are you sure?

AMY -- I'm sure. No strings attached. (offers jar)

LIZ -- Well, in that case,... (takes jar, jams hand into jar,
grabs several candies) Do you know how long it's been since I
had some of this? (tries to remove hand, but fist full of candy
won't fit through the neck of the jar, tries to be casual) My
mother sends me marzipan on my birthday.

AMY -- I understand that...

LIZ -- (struggling to remove fist from jar) By the way I know
why you're doing this.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- This is your lame way of reminding me that SHE gave me
marzipan on my birthday.

AMY -- That's not why I....

LIZ -- (growls)

AMY -- What's the matter?

LIZ -- I can't get my hand out.

AMY -- (mock concern) Oh, that's too bad.

LIZ -- My mouth is watering. Have you ever tried marzipan? It
melts in your mouth. It's like Heaven on earth. (struggles) And 
I can't even get it out of the jar! This is ridiculous!

AMY -- Why don't you just let go?

LIZ -- This is marzipan, the best candy on earth. I'm not going
to let go of the best candy on earth!

AMY -- (turns away, smiles)

LIZ -- You did this on purpose!

AMY -- Yes, I did.

LIZ -- SHE put you up to this, didn't she?!

AMY -- No, she didn't....

LIZ -- Yes, she did. She's getting even with me for not
forgiving her.

AMY -- No, she doesn't even know....

LIZ -- This is just like her! She's not only thoughtless of my
feelings, but she's vindictive and revengeful! If she thought
she could get me to forgive her by doing a dirty trick like

AMY -- I'm telling you, she doesn't even know I'm talking to
you. This (points to jar) was MY idea.

LIZ -- Then, you're just as bad as she is! This is really cruel!
You can't just get a person's hopes up and then.... Say, why are
you doing this? You've got nothing to gain by playing a dirty
trick on me.

AMY -- I'm trying to get you to look at what you're doing to
yourself when you fail to forgive others.

LIZ -- Well, that's really cute. But I don't see the point. You
know, you have a real mean streak in you that I've never seen

AMY -- I'm not doing this to be mean. I'm trying to prove a

LIZ -- Alright, I'm listening. But I'd better end up with a
piece of marzipan candy in my mouth or you're in deep trouble!

AMY -- Try letting go.

LIZ -- (glances repeatedly at jar, then at Amy) Of what? The
candy or my grudge against you-know-who.

AMY -- Both.

LIZ -- No way.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- Well, if I let go of the candy, I don't get any candy.
And if I let go of my grudge against you-know-who, she gets away
with it.

AMY -- Forget the candy for a minute. Have you had much
sweetness in your life since you began to hold a grudge against

LIZ -- (long pause) No. Now that you mention it, she's made my
life miserable.

AMY -- Is it possible that holding onto your grudge is what made
your life miserable?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- Come on, be honest.

LIZ -- I... I don't know.

AMY -- Do you know where the word miserable came from?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- It came from the word MISER. When a man holds onto his
money or ANYTHING with an all-consuming grip, he becomes

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- Do you think there's a possibility that that could apply
to you?

LIZ -- Oh, I suppose.

AMY -- Let me show you what can happen if you let go. (points)
Let go.

LIZ -- But...

AMY -- Let go for just a moment. If it doesn't work you can try
again YOUR way.

LIZ -- Well, alright. (lets go of candy, removes hand)

AMY -- (takes jar pours candy into Liz's hands) There, sweetness
has returned to your life.

LIZ -- Hey, not bad! This is more than I would have gotten by 
holding onto it. (turns exits)

AMY -- (follows) Where are you going?

LIZ -- I have to make a phone call. Letting go works pretty
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