LOVE3    4'?m2f Spiritual Warfare, relationships, love, hate

(both demons dress in black clothes)

ONE -- (enters hurriedly carrying suitcase, looking back, stops,
turns, sets down suitcase, looks at watch, picks up suitcase,

TWO -- (enters opposite when One's back is turned) Where you
going, kid?

ONE -- (gasps) Boss! You're early!

TWO -- You didn't answer my question.

ONE -- Question? What question?

TWO -- Where you going, kid?

ONE -- Oh, that question. Now I remember. You want to know where
I'm going, right?

TWO -- Yeah.

ONE -- Uh, I was just about to... take my coffee break. Yeah,
that's it. I was about to take my coffee break.

TWO -- Carrying a suitcase?

ONE -- (drops suitcase, turns) Suitcase? What suitcase?

TWO -- (point to own forehead) Look here.

ONE -- (turns) Look where?

TWO -- (pointing) Here. Look here. Do I have the word STUPID
written on my forehead?

ONE -- No, Boss. Of course not.

TWO -- So, anyone with half a brain would conclude that YOU are
deserting your post.

ONE -- Listen, boss, you got to let me out of here. I've been
demonizing this church for months and I can't make a dent in
their relationships. Can't you assign me to another church?!

TWO -- Kid, we demons have been using the same tried and true
strategies for thousands of years. If you're not making a dent
in their relationships, you're not using the tried and true

ONE -- Well, I've been trying to get them to turn against each
other. I saw how divorces and law suits and church splits have
ruined other churches. But these people will not bend. You've
just got to reassign me to a church where I can do some harm.

TWO -- What's the use? You'd be as harmless at your next church
as you were at this one.

ONE -- Wait. Are you saying that I'm doing something wrong?

TWO -- That's what I'm saying.

ONE -- But what?

TWO -- Your problem is your trying to get these people to HATE
one another.

ONE -- That's a problem?! I thought that's what I was assigned
to do!

TWO -- You were assigned here to ruin relationships.

ONE -- But, in basic training they taught us to do the OPPOSITE
of what Jesus taught. Jesus taught them to LOVE one another.

TWO -- That's right.

ONE -- So, my job is to get them to HATE one another.

TWO -- Wrong!

ONE -- Wrong?!

TWO -- Wrong. The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of
love is INDIFFERENCE. The only way you'll ever make headway
against their relationships is to promote INDIFFERENCE.

ONE -- I don't get it.

TWO -- Look, the kind of love that Jesus spoke about was AGAPE'
love, the kind of love that gets people to DO things for those
they love. All you have to do is to get them SAYING "I love
you", but DOING absolutely nothing about it.

ONE -- Oh! I remember now! The instructor at basic training
called it LIP SERVICE.

TWO -- There's hope for you, kid.

ONE -- My problem was I was trying to get them to stop SAYING "I
love you". But I SHOULDN'T have stopped them from SAYING "I love
you". What I should have done is prevented them from doing
things that SHOWED their love.

TWO -- Couch potatoes.

ONE -- Excuse me?

TWO -- When it comes to showing their love by their actions, you
want them to be couch potatoes.

ONE -- Yeah! A church full of couch potatoes! Saying "I love
you" and doing nothing.

TWO -- Pretty soon, the people they say "I love you" to will
know they didn't mean it. And guess what comes next.

ONE -- Broken relationships!

TWO -- Bingo! That's what we're after!

ONE -- Our new motto is "Say ANYTHING, do NOTHING".

TWO -- Now that's couch potato Christianity! As long as we keep
them doing nothing, the church will be useless to God.

ONE -- (picks up suitcase) "Say ANYTHING, do NOTHING"! (turns,

TWO -- (exiting opposite) That's the spirit!

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